Phase 1. (Mid 2001)

Lee's teen-skiing movie, Out Cold, has now opened it's official web site - http://bventertainment.go.com/movies/outcold/

We'll post up here any pages that feature Lee, or his character Jack Majors. Please drop by the site and check out the whole thing. There is obviously more than we have featured here. At present (mid-May), various sections such as the Trailer and Downloads areas are still to be put up, but we'll keep checking back and let you know when they are posted.

Enjoy, and here's looking forward to the Fall...

- - - - - -

From left to right:
Front page from the official site; part of the "Flash" version of the site featuring Lee's character on a billboard; part 1 of the story synposis; part 2 of the story synopsis; and finally a BRIEF biog of Lee!

Phase 2. (Nov. 2001)

November the 23rd 2002 saw the release of Out Cold in the States and with it, phase 2 of the official site was completed. The site has a new from page and with it isgone is the viewing option of HTML or Flash... it's all Flash now. There was a Trailer section added last month with the trailer available in various formats and new photo and download sections. The photo section features shots of the cast and crew and various scenes from the movie. The 'downloads' page is disapoitning with just a choice of Wallpaper (basically the poster) and and some links to a ski clothing site.

Here are the new pages: