07 October 2017
We're proud to be present an exclusive interview with actor Tom Schanley, who portaryed Syteve's Austion's son in the first Bionic reunion movie. Thanks to Tom and Lisa Davis for helping make this happen. It's a great interview, go here to read it.


"I always felt I had to out-do my brother, as he was the real son. I had this pressure since I found out I was adopted that I had to prove myself worthy"


news 2018

Happy New Year
Lee's & Faith's official New Year photo - Best wishes to all for 2018.

11th February
Happy Valetines day to Lee and Faith, love from everyone here and fans everywhere! Hope you both have a fabulous day.

Happy Valentines Day Lee & Faith

2nd February
Remembering Farrah Fawcett on what would have been her 71st birthday today.

Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors
Lee and Farrah, early-70's - click for full size

10th January
Six Million Dollar Man movieBionic rebuild starts this Summer
The Mark Wahlberg Six Million Dollar Man big screen movie starts shooting this Summer for a late 2019 release and apparently Warner Bros now own the rights. Get all the details so far right here.

Six Million Dollar man meets GI JoeNew SMDM comic coming this month
IDW will publish the 4-issue Six Million Dollar Man meets GI Joe title starting in January. Taking over from Dynamite comics, the title promises to be action packed. Details here.

GI Joe 1GI Joe 2GI Joe 3
Click images for larger versions

16th November
Seasons Greetings
With the holiday season fast approaching,we just want to wish all of Lee's fans and all of our site visitors a very Happy Christmas and all the best for 2018. Thanks for all the feedback during the year and rest assured we'll keep bringing you all the news on Lee and Faith as we hear it.

7th October
Faith & Lee in EuropeLee & Faith in Europe
Whilst Lee & Faith where in Europe for the German Comic Con last weekend, they managed to squeeze in some sight-seeing amoungst all the work and other engagements. They dropped by Stonehenge in England, and Berlin's Konzerthaus (Symphony Hall), which you can see below (image courtesy of Faith's FB page).

Lee & Faith at Berlin's Konzerthaus (Symphony Hall)
Lee & Faith at Berlin's Konzerthaus (Symphony Hall) (click for full size)

1st September
Richard AndersonRichard Anderson passes away
It is with a heavy heart that we report that Richard Anderson has died. Lee released an official statement on the passing of his friend and fellow actor:
I met Richard in 1967 when he first guest-starred on The Big Valley. We worked together on 5 episdoes.
In 1974 he joined me as my boss, Oscar Goldman in The Six Million Dollar Man. Richard became a dear and loyal friend and I have never met a man like him. I called him "Old Money." His always stylish attire, his clas, his calmness and knowledge never faltered in his 91 years.
He loved his daughters, tennis, and his work as an actor. He was still the sweet charming man when I spoke to him a few weeks ago. I will miss you my friend..... Lee Majors.

Richard Anderson in Scaramouche, 1952
Richard in 'Scaramouche', 1952.

August 9th
Lee back in Europe
Lee will be back in Europe at the German Comic Con in Berlin at the end of September. Go here for more details

German Comic Con

Bionic reunion movie gets title and air date
The movie which will see Lee and Lindsay back together, 'Eat, Play, Love' (formely 'Countdown To Love') will premiere on the Hallmark Channel on Saturday, August 19 at 9pm ET/PT. We have a few new pics for you as well - massive thanks to Joel Cranfield for letting us share these,

Lee & Lindsay

Lee on set of EAT, PLAY, LOVE

Lee & Lindsay on set, filming EAT, PLAY, LOVE

August 4th
We want to wish Oscar Goldman aka actor Richard Anderson, a glorious, happy and healthy 91st birthday on Monday, the 7th of August! Best wishes from everyone here at Cyborg and Bionic fans everywhere.

Richard Anderson

June 30th
Saturn AwardLee feels rewarded
Yep, Wednesday night saw Lee receive his Life Career Award at the 43rd Saturn Awards. Big Bruce Campbell was on hand to present it to him. Go here for more pics from the night.

June 1st
Lindsay WagnerBionic reunion anyone?
Yesterday Lindsay tweet the news that she and Lee are getting back together and currently filming a movie (non-Bionic) together in Canada. She said in a prior Tweet: "Filming a new family feel-good movie this week on the west coast of Canada with #LeeMajors. More details soon."

Lindsay Wagner & Lee Majors

May 28th
Saturn AwardsSaturn Awards reward Lee
Lee will be honored with a Life career Award at this year's Saturn Awards in Burbank on June 28th. Lee is also nominated in the Best Supporting Actor on a TV Series category for Ash Vs EVil Dead.

MiddleboroMiddleborough honor hometown boy (say no more!)
Faith revealed the below image on her FB page, with the words: A big thank you to the state of Kentucky for this wonderful honor to Lee!

Middleboro honor Lee Majors

April 17th
Our best to Lee and the gang, filming all new Ash Vs Evil Dead in New Zealand this month!

The cast of Ash Vs Evil Dead, with Lee Majors

March 30th
Lee Majors in THE SIX MILLION DOLLAR MANBionic movie gets rebuilt
Whilst doing publicity for the new Transformers movie Mark Whalberg confirmed that The Six Billion Dollar Man movie is still a go, with filming happening this Fall. Read more here.

March 17th
Lee rises from the Dead
Lee confirmed at last weekend's Lexington Comic Con that he will be back for the 3rd season of Ash Vs Evil Dead. He indicated that he just received a call from producers to ”be in New Zealand in April, we’re gonna film some more.”

Lee at lexignton Comic Con
Lee on stage at Lexington Comic Con

February 24th
Bionic Woman comic interveiw
An excluysive interveiw with Judit Tondora, artist on Dynamite's newest Bionic comic, Wonder Woman '77 meets Bionic Woman. Go here to read it. With many thanx to Judit for her time in doing this for us.

February 4th
Pooh the Bionic catPooh is the new Oscar
Great to read this week of another cat being fitted with Bionic rear legs, just like Oscar had his front feet replaed in 2009. This is the first veterinarian in Europe to successfully apply the pioneering method of Irish neuro-orthopaedic surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick. Read the Telegraph article here and one from here.

Pooh, the Bionic cat
Pooh, the Bionic cat with his new legs.

January 14th
Ash Vs Evil DeadNo real news as yet for 2017, so we've just given the site a tidy up and added a couple of news images around. Stay tuned in 2017 for all things Lee, and all things Bionic, as we hear of them! one