08 June 2019
We've added some new articles to the site this month. A Kenneth Johnson intervew from Starlog#1, Major Success, an interview from 1967, Six Million Dollar Comeback, from Hello magazine in 1997 and preview of STEEL from 1979.


"I always felt I had to out-do my brother, as he was the real son. I had this pressure since I found out I was adopted that I had to prove myself worthy"


news 2019

10th December
Robert Walker jr.Actor Robert Walker Jr dies
Sad to hear this week that Robert Walker Jr. passed away December 5th, aged 79. Robert guest starred with Lee on 3 of his hit shows, on The Big Valley: 'My Son, My Son', on The SMDM: 'Date with Danger' Pts. 1 & 2, and on 2 episodes of The Fall Guy: 'Boom' and 'Tag team'. Our condolences are with his family.

Robert Walker jr. on THE BIG VALLEY
Robert, with Lee, on THE BIG VALLEY

9th November
Magunm logoMagnum screengrabs
Well, we hope everyone managed to catch Lee's apperance on CBS's Magnum PI last night,. It was just a couple of brief scenes, but not that we're complaining. Check out the screengrabs here.

26th October
Magunm logoLee return to Hawaii this fall
Lee will guest star on the re-botted 80's show Magnum PI November 8th, as revealed yesterday's official press release: While Magnum helps out his friend Russell Harlan (guest star Lee Majors) and temporarily works as the head of a hotel’s security, he investigates the death of a guest who was thrown from her room’s balcony while working on a secret investigation of her own. The episode is due to air Friday November 8th. Here's the first promo image, we hope to have more later next week

Lee guest stars on Magnum PI.

19th October
Six Million Dollar Man boxsetGerman SMDM boxset
We thought it might be nice to feature another review of the luscious German complete Blu-Ray set of the Six Million Dollar Man, released around this time last year. We want to thank fan Duncan Campbell for taking the time out to sit down and write his thoughts on the set. You can read his review here.

5th October
Better late than never
As promised here is the image gallery from Lee and Lindsay's appearance at Fan-X last month. Word is it was a great weekend, well organised and a real plesure to attend! Click here for the gallery.

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner on stage  at Fan-X Convention

18th September
Major Recognition
Lee has received word this month that he has been inducted into the Kentucky Motion Picture & Television Hall of Fame.... What an honour and so deserved!

Lee receives induction into kentucky Motion Picture & Television hall of fame

Lee's Kentucky Hall of fame letter

7th September
Friends Reunited
Oh yes, Lee and Lindsay were back together bringing Bionic power to Fan-X this weekend and looked to have a ball on stage. Here's a teaser of photo's, we've more to come in the next week, stay tuned!

Lindsay Wagner & Lee Majors at Fan-X

Lee Majors & Billy ZaneLindsay Wagner & Faith MajorsLee Majors & Tom Holland Spider-Man
Lee with Billy Zane, Lindsay Wagner & Faith, finally Lee with Tom Holland!

6th September
Bionic birthday wishes to Faith for today, who will have a working birthday at the Fan-X convention with Lee...,

Happy Birthday Faith

20th August
Fanx XBionic reunion in Salt Lake
Both Lee Majors AND Lindsay Wagner are down as guests at Fan-X, in Salt Lake over the first weekend of September. What a great chance to get your Bionic merchandise signed by both stars AND get a Steve/Jaime Photo-shoot. Details on their website here.

Lee Majors is going to fan-X Cconvention

Lindsay Wagner is going to Fan-X Convention

Lee & Faith behing the scenes at LFCC
We've some shots of the gorgeous couple on each day of LFCC. in their own loved-up photo-shoots. From left to right, we've got Friday, Saturday, and finally Sunday. Do these guys EVER take a bad photot??? #JustAsking

Lee Majors at LFCC, LondonLee & Faith at LFCC, SaturdayLee & Faith ast LFCC, Sunday
Click for full image

10th August
Lee & Faith take it easy after LFCC
Faith has posted numerous pictures on her social media this week and last of her and Lee on vacation. Today she posted some pictures whilst cruising the Inside Passage of British Columbia, Canada. Hope they have a great time.

Lee on vacation in British ColumbiaVactioning on a cruise in British Columbia

Lee at LFCCLee at LFCC July 2019
Wow, what a weekend for fans. 3 days of Lee signing, talking and doing photo-shoots at London Film & Comic Con. We were lucky enough to be there all 3 days and got some great shots. Check out our photo's of Lee signing and at the talk right here.

Lee on stage at LFCC July 2019

3rd July
Bubba Fest 2019The next Major event
Lee will be back at Bubba Fest in Knoxville, TN next month. Grab a pic or get something signed, but DO drop by and say 'Hi' if you are in the vacinity. The event is over the weekend of August 23rd to 25th and full details are on their page:

Lee Majors at Bubba Fest August 2019

24th June
Lee with wings smallMajor vacation
Faith and Lee have been having some down time at Las Ventanas al Paraiso in San Jose del Cabo, Mexico, recently and Faith shared a few snaps across her social media accounts.

Lee relaxing by the sea Lee with wingsLee with tree

Soo Lee interview
Artist Soo leeWith the new Charlie's Angels & Bionic Woman comic series coming soon from Dynamite, Soo Lee, the artist on the new book, has been gracious enough to give us an exclusive interview about her work and the up-coming title. Updated: We now have a Better, Stronger, Faster (ahem), interview with both Soo and writer Cameron DeOrdio, of the new Bionic comic book. Read it here.

Charlie's Angels and Bionic Woman #1 Charlie's Angels & Bionic Woman #2

9th May
Bionic Love
Faith shared this photo of her and Lee on a recent night out across her social media this week.... aaaah.

Lee & Faith Majors on a night out.
Click for full image.

16th May
Night at the Museum
Lee was guest of honour at the Hollywood Museum earlier this week, when they officially unveiled a new Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman exhibit. Enjoy the below video from the opening night and we have a gallery with a slew of pictures from the event right here.


Faith and Lee Majors with Donelle Dadigan and Council Member Mitch O'Farrell

Lee and the new SMDM and BW exhibits
Lee Majors unveils Bionic Exhibit

Costumes and propr form the Bionic show on display at the new exhibition
Exhibit items and props from The Bionic Woman and The Six Million Dollar Man

Two great articles and a bunch of photo's from the night can be found here:
TV & Film Fans and Famous Gather For Three New Exhibits At Hollywood Museum
The Hollywood Museum proclaims Lee Majors to be “priceless” at opening night gala

8th May
Lee Majors to the Rescue...
Lee has been cast as the voice of the head of International Rescue, Jeff Tracey, in the animated Thunderbirds Are Go tv series. The show returns mid-May in the UK as the Tracy's brother's discover what happened to their long-lost father! Thunderbirds was the brain child of Gerry Anderson and is iconic for anyone who grew up in the 60s. The new S3 trailer is here. Watch an interview with Lee on his new role is here.

Lee majors in Thunderbirds

Lee Majors IS Jeff Tracy

Oscar the Bionic catOscar update
Oscar's owner, Michael Nolan, posted this photo last Sunday of Oscar, the Bionic cat, taking a nap in the sun. Oscar is apparently fit and well, and hard as it is to beleive, it's 10 yaers since the little guy has his accident. We wish him well, as always.

Oscar the Bionic cat
Click for full size

Lee gets Frightful
Lee apparently had a blast last week end signing at the Frightmare event in Texas. Several celebs posted pictures with Lee from the event, including metal bass player Astorga George and Michael Vansa.

Astorga george & Lee MajorsLee majros signing with Astorga GeorgeLee Majors autograph

Lee majors with Michael Vansa
Click images for full-size versions

21st April
Birthday book update...
Thanks to everyone who contributed to Lee's 80th birthday book with messages and photo's. The book has arrived at Cubster's, who runs Lee's US site, and she says it looks fantastic (I've had a sneak peak and can confirm it does!). Seeing as the company producing the book are based in the US, it made mroe sense to keep it in the US, rather than it come all the way to the UK and then go out again... more chance of it getting lost or damaged. Cubster has sent it on to Lee's agent for the big day, and we'll post some photo's from later in the week.

20th April
Bionic Tourists
Following a busy weekend at the Dortmund Comic Con, Lee and Faith managed to find a few days to take in the sights. Faith shared nuermous photo's across her social media of the pair, plus the some great shots of the city. Osibo Productions - La Sucrerie Paris also shared some photo's of meeting Lee at the event, and said we could share with you. Go here to see that gallery.

Lee & Faith in Cologne Cologne, Germany, after the conventionLee in Cologne, Germany
Click images for full size.

8th April
AWARE DallasLee & Faith at charity event
Faith shared this picture on her social media accounts of her and Lee at the AWARE Dallas event, on Friday April 5th. AWARE are dedicated to fighting Alzheimer’s disease, and their mission is to provide funding and support to nonprofit organizations. Read more about them here and actual event here. Lee & faith are with Thad Smith and Sarah Bearden Smith.

Lee & Faith at AWARE Dallas charity event
Click for full size.

1st April
Lee's birthday bookLee's birthday book
Thanks to everyone who contributed to the birthday book we have been organisisng for Lee's 80th, later this month. The book is now closed and at the printers, ready for delivery in a few weeks time. We'll post photo's once the book is printed and in our hands!

18th March
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's AnatomyLindsay Wagner goes to hopsital
The last few weeks has seen Lindsay guest-star on the prime-time ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy. She was on the 15th season episodes 15, 16 and 17. Below are a few screen grabs from the shows: Click for larger images.

Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy
Lindsay Wagner on Grey's Anatomy

8th March
Atlanta ConventionAtlanta Bionic take-over
For anyone out Atlanta way, watch out, Steve and Jaime are coming your way in May, May 11th and 12th to be prcise, at the Cobb Galleria Centre. More dtails tickets from the offcial web site for the event can be found right here:

UPDATE 28th March: Due to the one of the main organsiers being involved in a fatal traffic accident, we are sorry say that this event is now cancelled. Our thoughts and wishes go out to the family on their loss.

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner in Atlanta

Wapos Bay now on Amazon PrimeWatch Lee on Amazon Prime right now
2 of Lee's TV/film projects, Wapos Bay (check out Episode 9 - 'Guardians') from 2007 and the Shawn Welling movie 'Jean' from 2016 are now both available on Amazon Prime in most areas. Check local listings and just search 'Lee Majors' to find them.

Jean on Amazon Prime

Wapos Bay on Amazon Prime

Wapos Bay 'Guardians' with Lee Majors

19th January
Winter Vacation
Lee and Faith are currntly on holiday in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California and Faith has shared some pictures of their vacation across her social media accounts.

Lee in Mexico 2019

Click for full-size

8th January
Father and son reunion
Lee and Bruce 'The Chin' Campbell will be back together in Texas in May, for Texas Frightmare Weekend. With a slew of great horror guests, it is gonna be great. Check the website here for more details.

Teax Frightmare Weekend

29th December
Site Update
We've given the site a quick New Year Spring clean and updated various pages, including extrenal links, and Lee's movie and guest appearances. We've updated the News pages and archived the majority of 2018 news items aside from December.

23rd December
Happy Christmas from Lee & Faith
Faith shared this message and photo on her Facebook page this weekend:
MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Wishing everyone a blessed and glorious Holiday Season. May your New Year be filled with Happiness and Health. Warmest Wishes ❤️#MerryChristmas #Happy2019 #PeaceLoveJoy — in Temecula, California.

Lee & Faith Christmas wish 2018

Faith and Lee Christmas 2018
Click for full size

Six Million Dollar man new from DynamiteNew SMDM comic from Dynamite in 2019
Dynamite comics have unveiled details of a new SMDM comic from Christopher Hastings & David Hanh, set in Japan in the original '70's show era. Read more information about it at Bleeding Cool and Newsarama.

SMDM title from Dynamite in 2019Cover art for new SMDM comicNew SMDM comic to be set in Japan

5th December
LogoWashington holiday
Faith added sveeral photo's to her Twitter and Instagram accounts of her and Lee vacationing in Washington this month.

Lee and Faith in Washington Lee & Faith in Washington
Click for larger versions

Fuller House, Lee & LindsayThe Love Boat
Hope everyone got to see Lee and Lindsay Wagner on episode 6 of the new season of Fuller House, now streaming on Netflix? It went live yesterday, and was a bunch of fun with some nice in-jokes. Click the below images for larger versions....

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner in Fuller House.

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner in Fuller House.

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner in Fuller House.

Lee Majors & Lindsay Wagner in Fuller House.

1th December
SMDM Blu-ray setBionics gets an upgrade...
It's here, the brand new German Blu-ray SMDM set which came out on the 30th of November and we've pics and a review of the discs and the package contents. Go here to find out if it's all we'd hope for.

Six Million Dollar man Blu-ray disc set

1st December
Oscar update...
Michael Nolan posted this photo on Twitter last month of Oscar, the Bionic cat, cat napping with his sister Poppy. Good to hear he is doing well and for those that didn't know, Oscar turned 10 this year, 8 year after going 'Bionic'!

Oscar the Bionic cat