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Agency failed to ignite Lee's movie career, and 1981 saw him back on the small screen in a new series entitled The Fall Guy, in which he played Colt Seavers, a Hollywood Stuntman who worked part-time as a bounty hunter when film work was slow. Alongside Douglas Barr, and Heather Thomas, Lee had another hit on his hands, and the series ran for 5 years. Using a clever combination of movie stock-footage, inter-cut with original scenes of Lee, and the rest of the cast, Colt and friends began each show with a "big stunt", before going off on his latest bounty hunting assignment. Similar to the SMDM, the show appealed to young and old: the youngsters got off on the car chases and stunts each week, whilst a host of famous guest stars [including Lee's Bionic co-stars Richard Anderson, Jennifer Darling, and even Lindsay Wagner] assured the interest on the adults, alongside the lovely Heather Thomas for the dad's.

Lee's met Karen Velez, in 1984, [Playboy "Playmate of the Year" 1985] and the couple married in September of 1988. During the mid-eighties to mid-nineties, Lee juggled fatherhood and acting, as the pair became the proud parents of 3 children: Nikki Lee in 'Raven'Loren [1988] and twins Dane Luke and Trey Kulle [1992]. . He continued to work on The Fall Guy. Despite the Fox studios eagerness to get Lee to change his mind and reprise Colt Seavers for another year, after 5 years in 1986, he called it a day and the stuntman/bounty hunter hung up his hat. Lee continued to work though, fitting in 3 Bionic reunion movies, numerous movies, as well as 5-episodes stint on the Vietnam War series Tour of Duty. Family responsibilities appeared to keep Lee from taking on leading role on a regular series, but moving into middle age Lee was happy to relinquish his ‘leading man’ status to younger actors and settle for co-star status on his first regular series since The Fall Guy. The show was Raven, a 20-episode series which aired '92/'93. The show starred Jeffrey Meek as ex-CIA martial-arts expert, Jonathan Raven, searching Hawaii with the help of his rather dubious detective friend - played with alot of padding and tongue firmly in his cheek by Lee - for his lost son. Meek took the lead in the martial arts action scenes, but Lee was never too far as the wise-cracking and gun toting Ski Dablonski. The show debuted in the Summer of '92 and despite the chemistry between the two leads, poor storylines and and bad timing saw the show being taken off the air after just 17 episodes. Despite this, Ski remains ones Lee's most eadearing character roles.

Lee's personal life took a downturn in the early 90's and nothing seemed to be able to bring him out of this, that is until in January 1995 he was introduced to a woman who was to become his rock. Faith Noelle broke down the wall that had built up around him and after a date at the Superbowl later that month the pair became inseparable as they were spotted out on the town and at movie premieres. As Lee’s outlook on life improved, he threw himself back into acting with guest roles in a host of movies and TV shows. Lee and Faith married on 9th of November 2002.

The new millennium has seen Lee adapting to his autumn years and taking on character-driven or father-figure roles such as Bucko Cassidy in Watin’ to Live [2002], or Mr Travers in Arizona Summer [2003]as well as world weary characters such as Marshall Toll in The Trail to Hope Rose. But far from slowing down after over four decades of acting he has continued to work a pace both on the big and small screen, finding a new and younger audience for both his older shows and new. Not to be in any doubt Lee still continues to dominate our screens, either through re-runs of his early shows and movies, to hosting TV Specials, or doing guest spots on current shows. As Lee moves into his late 60's, just like Steve Austin, he showing no signs of retiring, or slowing down.

From a personal perspective Lee appears to have never been happier. He displays a confidence and relaxed manner in his golden years, that he often chased in his youth. He is happy to let others share the spotlight of fame and stardom that he once basked in, as he passes his wisdom on to his juniors. With Faith at his side there seems little he can’t turn his hand to. In fact for Lee’s 69th birthday, Faith secretly arranged for the pair to fly to Honolulu, Hawaii to renew their wedding vows.

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