If it's video action you want, you're in the right spot.

TV catch-up
We've got title sequences from most of Lee's TV series over the years, including some clips from Lee's 2000 never-repeated British sitcom, 'Too Much Sun'.

Bionic Action
Steve and Jaime strut their cybernetic stuff and you won't want to miss the excellent Muppet SMDM spoof sketch or the classic title sequence from the 2nd SMDM Movie-of-the Week, 'Wine, Women & War', featuring the theme tune sung by 60's pop sensation Dusty Springfield.

Trailer park
We've got the trailer for FATE, one of Lee's most edgy and daring roles in this serial killer thriller. There's a;sp the straight-to-video Western 'Hell To Pay'. Smile as Lee dons fur and horns in our 'Norseman' clip and chuckle at the 'Brothers Solomon' mockumentary.

Simply Lee
Notable interviews with Lee including his 2006 'ET' appearance and his 2008 UK apperance on ITV show 'This Morning'. Did you know Lee appeared in an ad for a soft drink with Lee Jr? Well, he did and it's here.



The Six Million Dollar Man opening credits The classic and most memorable of any of Lee's, or in fact the 70's, TV shows.
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The Bionic Woman opening credits. Lindsay Wagner got her won Bionic spin-off after 2 stories on the Lee's Bionic series.
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Advert for the 90's re-runs of the SMDM on the European Sci-Fi Channel. Short, but sweet!
Format: RealMedia | Size: 460Kb

Title sequence from the 2nd SMDM movie-of-the-week 'Wine, Woman and War' with Dusty Springfield on vocals!
Format: RealMedia | Size: 1.8Mb

Pre-credit recap of the first episode of original 'The Bionic Woman' 2-parter on the SMDM
Format: RealMedia | Size: 4.5mB

Farrah Fawcett guest-starred on several SMDM episdoes, here she is in the pre-credit sequence of 'Peeping Blonde'
Format: RealMedia | Size: 5.5Mb

Before Steve Austin, before Jaime Sommers, there was Max, the Bionic Dog! Pre-credit 'Bionic Dog' Pt.2 re-cap sequence.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 3Mb

Bionic Blowout aired on the Sci-Fi channel in the US with back-to-back Bionic episodes introduced by Lee and Lindsay. Here they talk about Max, the Bionic dog.
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Classic Muppet SMDM spoof segement, featuring the the Six Dollar Man.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 7.5Mb

Bionic-Grip Six Million Dollar Man action figure TV commercial from the 1970's
Fomat: FLV | Size: 1.3Mb

TV commercial for the Bionic Repair Station accessory for the Six Million Dollar Man action figure.
Format: FLV | Size: 1.3Mb

TV commerical fot Oscar Goldman action figure, with exploding briefcase to keep all those secret documents safe!
Format: FLV | Size: 1.2Mb

Some very 80's opening credits from the 2nd reunion movie, Bionic Showdown, with Sandra Bullock.
Format: RealMedia | Size:2.6Mb

Clip from Bionic Ever After? with Steve showing Jaime how to fix those Bionic twinges...
Format: FLV | Size: 2.5Mb

After 20 years Steve and Jaime finally get to the alter in Bionic Ever After? along with Rudy and Oscar.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 3.6Mb

Steve and Jaime music video, featuring footage from the series and the reunion movies
Format: FLV | Size: 7.3Mb

Clever music video to set to 'Run, Run, Run' by Eric Clapton feauring stills and footage of Steve, well, running!
Format: FLV | 8.1Mb

Funny spoof segement starring Lee as 'The Six Million Year Old Man'... Bionics for an older audience!
Format: FLV | Size: 2.10Mb