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Six Million Dollar man german Blu-Ray bpxset

Have to say that I held back from buying this as I was hoping for a UK release as Fabulous films did for the Incredible Hulk. Trouble is, I was impatient. Plus the reality is that it could be quite a while, hopefully not, but it could be.

I had really highly hopes for this, I’ve seen what quality restoration of 35mm tv could be like. Frankly amazing with the likes of UFO and the Persuaders. But also how disappointing Blu-ray restorations can be - the James Bond films mainly.

In this review I hope to answer all the questions you may have, especially those I couldn’t find and why I took a chance on this set.

I’ll break it down into sections but the only thing I won’t bring into this will be reviews of the episodes themselves. That’s a very personal thing and probably very different with each viewer.

SMDM box  packaging for Blu-Ray releasePackaging
Firstly, the packaging. I love this. The artwork in the cover is lovely. New artwork showing Steve’s Bionics. Lifts it above generic photo covers of previous issues. The Time life / fabulous box sets had great packaging but this set looks like it means business. There are two plastic cases within the main box and they all use the same cover.

I can’t answer for the Time Life set in the US but the UK release was pretty jam packed. Several discs on one spindles. This set is slightly more spread out and easier to deal with.

The booklet with the cover in English is almost fully in German, but, very helpfully gives the episode titles in English as well so you know where you are.

The Discs
The (six) Million Dollar question here is how the episodes themselves look and sound.

Unbelievably good is the answer. Crisp, sharp and clean. In short, the detail is amazing. All the dirty and washed out look of the old prints has been lovingly restored. These have never looked so good. The sound too had been taken care of lovingly. Now as we all now, SMDM used a fair amount of stock footage. This does still look fairly grainy with a few tramlines running down the picture in places. However, they are far better than have ever been seen before.

I have watched all 5 seasons and all the extras, including the reunion movies before writing this.

Every episode looks and sounds amazing. The reunion movies are upscaled but haven’t been restored. This is a shame but they are still great fun.

One thing I will add is that these are the German syndication prints and as such the first few seconds on the titles are different to cover the German title of the show. After that they are exactly the same as we know and love. Also, all pre title teasers have been edited to appear after the main titles.

As with the reunion movies they in SD. Annoyingly they are spread out over the discs and there is no guide in the booklet as to where they are. This is a minor quibble really as the big picture here is the restoration of the episodes.

Is it worth buying, the answer here is a big yes, but shop around. I bought mine from eBay for £80 but some are asking double that. I was doubtful but I am so glad I invested. A frequent question over the quality seems to be the low amount of discs in the set - just 12. Compression issues seem to be non existent. I’ve watched this entire set on a 42 inch tv and seen no problems at all.

In short, until there is a UK or US version, definitely well worth buying.

You can purchase the boxset from Amazon here

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