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"I always felt I had to out-do my brother, as he was the real son. I had this pressure since I found out I was adopted that I had to prove myself worthy"


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June 2nd 2014
Lee, Faith, Lindsay Wagner & Richard Anderson at Motor City Con last month...
Motor City Con

May 11th 2014
Lee & Faith at fund raiser
Lee & Faith at fund raiserLee and Faith were at The Broach Foundation for Brain Cancer Research 3rd annual fund raiser on April 30th. Faith was kind enough to send us a snap of them with Dana Carver, from the event. Click here to view photo.

Motor City Bionic reunion.
Motor City Comic ConDon't forget next weekend's Motor City Comic Con with feature Lee, Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson as guests! This is a really special event with all 3 leading Bionic stars iat one event. The conventions runs Friday through to Sunday. Full details at their website here.

January 18th 2014
Lee becomes a hot dish
Lee on Raising HopeLee was in action again this last Friday night in his latest appearance on the Fox sitcom Raising Hope. Lee had some good scenes and there was a surprise appearance by someone close to him towards to end of the episode. Read more.

Six Million Dollar Man season 6 launches
SMDM S6 comic book writer James Kuhoric talks about the new season of the Bionic man, what we can expect to see, returning characters and how he deals with writing for a show he enjoyed nearly 4 decades ago. Previews have an intreview with James here.

January 11th 2014
Meet the Majors
Lee MajorsLee is down to attend PLANET COMICON in Kansas, which runs March 14-16. more info here. Both Lee and Lindsay Wagner will be guests at the Dallas SciFi Expo, February 8th and 9th, full details here. Get out and meet them both, if you can, looks like a great event!

December 23rd 2013
Lee get carded... again.
Bionic cardsThe new set of Rittenhouse Bionic trading cards is now available and a fine looking bunch they are to. 163 base cards, 32 autograph cards & various incentive cards, We have images of all the cards for you right here.

December 16th 2013
Seasons greetings one & all!
We just wanna wish everyone who has supported us and visited us over the last 12 months the best of Christmas times and the happiest and healthiest of New Years! The same goes for Lee & Faith, where ever they are spending the holidays and what ever they are doing. HAPPY HOLIDAYS, GUYS!

Lee gets more Hope in 2014
Raising HopeLee is retrurning to sitcom land and the comedy show Raising Hope when the show returns after the Christmas break on January 10th, in an episode entitled 'Hey there, Delilah'. No plot details are availabel at the moment, but we'll update you as soon as they surface.

November 17th 2013
Lee gets wood... and raise money for charity
Lee & FaithLee and Faith were at the Festive Trees of Hope gala this week, along with 500-strong festive-feeling guests River Oaks Country Club, to raise much needed funds to help Houtson's homeless. Read more.

October 8th 2013
SMDM Season 6... 40 years later....
Season 6Dynamite Comics have just released news that they will produce a 'Season 6' Six Million Dollar Man comic series folloiwng on the from the end of the 70's TV show. The book will feature Maskatron, from the original toy line of figures for the very first time. Read more.

Lee gets a image make-over.
New profile picIMDB have updated this profile picture of Lee last month, with a brand new image. Looking slick in an open-collared shirt and a casual jacket the image looks sophisticated but relaxed. Nice use of colour as well. Click here to see the full image.

September 9th 2013
Colt Seavers ends up between a Rock and a hard place
The Rock is Colt Seavers?Word coming out this last few days is that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is set to take on the role of Colt Seavers in lee's 80's hit show, The Fall Guy. McG could be in the directors chair, he has prevoiusly helmed the Charlie's Angels movies and Terminator Salvation [oh well, can't win 'em all!]. News is reported here and here

September 1st 2013
Lee teams with NCOA to fight flu
NCOA campaignThe National Council on Aging have chosen Lee as their spokesman this year to get the message across to the over 65s about the seriousness of flu and how to prevent it. Read more...

May 14th 2013
Lee & Lindsay hit the Con circuit this Summer
First up Lee will appear at Fan Expo in Knoxville at the end of May - - and Lee AND Lindsay are currently down as guests for Dragon Con. As usual all appearances are subject to work comitments,

Oscar, the Bionic cat - the book.
Oscar, the Bionic catWe recently had the pleasure of finally reading 'Oscar, the Bionic cat' by Kate Allan. We reported the book's release and new article on Oscar back in March. Available from Summerdale books, we definitely recommend it, epsecially if you are an animal lover. Read the previous article here...

April 23rd 2013
Birthday boy
Happy BirthdayYes, it's rolled around again, April 23rd. Lee's birthday. Here's wishing him a great day from all us, all of you, and fans everywhere. Feel free to go and leave a message on his Facebook page for him.

April 18th 2013
Darkhorse gallops out of the stables
Lee at Legend of Darkhorse County premiereWell, Legend of Darkhorse County had a festival showing last weekend [see below for foto] and the web site [here] has had a major upgrade with new stills, trailers and posters. Read more...

Dallas & Hope galleries
Lee in DallasThe image galleries are now ready for Lee's 3-episode Dallas apperance which has just finished airing [here] and his re-visit to the sitcom world in Raising Hope [here].

March 29th 2013
Lee goes to Dallas and gets Hope
Raising HopeLee's had a busy week, what with his appearance in Dallas on Monday and then Raising Hope yesterday. Hope everyone managed to catch both these shows, we've a couple of screengrabs for you belo. Enjoy.

Lee in Dallas

Lee in Raising Hope

March 15th 2013
Dallas meets Austin... next week
DallasLee's first guest spot on Dallas airs next week, Monday March 25th on TNT. Faith has confiremd Lee will be out and about on TV and radio doing lots of press for the show, and here is his first interview, with The Dallas Decoder. We have also posted a copy in our Articles section here.

Oscar the Bionic cat meows into print
Oscar, the Bionic catOscar the Bionic cat has now got his very own book out, written by Kate Allen, who, along with her partner Mike Nolan, are Oscar's owners the book tells how Oscar became the world's first Bionic cat. Read more...

March 7th 2013
Steve Austin turns 40
Col. Steve AustinThe original TV Movie, The Six Million Dollar Man, which kicked off the whole Bionic craze, first aired in the States 40 years ago today, on the 7th of March 1973. That's 40 years of fond memories for many of us, 40 years of history for others. Long live Steve Austin, long live Lee Majors! The one is inextricably linked with the other. UK artist and fan Pete Wallbank has done original Six mIllion Dollar Man artwork - find him on Facebook right here .

March 4th 2013
Bionic DVD reviews now online
The Bionic Woman, Lindsay WagnerOur season 1 & 2 review of The Bionic Woman DVDs which hit stroes and online retailers last week is now online, We've a summary of episode and extras you can find, so please give check it out here.

Night of 100 Stars... plus 1
Lee & FaithFrom the emails and Tweets we received w e hear you allwant another photo of Lee & Faith on the Night of a 100 Stars red carpet... oh okay, here you go then ...

February 25th 2013
Lee & Faith get star-struck
Lee & FaithLast Sunday Lee & Faith were guests at the charity event Night of 100 Stars in Brentwood, Beverly Hills, and Faith has been a star herself and sent along some great snaps of the night. Read more...

Lee bounds back to TV in March
DallasThe dates are now confirmed for Lee's first outing to Southfork, which has Dallas airing on TNT on Monday March 25th, and then the big guy returns to sitcom land for another appearance in the 1-hour season finale of Raising Hope on Thursday March 28th, on Fox. Looking like a good month for fans to get their fill of Lee, don;t ya think?

Jaime & Steve go bionic for season 1 and 2 UK DVD release
Bionic DVDsThe first and second season of both Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman are available in the UK from today as individual box-sets, from Fabulous Films. Read more...

February 14th 2013
Happy Valentine's Day
Here's hoping Lee & Faith have a great day!

Lee & Farrah
Raising a glass to romantics everywhere...

First glimpse of Dallas-bound Lee
Lee in DallasFirst image of Lee shooting footage for his 2-episode guest spot on Dallas at the famous Nobu chain of Japanese resturants. Not sure if this is the actual Dallas one, or maybe LA, but looks swanky which ever it is. To view the photo go here.

BifBang Bionic toys.. I want 'em!
BifBang showed off some new figures in their Six Million Dollar Man range at a recent 2013 toy fair. The campany is expanding it's BIonic range and showed of a wider range of action figures and other items. Read more...

Channel 4 make a Bionic man
The Bionic ManThe UK's Channel 4 recently showing the documentary How to Build a Bionic Man where Dr Bertolt Meyer sets out to see if science & technology are at a point where we can really make a Bionic man. Read more...

February 3rd 2013
Steve Austin heads for Southfork.
DallasLee has been confiremd by Entertainment Weekly as guest-starring on the new series of Dallas this season, in a 2-episode role where he will play one of Sue Ellen's [Linda Gray] ex's. His character, Ken Richards, will cross paths again with her once again for business matters. Expect the sparks to fly! It's ironic that in real life Linda Gray is actually aunt to Bionic Woman Lindsay Wagner by marriage to her ex-husband Ed Thrasher. The role is likely to be a bitter-sweet one for Lee as he was good friend's with Sue Ellen's on-screen husband, JR, played by vertran actor Larry hagman. In fact the pair were one-time neighbours many years ago and has kep a close friendship ever since.

Lee is such a Dark Horse
Lee wrapped shooting on a low budget horror/thriller last year called The Legend of Darkhorse County. Fangoria release first on-set photo. Read more...

January 3rd 2013
The ballard of Lee Majors
The Ballard of Andy CrockerHope everyone had a good start to the New Year and we thought we'd celebrate with a new gallery for Lee's 1969 movie The Ballard of Andy Crocker. Lee's looking VERY young, lost of cool, brooding shots as he adjusts to coming home for the Vietnam war. A great movie if you've never seen it which is deserving of a better DVD transfer than has been out to date. We've also got a image gallery for Lee's 199 movie Chapter Zero. Check it out in the gallery section.