If it's video action you want, you're in the right spot.

TV catch-up
We've got title sequences from most of Lee's TV series over the years, including some clips from Lee's 2000 never-repeated British sitcom, 'Too Much Sun'.

Bionic Action
Steve and Jaime strut their cybernetic stuff and you won't want to miss the excellent Muppet SMDM spoof sketch or the classic title sequence from the 2nd SMDM Movie-of-the Week, 'Wine, Women & War', featuring the theme tune sung by 60's pop sensation Dusty Springfield.

Trailer park
We've got the trailer for FATE, one of Lee's most edgy and daring roles in this serial killer thriller. There's a;sp the straight-to-video Western 'Hell To Pay'. Smile as Lee dons fur and horns in our 'Norseman' clip and chuckle at the 'Brothers Solomon' mockumentary.

Simply Lee
Notable interviews with Lee including his 2006 'ET' appearance and his 2008 UK apperance on ITV show 'This Morning'. Did you know Lee appeared in an ad for a soft drink with Lee Jr? Well, he did and it's here.


video clips - FILM TRAILERS & CLIPS

Clip from Agency, with Lee and Valerie Perrin, released in 1981.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 2.3Mb

Clip from the 1981 low budget movie The Last Chase
Format: RealMedia | Size: 1.8Mb

1978 saw Lee don a hairy outfit and a pointy hat for his first Fawcett-Majors Production, The Norseman
Format: FLV | Size: 4.1Mb

A six-shooter and stetson was the order of the day when Lee took over the Gary Cooper role in High Noon Pt.2 for this 1980 TV movie
Format: RealMedia | Size: 3.8Mb

More cowboy action from the classic 1968 western Will Penny, with Charlton Heston, in one of Lee's first big-screen roles.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 2Mb

Lee gets all upset after finding out he's been duped in The Covergirl Murders from 1993.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 2Mb

Trailer for the independant movie from 2005, entitled Hell To Pay, featuring varous classic Western stars.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 5Mb

Trailer for one of Lee's creepier roles in the 2001 thriller Fate.
Format: FLV | Size: 9.2Mb

Clip from Lee's 2002 movie, Watin' To Live, in which he plays a ghost who returns to help his son.
Format: RealMedai | Size: 800Kb

Trailer for the 2005 independant feel-good movie When I Find The Ocean.
Format: FLV | Size: 7.1Mb

Trailer for odd-ball comedy The Brothers Solomon, seeing 2 brothers trying to do one last thing for Dad [Lee]
Format: FLV | Size: 11.5Mb

The brothers make a pact to 'Make a baby for Dad!' as he lies in a coma in hospital, in The Brother Solomon.
Format: FLV | Size: 5.3Mb

Spoof documentary interview with Lee's character from The Brothers Solomon, which appeared online and on the DVD
Format: FLV | Size: 8.1Mb

Trailer for the teen comedy Spring Break '83 with Lee and John Goodman.
Format: FLV | Size: 15Mb

Episode of the internet video series Wainy Days starring David Wain. The series follows a fictionalized version of Wain through his everyday life. Here Lee plays his dad in episode #22 'Rebecca'
Format: FLV | Size: 30.5Mb | Play

Conflict of InterestTrailer for Conflict of Interest, starring Michael Madsen, Joe Estevez and Lee, with faith guesting as Lee's wife! . This was a direct-to-video movie filmed during 2008.
Format: MOV | Size: 13.7Mb | Play