The cast of Evil Dead, including Lee majors, did a cool Q&A on Tumblr on Wednesday the 5th of October, here are the questions Lee participated in:

Tumbler session

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Anonymous asked: If you guys could remake any movie with yourselves as the leads, which movie would it be and why?

DD (Dana DeLorenzo): I wanna make The Shining and play Jack Nicholson’s role because I want to sit at the typewriter.

BC (Bruce Campbell): I’d take a whack at One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

RS (Ray Santiago): The Graduate.

TR (: Back to the Future

LM (Lee Majors): Cool Hand Luke

LL (Lucy Lawless): Notes on a scandal

Anonymous asked: what's you favorite special effects make-up you've ever worn?

LL: digital

BC: none of them. It’s all the gross part of what we do

LM: Bruce’s cadaver. It takes guts to be inside guts.

chuckvstheinternet asked: What's your very best life advice?

BC: To never give it. AND, “This is not a rehearsal. This is the play. You’re on stage now.”

RS: Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise

LL: Eat life

LM: Learn to say no early

Anonymous asked: How much fun is to be had while shooting? Shooting in a filming sense, I mean.

LM: Wonderful!

LL: By golly it’s fun to hang out with these people. We love one another so it turns the worst day into a neutral day.

BC: We are all trained thespians. The most fun is watching people watch the episodes

TR: Lunch is fun

DD: What they said.

Anonymous asked: If you had to put it into numbers, what would you say is the percentage between practical effects/CG during any one fight sequence?

BC: It’s about 75% real. We don’t really use digital blood. Lee Majors has done all of his own stunts.

the-creep-in-the-hawaiian-shirt asked: If you could have any Monster from the 80's be on the show, who would they be and why?

LL: Sigmund the Sea Monster. Cookie Monster. The Count.

LM: Bigfoot

RS: The female gremlin and the guy from Poltergeist.

DD: Slimer

thee-plithmus asked: What was it like to go back in time to the Middle Ages?

LL: Let me tell ya. Smelly.

TR: No hygiene. No Tumblr.

LM: When I was a born. A good year.

gothgubler1980 asked: What should I write about for my essay due tomorrow

LL: Life and Times of Lee Majors

LM: Me