LEE AT LONDON FILM & COMIC CON 2019 1/2 - The fans

Uk fans had the pleasure of meeting Lee & Faith at the London Film and Comic Con (LFCC) over the weekend of July 26th -28th 2019. The event had a host of big name stars, but people turned out in drove to see their 'Bionic' hero. We've a host of pics from the event for you to enjoy, this page has Lee with the fans, see the link at the bottom to go to see photo's from his Saturday talk.

Lee majros and fans at LFCC
Lee was busy signing all weekend, here Faith greets a couple of fans waiting to meet Lee.

Bionic fans

Bionicc fans and tyheir merchandise
These guys wre great, dressed for the part and excited to meet their hero!

Fan in SIX MILLION DOLAR MAN t-shirt Fan in home-made SIX MILLION DOLAR MAN t-shirt
As you can imagine there was a wide array of fans in SMDM t-shirts over the weekend.
The guy on the right made the design himself... very envious!

Lee Majors merchandise Lee Majors photo's
Simon was there with some of his cool SMDM - find it at https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/Brambledowndesign
There were also stalls selling some great stalls selling SMDM colour photo's.... yes, we brought some!

Lee meeting fans

Lee signing with fans

Lee with Billy Dee Williams
Lee and STAR WARS legend Billy Dee Williams, at LFCC

Lee with Jason Mamoa
One of the bigegr stars at LFCC, Jason Mamoa... he evens towers above Lee!

Go here to go to Lee's talk at at LFCC