The Fall GuyColt Seavers is back on TV! Yeah, Colt, Howie and Jodie are on the streets again, pullling wheelies, jumping trucks and getting dressed up to apprehend the bad guys! With amost two years passing since the first season coming out, it was alittle worrying The Fall Guy would go the way of alot of shows with fans excited about the initial release, but then disapointed that due to poor sales, problems with rights clearance, or whatever, that was all they saw of their favorite show as the other seasons languished in DVD limbo. Just look at Lee's 60's The Big Valley. First season came out as one boxset, then we got Part 1 of Series 2 and then.... nothing.

Luckily for us, it looks like Fox might be getting behind the Unknown Stunman afterall. Season 2 is presented in the same nice plastic casing as Season 1, with all 6 discs mounted on spines within the box. This makes the case more durable and less likely to the wear-and-tear you get on cardboard cases. The packing is also enconical on space as you haven't got individual DVD cases to worry about. Continuity is one of the real frustrations for collectors/fans when TV sets come out in different packing from one season to the next, however aside from some slight graphic differences on the back, the first and second season boxes are near identical in design and look great. The only really difference is on the spines, where the first season has the fire effect all the way up and black lettering and the second season has the flame effect on the bottom quarter only, with a picture of Colt and Jodie inbetween black-outlined lettering. A small criticism but for some it DOES matter. A small booklet is enclosed with the set this time, with episode titles per disc and a vrief episode description. This is a nice addition and helps make it quicker to find your fave episdoe or jog a memory of an errant storyline

In terms of content, whilst there are no extras on the discs, all 22 episodes are here. Marki Post, replaces JoAnn Pflug, as Colt's bail bond boss, Terri Michaels. More famous TV faces appear as guest this season, including Melody Anderson; Gary Lockwood; Dick O'Neill, Tracey Scoggins [The Colby and Babylon 5], Buddy Hacket, Stuart Margolin [Angel from The Rockfrod Files], and Andrew Prine [from V]. The show really hit it's stride second season with slapstick episodes such as'The Adventures of Ozzie & Harold', alongside themed-guest-star episodes such as 'Happy Trails' featuring all the old Western stars such as Roy Rogers and James Drury, or the infamous 'Reluctant Traveller' with Richard Burton. There were also re-occruing appearances from Judith Chapman as a insurance investigator Kay Faulkner. Yes, something for all tastes!

There are some nice animated menus on the front-end of the discs, with scenes from the show, alongside the theme tune. Inside the discs on the Episode Selection and Language Screens, the menus are static. They are alittle flashier than the first season ones, but feel right in the context of the series.

Language ScreenScene Selection


Disc set-up

Audio tracks include an English 2.0 Mono soundtrack and a German 2.0 Stereo. Why the germans get a stereo sound track mix is unknown, although this could well be the German release re-packaged, which would explain things. English and Germam subtitles are onboard. Presentation is as per Season 1, 1.32: Aspect Ratio with Full Framer version being 4:3.


It would be a crime to mis-out on Colt & the gang's second season for the measley price of under £18.00, even if you live outside of region 2 and have to import. With sets such as 24 season 7 at £34.99, CSI Season 8 Pt.2 at £24.99 and most of the new DR WHO sets priced at just under 30-quid this really does stand out as good value.

With good transfers aside from some jarring jumps between episode and stock-footage shots, good packaging, and a cracking price, what are you waiting for? Roll back the years to the early 80's, put some Duran Duran on the stereo and lap it up!

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