fate - behind the scenes

Here are a selection of images from FATE, including several behind-the-scenes shot, plus the trainer anda 10-minute Making-Of' video.

Directed by Ace Cruz andstaring Lee and 80's stars Michael Pare (Houston Knights, Streets of Fire and Philadelphia Experiment) and Philip Michael Thomas (Miami Vice), this 2003 thriller saw Lee take on a darker role than usual, and explore a character he doesn't usually get to play. Although low budget, costing in the region of $3.5million, don't let that put you off, the three leads give it their all and act as if they are still in the A-league.

The movie follows the travels of two detectives who are on the trail of a bizarre murderer intent on slaughtering his victims, then using them as real-life puppets in a tale that he is trying to tell. The plot holds a key to the whereabouts of the monstrous deviant, but the detectives have to unravel it quickly before more unsuspecting citizens become theater fodder for the unhinged madman.


Ace Cruz and Lee
Ace Cruz and Lee

Ace Cruz and filming rigAce and Phil ThomasOnset directing a scene
L to R: Ace Cruz and filing rig, directing Philip Michael Thomas, Ace on-set directing
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Behind the cameraLee on setThta's a wrap
L to R: On-loaction scene shooting, Lee on set filming, that's a wrap!

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'Making of' video

Lee looks relaxed behind the camera
A relaxed Lee on-set during filming

FATE official poster