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'Ash Vs Evil Dead' Season 2 premieres on STARZ tonight!

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Oscar, the Bionic cat

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Lee MajorsWelcome to 'Cyborg', Lee's unofficial UK fan site. 'Cyborg' has been around in one form or another for the last 30-plus years! We started out as a 2-page typed and xerox'd fan newsletter back in the 70's and have been bringing fans Bionic and Lee-related news in one form or another ever since.

2016 sees us entering our 18th year of hosting a web site for Lee, and as always we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and best news, images and media on Lee & his career. Please take some time to explore the site. We are always open to feedback and comments on how we are doing along with anything else Lee-related that you'd like to see us cover!

We are honoured to have an exclusive Q&A with Lee, from a couple of years ago. You can check it out here

We are delighted that Lee will appear in Season 2 of the cult Starz TV show Ash Vs Evil Dead, with Bruce Campbell. Check out Lee's superb official character photo below:

Lee in Ash Vs Evil Dead


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Peter Wallbank
Be sure to check out the superb Six Million Dollar Man, Bionic Woman and The Fall Guy art work available from renowed UK artist Peter Wallbank at his official site here and you can purchase it through RedBubble.

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