Movie Review

Lee's snow-boarding comedy hits the shelves on DVD in the middle of May and UK fans finally get a chance to catch up with this Out Cold.

The movie features all the requisite ingredients for a teen comedy: slap-stick gags; odd-ball characters; plenty of drunken antics and behaviour; romance (though not too much); and a busty blonde. As most of you likely know the story revolves
around a bigrealty tycoon (played by Lee) who comes to the town of Bull Mountain looking to move in and and turn a quiet ski resort into a thriving tourist attraction of sushi bars; hot tubs; and Starbucks restaurants.

The story is slim, to say the least as the local snowboarding gang revolt against the town's commercialisation and set out to ruin the opening day of the new resort and take back their town for the sake of it's dead founder, Papa Munce. However, for
a low-budget movie by first time directors, The Malloys, it's an amusing and fairly entertaining 90 minutes. Political correctness is NOT the order of the day for this flick, but you know what you are likely to get from this movie going into it and if drunken antics, lewd on-screen gags, make you chuckle you shouldn't be too disapointed.There isn't any real nudity, the gross-out gags are at a minimum, and with a PG-13 rating it's not exactly going to corrupt anyone who's familiar South Park!

Overall the characters are pretty likeable (if you can relate to their drunken antics - and any male who's gone through their teens most likely will), there ARE some genuinely funny moments, and the romance stuff is okay and doesn't get in the way
of the laughs. The snow boarding stuff is pretty good, although big stunts are few and far between. Having said that alot of the snowboarding action is done by real-life snowboarding champs doubling for the main cast, and they do make them look good.

But yeah, I know what you're waiting to find out...How is Lee??? Lee is excellent, a joy to behold. He plays sleazy realty developer, John Majors (apparently the character was named in the script long before Lee was cast), who moves in to buy the resort. Lee proves yet again he can turn his hand to comedy and is doing it more and more in his recent roles such as in Hotel!, Big Fat Liar, and Too Much Sun. Lee throws himself into the part heart and soul. His conviction makes you smile just from watching him on screen and it's obviously he had a lot of fun (he apparently modelled it on his pal, Donald Trump!). His character is not very likable, but seeing as he's playing the 'villan', he's not meant to be. You do get a perverse pleasure,however, from seeing his character getting his comeuppance at end. Lee needs more of these kind of roles to bring him back to the attention of audiences, either on television or in theatres. He isn't afraid to send himself up, and always does it with his tongue firmly stuck in his cheek. If people are critical of Lee's performance here, they're not getting the joke!

I probably wouldn't have seen this movie, let alone reviewed it, if not for Lee, but I'm glad I did. I've certainly seen less-funny, and more cringe-making, movies in my time and whilst I'll admit I maybe felt "forced" to sit through it the first time but would
happily re-visit it again in the future if I'm in need of a cheering up and someone to put a smile on my face....

Movie rating 3/5

DVD Review (Region 1)

The Out Cold disc comes with the obligatory audio commentary from the directors, AND their grandmother (who reveals herself to be a big Lee Majors fan!), several deleted scenes, a 'Making of...' featurette and a short action montage of the snow boarding action. All these are very nice, but nothing more than we have come to expect as standard from any recent theatrical movie released onto DVD. There are also a couple of trailers for forthcoming releases

The menu's on the disc are pretty basic. You do get a howling wind soundtrack over the main menu, however none of the menus are animated, and simply feature a photo of one of the characters.

The audio commentary is quite enlightening, though. I'm always a fan of audio  commentaries where the people actually sound interested in what they are talking about and give you an insight into the making of the movie. The Malloys do a good job of this, revealing various short-cuts they had to take due to budget restrictions,  several on-set mis-haps, and how it was really cool to roll into town with The Six Million Dollar Man and a Playboy model in tow. The guys give the impression they genuinely enjoyed working with Lee and the fact he was one of the few cast members who could actually ski!

The 'Making of' is functional, with various comments and on-set quips from everyone involved. Nothing particularly interesting happens, and it could easily be lifted straight from the movie's Electronic Press Kit.

What was missing? Well, it would have been nice to have seen the trailer included, along with some CD-ROM extras such as the website, a screen saver or some wallpaper. What about some filmography information on the stars and production cast? Due to the budget on the movie, though, and given how many units this disc is likely to sell it's understandable that the distributors are not going over the top on on extra's, all of which likely add to the production budget.

So, worth buying? I would say yes, if you are reading this and a fan Lee's work. There is definitely some repeat viewing value in the movie both with, and without, the audio commentary. If not, rent don't buy, would be my advice. Either that or wait for it on pay-per-view...


DVD rating 3/5