If it's video action you want, you're in the right spot.

TV catch-up
We've got title sequences from most of Lee's TV series over the years, including some clips from Lee's 2000 never-repeated British sitcom, 'Too Much Sun'.

Bionic Action
Steve and Jaime strut their cybernetic stuff and you won't want to miss the excellent Muppet SMDM spoof sketch or the classic title sequence from the 2nd SMDM Movie-of-the Week, 'Wine, Women & War', featuring the theme tune sung by 60's pop sensation Dusty Springfield.

Trailer park
We've got the trailer for FATE, one of Lee's most edgy and daring roles in this serial killer thriller. There's a;sp the straight-to-video Western 'Hell To Pay'. Smile as Lee dons fur and horns in our 'Norseman' clip and chuckle at the 'Brothers Solomon' mockumentary.

Simply Lee
Notable interviews with Lee including his 2006 'ET' appearance and his 2008 UK apperance on ITV show 'This Morning'. Did you know Lee appeared in an ad for a soft drink with Lee Jr? Well, he did and it's here.


video clips - adverts and INTERVIEWS

Classic 80's commercial featuring Lee and his real life son, Lee Jr. for a soft drink
Format: FLV | Size: 1.2Mb

Lee promote the IBM ThinkPad, wth a little help from his Bionic past....
Format: RealMedia | Size: 1.5Mb

Lee Majors, or is it Colt Seavers, advertising the new Honda CRV in 2007, with an little intervention from the wife!
Format: FLV | Size: 2Mb

Another of Lee's LOTTO adverts for the Candaian Lottery syndicate, again spoofing his Bionic past
Format: RealMedia | Size: 875Kb

Lee on Entertainment Tonight in 2006, with Faith as he chats about being married and cosmetic surgery
Format: RealMedia | Size: 2.7Mb

Introductory sequence from the Biography Channel special on Lee.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 2Mb

Clip from Lee's Biography Channel special, featuring Faith and how she and Lee first got together. Also a brief comment from Lee Jr.
Format: RealMedia | Size: 1Mb

During Farrah Fawcett's battle with cancer during 2007, Lee was interview as part of a segment on Farrah for ET.
Format: QuickTime | Size: 4.5Mb

Whilst promoting Ben10:RAT in the UK, Lee dropped by the This Morning studio for an interview in February 2008
Format: RealMedia | Size: 10.3Mb

Faith and Lee were at LA Fashion Week in March 2008 and gave this impromtu interview.
Format: FLV | Size: 4Mb

Interview with Lee on Channel 9 during his Ben10:RAT tour of Australia, the Philipines and Malaysia during September 2008.
Format: FLV | Size: 12.2Mb

Live press conference with Lee during the September 2008 Ben10:RAT tour [see above].
Format: FLV | Size: 5.3Mb

Putnam News interviewPutnam News interview with Lee Majors by Tim Greco, 2015. There is a link to the interview online, here.
Format: MP4 | 266Mb

Lee & Faith honoured at ChurchLee & Faith on Fox TV, being homoured at St. Christopher Inn,2015 - 6 mins.
Format: MP4 | 16Mb

Do You Believe?Spanish (?) interview with Lee promoting Do You Believe?, 2015 -7 minutes.
Format : MP4 | 58MB

NYCC Ash Vs Evil DeadNYCC 2016 Ash Vs Evil Dead on-stage full cast interview - 38 minutes
Format: MP4 | 334Mb


Lee Majors & Bruce campbell at NYCCLee Majors and Bruce campbell interviewed by Blastr at NYCC 2016 for Ash Vs Evil Dead
Format: MP4 | 20.8Mb & 21.7Mb
Play Part 1 & Play Part 2

Bruce Campbell InterviewBruce Campbell interview on Ash Vs Evil Dead, Lee Majors, from Bay Area HQ, October 2016
Format: MP4 | 40.5Mb

Skype interview with Lee Majors Collider Skype interview with Lee Majors by Perry Nimord with an 'After Ash' session. From NYCC October 2016
Format: MP4 | 116Mb