18 October 2020
We've updfated our audio files pages with some better clips, plus added a few more theme tunes and even several tracks from Lee's 1979 horor flick 'Killer Fish'. Check them out in our sounds page here.


"I always felt I had to out-do my brother, as he was the real son. I had this pressure since I found out I was adopted that I had to prove myself worthy"


news 2022

13th August
Renegades street date
UK TV magazine, Radio Times have revealed the Uk release date for Lee's UK thriller, Renegades, will be 30th January 2023. Check out the news article here.

Fall Guy casting
The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that British actress Emily Blunt has bee cast alongside Ryan Reynolds in the big scvreen adapation The Fall Guy. Read the article here.

4th August
Fall Guy movie update
Whilst on the publicity tour for Bullet Train this week, director David Leitch talked about his plans for the 80's action series reboot which is due to start shooting in October:

“I can tell you a little. I mean, it’s sort of a… It’s a reimagining of the show from the ’80s, the late ’70s, early ’80s, “Lee Majors starring.” It’s about a stuntman who gets embroiled in some crazy drama outside of the movie business, and mayhem ensues. So, there’s fun and action, and we’re trying to make a big summer movie with it. Universal’s incredibly supportive and Ryan’s been really collaborative on the material, and we’re starting shooting in October. We’re in pre-production right now.”

Bionic Blu-Ray Boxset coming!
German distibutor Turbine have confirmed yesterday that they will be releasing the Bionic Woman on Blu-Ray next week, as well as a combo boxset of The Six Million Dollar Man AND The Bionic Woman! We have all the details right here.

Turbine to release BIONIC WOMAN on Blu-Ray

1st August
Lee & Lindsay at MCC
Lee and Lindsay seemed to have a blast over the weekend at the Manchester Comic Con, as did the fans. Lindsay did a talk on Sunday and it was packed out, which is always good to see.

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29th July
Lee in London for Manchester Comic Con
Lee met up with some of the Renegades gang last night, prior to going up to manchetsre for the Comic Convention this weekend. Jonathan Sothcott shared the photo on his twitter feed saying... Dinner with 4 of my favourite people - Billy Murray, Nick Moran, Lee Majors! My beautiful wife, Janine Nerissa - RENEGADES assemble! ❤️

Lee Majors has dinner with some of the Renegades cast

Lee, Bill Murray, Nick Moran and Janine Nerissa

8th July
SMDM Blu-ray set review
Here's the first official review of the new boxset. Disapointing to hear disaprity between quality of the SMDM and the BW episodes, given how long we have waited for this. Anyway go here to read the review in full.

29th June
Colt & Jodie hit Fanboy Expo
Lee and Heather Thomas will get together for a Fall Guy reunion in November this year, at the FanBoy Expo, Indianapolis over the weekend of the 12th and 13th. More details here.

22nd June
Happy birthday to Lindsay Wagner, who celebrates her birthday today, from everyone at

happy birthday Lindsay Wagner

29th May
70's reunion
This weekend Lee was at Fanboy Expo in COlkumbus and met with fella 70's start CHiPs star, Larry Wilcox... they look like they are really enjoying themselves

Larry Wilcox and Lee Majors

22nd May
The Bionic reunion tour continues!
Not content with the conventions already announced, it looks like Lee and Lindsay Wagner will be appearing at several more cons over the summer. First up Eternal Con, just 10 miles north of Dallas, over the weekend of 2nd and 3rd of July. Then at the Retro Expo on July 16th and 17th, in Long Island NY, where Dr Rudy Wells aka Alan Oppenheimer will also be a guest! Both those are before their UK Manchester Convention at the end of July. Follow the links for more info.

2nd May
US SMDM Blu-Ray release!
Shout Factory look to be releasing the complete SMDM series on Blu-Ray, July 12th. Dawn of the Discs announced it on Twitter today and already have it listed for pre-order at $189.98. No details of any extras that might be included, but below is the box art. They do stay the 33-Blu-ray set includes all 99 episodes, the 3 pilot films, 3 reunion films and bonus crossover episodes of The Bionic Woman. Check it out here.

May 30th - List of extra's to be on the set has been updated here.

SMDM complete series on Blu-Ray

20th April
Lindsay Wagner joins Lee in Manchster!
Lindsay has been announced as a futher guest for the Manchester Comic Con in July. This is the first time the 2 Bionic stars have appeared at the same event in the UK. Be sure to book your photoshoot tickets as they will sell out fast!

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner attend UK comic con in July

11th April
Lee & Faith on the town
Faith shared a photo on her Facebook page today of her and Lee at Palm Beach, with ex football quarterback star, Dan Pastorini and Pam Connor

Lee Majors, Faith Majors, Dan Pastorini

3rd April
Lee takes flight
The Blu-Ray of Lee's 80's TV Movie Starflight One is finally out - this is the cover. Just the movie and the trailer (which gives EVERYTHING away!), but a nice transfer all the same. US fans can buy from the official KL Studios website here, UK fans will need to look for a UK retailer, or eBay, as KL don't ship to Europe.

STARFLIGHT ONE on Blu-Ray with Lee Majors

20th March
Let the Games begin...
Lee appeared with his friend, and celebrity chef, Guy Fieri, on Guys' Grocer Games - Craziest Day in Flavortown. It's was Guy's son, Hunter's, birthday and Lee brought on a 'Bionic' cake. Watch here.

Lee in Guys GrocerGamesLee Majorsd in Guy's Grocery Games
Lee Majors on Guy's Grocery GamesLee on Guy's Grocery Games

17th March
New Renegades image released
We got a new Renegades image this week from Shogun films - "Renegades assemble! Carver (Lee Majors) and Burton (Nick Moran) are ready for action in RENEGADES - coming soon!"

Lee Majors in RENEGADES with Nick Moran

There is also this new still of Lee's character on the official Shogun/Renegades page.

Lee in Renegades from Shogun films

3rd March
Covention news
Lee is already down for 2 conventions this year, one in Vegas and one in Manchester in the UK. Lee will be at Fanboy Expo in Vegas April 22-24. In July Lee will be overe her in the UK at the Manchester Comic Con July 30-31. Click the links for more details and ticket and photo opportunity booking.

Lee Majors back on the convention circuit for 2022

15th February
Renegades news!
Jeanine Nerissa Southcott has dropped an interview about working on Renegades with Lee and the rest of the cast, along with a new photo of the pair of them. Go here to read it, but beware of spoilers!

Lee Majorfs & Jeanine Nerissa Southcott

16th January
Starflight One flies onto Hi-Def
In March KLStudioClassics will release Lee's 1983 TV Movie STARFLIGHT ONE on Blu-Ray! This is great news and you can order a copy directly from their website if you are in US or Canada. The website link is here.

STARFLIGHT ONE with Lee Majors
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