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If you have a link you would like us to add, please feel free to e-mail us, and we will include it - if any links are out-dated, let us know about them too!. Please note the links open in a seperate window.

lee links


  • The Unoffficial Lee Majors Page - Excellent site devoted to Lee, run by Cubester, a great lady and good friend. Well worth a visit. Plenty of photo's of Lee from college through to present day. Updated regularly.


  • The Big Valley - Lots of background on the show, it's stars, and just how "true" to the Old West the show really was. Plenty to read and look at. Well worth visiting.
  • The Barkley Library - Site devoted to fan fiction for The Big Valley. Plenty of stoires to read, and you can choose by character, type of story, or author. Also includes a Writer's Guide handbook, for anyone wanting information on how to write a Big Valley story. Also check out The Holding Pen for over 400 BV fanfic stories to sate all your Heath Barkley needs!


  • The Bionic Page - Archived version of the "official" SMDM page on the Sci-Fi channel, maintained by Rod Rehn. Good source of background info, trivia, and photo's. It hasn't been updated in a couple of years, but is still one of the best Bionic sites around.
  • The Bionic Woman Files - A great Bionic Woman resource site. This site has recently had a make-over and now features additonal audio and video clips - a must for any BW fans.
  • Lindsay Wagner is The Bionic Woman - Great site by Rob Olivera devoted to the BW. Professional design and good content make this a must-visit site for BW fans.
  • Bionic fans @ YahooGroups - Informative, fun, talkative and sometimes controversial [but NEVER boring] Email-based discussion group on SMDM & BW.
  • Max Sommers - Want even MORE Bionic links? Well here you go... THE page for just about every Bionic link you could ever want. There are an astonishing amount of links here to just about every facet of the shows and subject matter. Do yourself a favour and check it out!
  • SMDM Vs. Robocop - A light-hearted "What If", for the ultimate Cyborg grudge match.
  • Hombre Nuclear - Argentinian Six Million Dollar Man site, check it out!


  • The Fall Guy - A German site dedicated to Colt and the gang. Plenty to check out, everything from FAQs, to video and audio clips. There are so few sites devoted to FG, you can't not drop by for a visit.
  • The Fall Guy All Pics Page - A new site with plenty of photo's from the show. The pages take a while to load, but is worth the wait. Various shots and details on Colt's famous truck.
  • The Fall Guy Fan Club - Site is run by Jim and Mike and includes a message board, episode guide, merchandise, and you can register you own FG truck if you have one. Drop by and show the guys your support!


  • The Raven Shrine - The best Raven site around! Interviews, photo's, audio and video clips, and just anything else you could want on the show.


  • Tour of Duty Info Page - Includes comprehensive episode guide for the show as well as character bio's and various links.


  • Official Richard Anderson Home Page - A good resource for career info, pics, and clips from Richard's work. You can also send off for a signed photo of Richard - see site for details
  • Fansource: Lindsay Wagner - Details of how to join Lindsay's official fan club for newsletters, photo's and the usual benefits.
  • Kenneth Johnson - Official web site for the popular and prolific creator of Ther Bionic Woman. The site has dedidcated pages to many of Kenneth's most popular shows: BW; V; Alien Nation and The Incredible Hulk, to name a few. With many candid and personal photo's included, this is a must-visit site for fans of the man's work!
  • Farrah Fawcett Picture Galleries - 5 large galleries of pictures of Farrah, mostly from when she was in the spolight during the 70's and early 80's. Well worth checking out if you want to see some retro fashions!
  • Barbara Stanwyck: Working Girl, Movie Star - Career tribute and photo gallery for The Big Valley star
  • Barbara Stanwyck Archive - If you're at all interested in Barbara's life and career, this massive site is just what you're looking for.


  • The Internet Movie Database [IMDB] - Your first stop for Film and TV information. Fully searchable database for films, stars, directors, producers, and shows. The best site around of it's kind.
  • Stars & Horse Stars photo gallery - A site devoted to the stars and animals of classic TV westerns that were filmed around Lake Los Angeles, including The Virginian and The Big Valley.
  • Wildest Westerns - A nostalgia magazine devoted to Westerns both on film and on television. Issue 2 features an interview with Peter Breck, Lee's co-star in The Big Valley. Check the link for more details on the latest issue and how to order online.
  • Lee on YouTube - Uber fan Miranda Snyder has a dedciated YouTube channel with tons of great Lee Majors music videos, inclduing some nice SMDM & BW ones. Well worth a visit.