An interview with French Bionic collector jacques

Jacques and a small sample of his Bionic Collection

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
My name is Jacques I am French, I live in the North East of France. I am 47 years old, dad of 2 big children.

How big is your collection/how many items do you have?
I have a small collection of derivative products: Toys, games, thermos, comics, discs .... about 100 different objects. I am far from having everything.

Which is your fave item?
my favorite object is certainly Steve Austin with his hand that closes in French box, signed in 2015 by Lee Majors.

When did you first get into the Bionic shows?
The series bionics arrived in France in January 1975, I think I saw this series in late 1976 / early 77 and immediately I love it!

What is your favorite SMDM/BW episode?
My favorite episode ..... difficult question I really like seasons 1, 2 and 3 of The 6 million dollar man. "The Secret of Bigfoot" is one of my favorite

Your favorite character?
I love the whole team: Austin, Oscar, Wells, Sommers ...... but Steve Autin is my favorite character.

Have you always been a collector?
before the bionics no I was not a collector.

Do you remember when you first started collecting?
in 1996, I had placed an ad in a specialized newspaper "Searching for 6 million dollar toys" and an old toy store called me

What was the first item you brought?
Following my announcement I found in this old toy store: Steve, Jaime, and Maskatron all in box + the capsule, and 2 clothes for Steve. I was very happy.

Have you met Lindsay Wagner or Lee Majors?
In 2015 for the Monte Carlo Television Festival I saw Lindsay Wagner and Lee Majors. Lee Majors came to the public, he signed me my French box of the 6 million dollar man. Then in 2017 I went to Comicon Berlin to see Lee, he signed a photo, his wife also, we made pictures together, it was great.

Jacques meets his hero Lee Majors
Jacques gets to meet his hero, Lee Majors.

Jacques meets Faith
...and what would a meeting with lee be, without meeting Faith as well!

How often do you exhibit your collection?
I have exhibited my collection 3 or 4 times, it is a great pleasure but I do not do this regularly because it is very fragile, and it takes a lot of preparation. Next year I will expose my collection for a small collector's association in France

A magazine form jacques collectionWhat was the hardest itme to find?
the most difficult toy to find? the first version of steve Austin in box (engine block), I think I had it only last year.

Have you had your collection valued?
No I do not know the value of my collection, for me it's just a small collection varied. My greatest pleasure is to show it on the net, in newspapers or conventions.

What is the strangest or most obscure item you have?
The strangest object? in bionics? the head of Jaime lol

Any items you are still trying to track down for the collection?
My collection is far from complete, I'm looking for nothing more I'm happy like that. I have long dreamed of a BigFoot box .. but the prices are very high.

Any tips for fellow collectors?
It takes time (and money) to make a collection. Do not look for everything impossible, be happy with what you already have. Meet the actors if you can, share your passion.

We want to thank Jacques for the intyerview and sharing his collection with fellow fans. If you wanna check out more stuff from him, follow jacques on Twitter at @jack5732410792