SERIES: The Big Valley

Synopsis & Guest Cast

Season 1

Palms of Glory (1-1 9/15/1965)
The Barkleys lead the resistance when the Coastal and Western Railroad hire bully-boys to force farmers to give up their land for a pittance. Meanwhile, a young man appears claiming to be Tom Barkley’s bastard son.
Guest cast: Vincent Gardenia as John Semple, Len Wayland as Sheriff Lyman, Malachi Throne as Crown, Del McKinnon as Abner Wirth, Dennis Cross as Hoak, Arthur Peterson as Swenson, Mel F. Allen as Morgan, Mike de Anda as Ciego. Writer:Christopher Knopf, Director:William A. Graham.

Forty Rifles (1-2 9/22/1965)
Nick’s former Civil War commander and idol stirs up trouble among ranch hands dissatisfied with working for Heath, who is having difficult being accepted as a true Barkley.
Guest cast: Andrew Duggan as Wallent, John Milford as Barrett, Galvin Brown as Dilllard, Douglas Kennedy as McColl, Walker Edmiston as Spock, Allen Jaffe as Cota, Lincoln Tate as Schad, Michael Fox as DeKoven, Chuck Bail as Brown. Writer:Christopher Knopf, Director:Bernard McEveety.

Boots With My Father’s Name (1-3 9/29/1965)
Victoria starts brooding about how Tom could have truly loved her if he was once unfaithful to her and fathered a bastard child. She journeys to Heath’s hometown to try to find the truth about Tom’s relationship with Heath’s mother.
Guest cast: John Anderson as Matt Simmons, Richard Devon as Phelps, Jeanne Cooper as Martha Simmons, Beah Richards as Hannah Jones, John Harmon as storekeeper,. Teleplay:Mel Goldberg, Story:Mel Goldberg; Les Pine; Tina Rome, Director:Joseph H. Lewis.

Young Marauders (1-4 10/6/1965)
Audra is saved from serious injury by a young man who says he is a mustang hunter. She falls in love with him; her brothers find him a suspicious character.
Guest cast: Sean Garrison as Lloyd Garner, Buck Taylor as Turk, Kevin Hagen as Harry Coleman, Virginia Christine as Margaret Coleman, James Patterson as Jamie Drumm, Julie Payne as Francie, Ken Lynch as Jacobson, Mort Mills as sheriff, James Gavin as Graff, Robert Porter as Tobe, J. P. Burns as minister. Writer:Peter Packer, Director:Paul Wendkos.

The Odyssey of Jubal Tanner (1-5 10/13/1965)
Victoria sells land to an old friend who was has deeply sentimental reasons for owning it, despite the fact that her own sons are part of a plan to flood that land with waters from a much-needed dam.
Guest cast: Arthur O’Connell as Jubal Tanner, Sheldon Golomb as Chad, Jason Evers as Len Colter, K. L. Smith as Dutton, Ken Mayer as Crowell, Mort Mills as Sheriff, Tom Browne Henry as Chairman, Harlan Warde as Finletter, Dick Farnsworth as Bolin, Larry Doyle as Man. Writer:Paul Savage, Director:Arnold Laven.

Heritage (1-6 10/20/1965)
Heath investigates violence during at a strike at a Barkley mine. He finds that the miners hate the Barkleys for promises unkept. The family sets out to right things before the Molly Maguires strike again.
Guest cast: Anne Helm as Brydie Hanrahan, Sherwood Price as O’Doule, Ford Rainey(“The Bionic Woman”) as Murdoch, Richard Hale as Hummel, John McLiam as Paddy, Brendan Dillon as Tim Hanrahan, Harry Swoger as bartender (Newton), Richard O’Brien as Bryce, Bing Russell as Jack Tolliver, Zolya Talma as crone, J. P. Burns as mourner. Writer:Carey Wilber, Director:Paul Wendkos.

Winner Lose All (1-7 10/27/1965)
A Hispanic family is in a land dispute with the Barkleys. Maria, the young daughter of the family, falls in love with Heath. Her father disapproves because of Heath’s illegitimate birth, and will use the land crisis as leverage to force Heath and Maria apart.
Guest cast: Katharine Ross as Maria Montera, Henry Wilcoxon as Don Alfredo Montera, Karl Swenson as Bert Hadley, Max Kleven as Dave Williams, Gregg Palmer as Mel Coombs, Robert Cabal as Luis, Naomi Stevens as Anjelina, Mike de Anda as Ciego, Joe Higgins as referee, Herb Pacheco as aide. Writer:Harry Kronman, Director – Richard C. Sarafian.

My Son, My Son (1-8 11/3/1965)
Audra wants to flirt with Evan Miles, a childhood friend now back from the East. Little does she know that he suffers from a dangerous emotional instability.
Guest cast: Robert Walker, jr. as Evan Miles, Katharine Bard as Mrs. Miles, R. G. Armstrong as Mr. Miles, Mort Mills as Sheriff, Ron Nicholas as young man, Gene Pinkerton as ranch hand. Writer:Paul Schneider, Director:Paul Henreid.

Earthquake! (1-9 11/10/1965)
In an earthquake, a mission church collapses into a forgotten mine which lies under it. Victoria is trapped there with a pregnant Indian woman and a man with a grudge — a ranch hand that Nick recently fired.
Guest cast: Charles Bronson(“Death Wish”) as Tate, Aliza Gur as Naomi, Wesley Lau as Roy Schneider, Audrey Dalton as Ann, Robert B. Williams as Joel, William Fawcett as Jeb, Robert Karnes as padre, Mort Mills as sheriff, John Craven as doctor Writer:Oliver Crawford, Director:Paul Henreid.

The Murdered Party (1-10 11/17/1965)
Jarrod defends a member of a ne’er-do-well family on a charge of murder, though the main witness against him is Heath.
Guest cast: Warren Oates as Korbie Kyles, Larry D. Mann as Jacob Kyles, Paul Fix as D. A. Greene, Bill Quinn as George Allison, Mort Mills as sheriff. Writer:Jack Curtis, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Way to Kill a Killer (1-11 11/24/1965)
The only chance Mariano Montoya’s herd has to survive anthrax is the newfangled immunization that Eugene learned about at college. Montoya says that if the Barkleys want to prove that the procedure is safe, they must test it on their own prize bull.
Guest cast: Martin Landau(“Space:1999”) as Mariano Montoya, Rodolfo Acosta as Rico, Arthur Space as Professor Hawthorne, ? – sheriff. Writers:Judith and Robert Guy Borrows, Director:Joseph M. Newman.

Night of the Wolf (1-12 12/1/1965)
Nick is bit by a rabid wolf — a virtual death sentence. Not wanting his family to witness his decline, he leaves, making Heath swear that he won’t tell the others what has happened. Nick hopes that in his final 60 days he will do something worthwhile; if he fails, at least he will have tried.
Guest cast: Nancy Olson as Julia Jenkins, Ron Howard(“Happy Days”) as Tommy, Yuki Shimoda as Po Hsien, Ted Gehring as Larsh, Bruce Gibson as Pete, Chubby Johnson as Dr. Borland, Richard Wendley as second doctor, Russell Trent as bartender. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Joseph H. Lewis.

The Guilt of Matt Bentell (1-13 12/8/1965)
The Barkleys learn that the man they have hired to run their logging operations was the commandant of a notorious Civil War prisoner of war camp — one in which Heath was a prisoner.
Guest cast: John Anderson as Matt Bentell, Martine Bartlett as Mrs. Bentell, Anthony Zerbe as Gil Condon, Morgan Woodward as Aaron Condon, Paul Sorensen as Williams?. Writer:Paul Savage, Director:Lewis Allen.

The Brawlers (1-14 12/2151965)
A group of Irish immigrants settle on Barkley land, believing that they have bought the land from a reputable agent. Nick thinks of them purely as squatters, while they can’t believe that their purchase was illegal.
Guest cast: Claude Akins as Callahan, Noreen Corocran as Sharon, J. Pat O’Malley as Grandpa, Eleanor Audley as Mother Callahan, Ken Lynch as storekeeper, Olan Soule as telegraph clerk, John Harmon as conductor, Joe Higgins as passenger, Paul Sorensen as desk clerk (uncredited). Writer:William Norton, Director:Joseph Pevney.

Judgment in Heaven (1-15 12/22/1965)
Jarrod risks inviting his client home for a Christmas visit: a young woman accused of aiding and abetting her boyfriend, an outlaw who has recently escaped from jail.
Guest cast: Lynn Loring as Maybelle Williams, Nicolas Surovy as Billy Joe Gaines, Ned Wever as Judge Parker, Patrick Culliton as Corey, R. S. Portor as Hayes, Frank Scannell as Dr. Merar, Kay Reynolds as Meg Travis, Kay Stewart as Helen Travis. Writer:Mel Goldberg, Director:Murray Golden.

The Invaders (1-16 12/29/1965)
A gang of rawhiders injure Heath, then take him to the ranch for a reward for “saving” him from ambush. While there, they realize that the rest of the menfolk are away, leaving the ranch vulnerable to their thievery.
Guest cast: John Dehner as “Daddy” Cade, Yvonne Craig(“Batman”) as Allie Kay, Michael Greene as Pinto, ? as Copper, ? as Johnson, Noah Keen as Dr. Merar. Writer:Jay Simms, Director:Arnold Laven.

By Fires Unseen (1-17 1/5/1966)
Nick brings his bride-to-be back from San Francisco; the family doubts, however, that she’s really ready to marry anyone.
Guest cast: Diane Baker as Hester. Teleplay:Mel Goldberg, Story:Ken Trevey, Director:Ralph Senensky

A Time to Kill (1-18 1/19/1966)
Jarrod welcomes an old law school friend to the valley, only to find that a secret service agent is on his trail. It seems that every place the friend travels, counterfeit money comes into circulation.
Guest cast: William Shatner(“Star Trek”, “Tek War”) as Brett Skyler, Frank Marth as Monroe, James Griffith as Clyde, Robert Cornthwaite as Catchie Kelly, Jason Wingreen as Luther, Bill Quinn as Hyde, Michael Harris as deputy, Mike de Anda as Ciego. Writer:Peter Packer, Director:Bernard McEveety.

Teacher of Outlaws (1-19 2/2/1966)
Victoria is kidnapped by outlaws who think she’s the local schoolteacher. The reason is unusual: the gang leader wants her to teach him how to read.
Guest cast: Harold J. Stone as Sam, Steve Ihnat as Will, Timothy Carey as Preacher Clegg, Ken Drake as Dr. Briggs, Ken Lynch as sheriff, Pepe Callahan as Julio, Dennis Cross as Bates, Richard Poston as deputy, Mark Hateley as Johnny. Teleplay:Gilbert Ralston, Story:Lou Morheim, Director:Michael Ritchie.

Under a Dark Star (1-20 2/9/1966)
Jarrod is guilt-ridden because he helped convict Keeno Nash of a crime he now knows Nash did not commit. When he is released, Jarrod offers Nash help, despite the fact that he had threatened Jarrod’s life at the trial.
Guest cast: Albert Salmi as Keeno Nash, Bruce Dern as Jack, Richard O’Brien as Yankee, Chuck Francisco as Turpin, Chuck Bail as Catlin, K. T. Stevens as Meg, Bert Whaley as Warden, James Shen as bartender, Michael Harris as deputy, Charles Horvath as guard. Writer:Ken Trevey, Director:Michael Ritchie.

Barbary Red (1-21 2/16/1966)
Nick is shanghaied at a saloon run by a woman Jarrod once defended for that very crime.
Guest cast: George Kennedy as Jack Thatcher, Jill St. John as Barbary Red, John Hoyt as Captain Waterman, John Orchard as Banks, Donna Michelle as Dolly, Paul Sorensen as Hap, Bing Russell as Clint, Michael Harris as deputy sheriff, Ric Roman as thug. Writer:Judith Barrows, Director:Michael Ritchie.

The Death Merchant (1-22 2/23/1966)
The Barkleys are plagued by neighbors who claim a boundary changed when a stream changed course. Into the picture comes Handy Random, a gunman who once did the Barkleys a great service. Will he escalate the bickering into a violent feud?
Guest cast: James Whitmore as Handy Random, Royal Dano as Ezra Craddock, Pepe Hern as Frank Craddock, ? as Joe Craddock, Micheal Harris – sheriff, ? as Pedro. Writer:Jay Simms, Director:Bernard McEveety.

The Fallen Hawk (1-23 3/2/1966)
Heath’s guilt-feelings get the better of him when he blames himself for a friend’s injury. He seems oblivious to the fact that his friend is manipulating him.
Guest cast: Marlyn Mason as Nora, Peter Haskell as Ward, Dennis Cross as Keel, Jim Boles as storekeeper, Alexander Lockwood as Dr. Merar, Harry Swoger as Milt (bartender), Paul Comi as Mr. Pursey. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Paul Henreid.

Hazard (1-24 3/9/1966)
Gil Anders, once a friend of Heath, is ambushed by bounty hunters. The Barkleys hide him, and Jarrod seeks to discover the truth about the crime of which Anders has been accused — despite the fact that Heath believes Anders deserves death.
Guest cast: Bert Freed as Judge Ben Colter, Audrey Dalton as Amy Colter, Robert Yuro as Gil Anders, Frank Marth as Marshall Lawson, Lew Gallo as Matt Colter, Rex Holman as Will Hover, Mort Mills as sheriff, John Rayborn as Cass Weydon, Alexander Lockwood as Dr. Merar, Larry J. Blake as clerk, Mike de Anda as Ciego, Dick Cangey as townsman. Writer:Harry Kronman, Director:Arnold Laven.

Into the Widow’s Web (1-25 3/23/1966)
Heath’s boyhood sweetheart comes to town in a traveling show. Her drunkenb husband turns up murdered, and Heath is arrested by the new district attorney, who is out to show that the Barkleys can’t get away with murder despite their wealth and reputation.
Guest cast: Kathleen Nolan as Liberty, David Sheiner as Archer, King Donovan as Ambrose, Ken Lynch as sheriff, Joe Higgins as Mortenson, Lewis Charles as Cully Tedrow, Michael Harris as deputy, Harlan Warde as Judd Fletcher, Walker Edmiston as coroner. Writers:Ken Trevey and Gerry Day, Director:Virgil W. Vogel

By Force and Violence (1-26 3/30/1966)
Heath is trapped under a broken-down wagon, and the only person who can help Victoria save him is an escaped convict.
Guest cast: Bruce Dern(“Silent Running”) as Dixon, L. Q. Jones as Cort, Harry Dean Stanton(“Alien”) – ? . Writer:Peter Packer, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The River Monarch (1-27 4/6/1966)
The Barkleys’ riverboat is recovered years after its sinking, but the government gold it had been carrying is nowhere to be found. The local newspaper editor starts a smear campaign, accusing the late Tom Barkley of having stolen the shipment.
Guest cast: Chips Rafferty as Jock, Katherine Justice as Melanie DeLand, John Rayner as Peter Doolin, Curt Conway as Cyrus DeLand, J. P. Burns as Anson Gregory, Sam Javis as Sam Porter, Charles Land as Cpl. Drumm, Mark Levy as The Boy. Writer:Corey Wilber and Mel Goldberg, Story:Corey Wilber, Director:Sutton Roley.

The Midas Man (1-28 4/13/1966)
Scott Breckenridge offers to loan money to ranchers during a serious drought. When he will not give an extension to the loans, the ranchers believe the Barkleys are part of a plot to buy up land which has been foreclosed.
Guest cast: Tom Tryon as Scott Breckenridge, Richard O’Brien as Jace Holman, ? as Titus McElvy, ? as Ed Mead. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Arnold Laven.

Tunnel of Gold (1-29 4/20/1966)
Victoria extends credit to help an old friend open a store in Stockton, not knowing that the woman’s husband has a shady background, and that his old associates have their eyes on a shipment of gold from the Barkley mine. NickyContent: Nice small scene with Victoria when they both go in to dinner.
Guest cast: Warren Stevens as Bert Jason, Jeanne Cooper as Elaine Jason, Malachi Throne as Frank Colder, Don Diamond as Border, Paul Trinka as Dave, Charles Wagenheim as clerk, Joe Higgins as salesman, Scott Peters as Lou Stone. Writer:Arthur Browne, jr., Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Last Train to the Fair (1-30 4/27/1966)
The Barkleys are on the way to the fair in Sacramento when Audra falls ill. Luckily there is a doctor on the train; unluckily, he is being hunted by men who have every intention of hanging him.
Guest cast: Richard Anderson as Travers, Karl Swenson as Aaron Moyers, Tim McIntire as Andy Moyers, James McCallion as Charlie Wellman, Nora Marlowe as Cora Wellman, Hal Lynch as Ab Stullman, Betty Harford as Grace Stullman, Ken Mayer as Deakes, Chuck Bail as Mel, Charles Horvath as Ford. Writer:Paul Savage, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Season 2

The Lost Treasure (2-1 9/12/1966)

A con-man tells Heath that he, not Tom Barkley, is Heath’s father. Heath is determined to find out the truth; if he isn’t Tom Barkley’s son, he won’t let himself be a Barkley, despite the fact that the family says they will not let him leave without a fight.
Guest cast: Buddy Hackett as Charles Sawyer, Bruce Dern as Collis, John Milford as Atheridge, Dub Taylor as bartender, Beah Richards as Hannah Jones. Writer:Jack Curtis, Director:Arthur H. Nadel

Legend of a General, Part I (2-2 9/19/1966)
The Barkleys offer sanctuary to a Mexican general who has fled false arrest. Heath is jailed in Mexico, and the Barkley ranch is invaded by men trying to seize the general.
Guest cast: Nehemiah Persoff as General Vicente Ruiz, Rudy Solari as Captain Chavez, Angela Dorian as Teresa, David Renard as Miguel, Pepe Hern as Carlos, Rico Alaniz as Jacobo, Michael Davis as Pepe, John Hoyt as Don Alfredo, Carlos Romero as Leon, Robert Karnes as Father Esteban, Paul Comi as Sergeant, Donald F. Randolph as Luis Cortines, Than Wyenn as Mateo, Don Dillaway as Harlow Perkins. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel

Legend of a General, Part II (2-3 9/26/1966)
The Barkleys refuse to give General Ruiz up for extradition to Mexico, even in promised exchange for Heath’s life. Instead, they embark on a plan to save both Heath and the General.
Guest cast: Nehemiah Persoff as General Vicente Ruiz, Rudy Solari as Captain Chavez, Angela Dorian as Teresa, David Renard as Miguel, Michael Davis as Pepe, Carlos Romero as Leon, Robert Karnes as Father Esteban, John Hoyt as Don Alfredo, Paul Comi as Sergeant, Than Wyenn as Mateo, Chris Alcaide as Marshal Ralston, Morgan Farley as Morelos Jose Gonzalez Gonzalez as El Payaso, Troy Melton as Morgan, Pepe Soto as Guard, Tina Menard as Mexican woman, Monte Mansfield as Soldier. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel

Caesar’s Wife (2-4 10/3/1966)
Therese Marvin has strong feelings for her stepson Will, and a terrible jealousy of Audra, whom she is believes is pursuing Will.
Guest cast: Dianne Foster as Therese Marvin, Bert Freed as Henry Marvin, Tim O’Kelly as Will Marvin, Bern Hoffman as Bert Seeger, Michael Harris as sheriff, Pat Wilkins as bartender. Writer:Henry Kronman, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Pursuit (2-5 10/10/1966)
A young Payute Indian flees back to his tribal encampment when he learns he has measles, believing that only his medicine man will be able to cure him. Victoria goes after him, knowing that if he reaches his people the disease may wipe them out.
Guest cast: James Gregory as Simon Carter, Malachi Throne as Father Andre, Blaizdel Makee as Nemah, Bob Adler as stage driver. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director :Virgil W. Vogel

The Martyr (2-6 10/17/1966)
Jarrod defends a Basque sheepherder, a self-described anarchist, who is accused of murdering a cattleman. He finds that not all of the Basque community wants his client to be acquitted.
Guest cast: Nico Minardos as Polino Ariata, Joseph Campanella as Francisco DeNavarre, Philip Bourneuf as Judge Adam Cross, Clyde Ventura as Julio, William Mims as the district attorney, Charles Briggs as Sheriff Walt Baker, Lorri Scott as Rosa, Graydon Gould as Russ Miller, Jackson Weaver as doctor. Writer:Mel Goldberg, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Target (2-7 10/31/1966)
Unscrupulous gubernatorial candidate Joshua Hawks claims that Tom Barkley stole all the land he called his own.
Guest cast: James Whitmore as Joshua Hawks, Julie Adams as Edna Wesley, Sherwood Price as Frank Wesley, Strother Martin as Dan’l Hawks, Harlan Warde as Peter Doolin, Bill Quinn as storekeeper, Paul Sorensen as Dave Sloane, Rudy Bukich as barkeep Walter Woolf King as judge, Larry Domasin as Steve (kid), Mel F. Allen as farmer. WriterasMel Goldberg, Director:Arthur H. Nadel.

The Velvet Trap (2-8 11/7/1966)
Nick falls for a woman, not knowing that she is a gunslinger’s lover. She sees this as the perfect opportunity to rid herself of a problem: a pursuer bent on revenge.
Guest cast: Laura Devon as Sabrina Lynn, Fred Beir as Jack Floyd, Kelly Thordsen as John Pierce, Michael Harris as sheriff, Hank Brandt as Preston, David Richards as Skinny, Richard Collier as Clerk, J. P. Burns as peddler, Chuck Bail – stage driver. Writer:Don Ingalls, Director:Arthur H. Nadel.

The Man From Nowhere (2-9 11/14/1966)
Jarrod is sent by the state to help mediate in a land dispute. Injured and without memory of his identity, he is taken in by the family involved in the dispute.
Guest cast: Sheree North as Libby Matthews, Anne Seymour as Hannah, Gregory Walcott as Hoyt Vatcher, Duane Chase as Danny Matthews, Richard O’Brien as Jed Cameron, Howard Wendell as Simon Blaire, Robert Karnes as priest, Arthur Space as doctor, Bing Russell as rancher, Jim Driskill as bartender. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Joseph H. Lewis.

The Great Safe Robbery (2-10 11/21/1966)
Three comically inept brothers try hard to crack a railroad station safe.
Guest cast: Warren Oates as Duke, Christopher Carey as Shorty, Kelton Garwood as Elwood, Bill Quinn as Lou Johnson, Joe Higgins as railroad detective, Lee Krieger as station agent, John Harmon as conductor, Mark Tapscott as sheriff, Earl Green as telegraph operator. Writer:William Norton, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Iron Box (2-11 11/28/1966)
Nick and Heath are arrested by a corrupt sheriff and sent to a road-gang prison. When the warden learns that the two prisoners are of the “California Barkleys”, he plans to tempt Nick into leading a breakout so he can legitimately shoot the brothers outside the wire.
Guest cast: David Sheiner as Captain Rizley, Frank Marth as Sheriff Barnes, Paul Picerni as Peterson, Walter Burke as Young Billy Walter, Woolf King as judge Yaphet Kotto(“Alien”, “Homicide”) as Lobo Brown, Michael Fox as MacGowan, Joe Ferrantes as Rodrigo. Writer:Steven W. Carabatsos. Director:Bernard McEveety.

The Last Stage to Salt Flats (2-12 12/5/1966)
Stage passengers — including Victoria, Jarrod, and Heath — are abandoned in the middle of the desert by robbers.
Guest cast: Norma Crane as Emilie, Lamont Johnson as Anson Cross, Kevin Hagen as Charlie, Stephen Mines as Bert, Rex Holman as Roper, Dennis Cross as Chaps, Fletcher Fist as Ernie, Chuck Bail as shotgun. Writer:Arthur Browne, jr.. Director:Bernard McEveety.

A Day of Terror (2-13 12/12/1966)
Audra and Victoria are trapped in a church with a Bible School class by an outlaw clan of mother and sons.
Guest cast: Colleen Dewhurst as Annie Morton, Ross Hagen as Troy, Michael Burns as Lon, Ken Swofford as Wes, Tom Monroe as Leif Engstrom, Amanda Harley as Mrs. Merar, Gene O’Connell as minister. Writer:Peter Packer, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Hide the Children (2-14 12/19/1966)
When he accuses some gypsy workers of stealing his brandy, and injures one of them in a fight, Nick is volunteered by his brothers to escort the other gypsies and their dowry-wagon to a wedding. On the way, he becomes smitten with the bride-to-be, and learns some lessons about intolerance.
Guest cast: Louise Sorel as Pilon, Stephen McNally as Corso, Royal Dano as the Vet, Rita Lynn as Angelina, Celia Lovsky as Salishka, John Gabriel as Jan, Eve Plumb as Sarah Jane, Chris Alcaide as first horse thief, Jim Shepard as second horse thief, Walter Coy as sheriff, Jim Driskill as deputy, Mel F. Allen as lounger, Warren Munson as man. Writer:Jack Curtis, Director:Arthur H. Nadel.

Day of the Comet (2-15 12/26/1966)
Audra befriends a man she finds camping out on Barkley land; she is intrigued by his cynical, poetic manner. She learns he is being pursued by men out of his past.
Guest cast: Bradford Dillman as Eric Mercer, Douglas Kennedy as Lt. Morrison, Chuck Bail as Ben Lucas, J. P. Burns as Dr. Merar, Roberto Contreras as cook. Writer:Gilbert Ralston, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Wagonload of Dreams (2-16 1/2/1967)
The Barkleys help a Greek immigrant deliver his fruit to San Francisco via wagon, when the railroad station manager jacks up the freight price to make a windfall profit.
Guest cast: Tige Andrews as Bodos, Karl Swenson as Steve Minter, William Mims as Sam Bridger, Dennis Safren as Alexandros, Paul Sorensen as Potter, Harlan Warde as Drake, J. P. Burns as Dr. Merar. Writer:A. I. Bezzerides, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Image of Yesterday (2-17 1/9/1967)
Victoria learns that the leader of a gang of hired guns – hired to protect ranches against another gang of marauders – is an old flame. She becomes increasingly disturbed by the lawlessness of his men, and challenges him to live up to the ideals he once had.
Guest cast: Dan O’Herlihy as David Wincup, Vincent Gardenia as Will Briggs, Don Chastain as Horn, Sam Melville as Jack, Rayford Barnes as Tolly, K. T. Stevens as dressmaker, ? as old man, Phil Arnold as barber, Kenya Coburn as hostess, Dick Farnsworth as businessman, Than Wyenn as prisoner, Rosanna Huffman as Marina. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Boy Into Man (2-18 1/16/1967)
Lud, the oldest of three children, refuses to cooperate with the Barkleys who have taken them in. He is determined to track down their mother, who has disappeared.
Guest cast: Richard Dreyfuss(“Jaws”, “CE3K”) as Lud, Diane Ladd as Muriel, J. Pat O’Malley as Wiley, Darby Hinton as Chucky, Margot Jane as Cecilia, Bryan O’Byrne as George Osborne, John Harmon as Carl Morgan, Charlotte Knight as Mrs. Grady, John Gilbert as card player, Larry J. Blake as man, Renny McEvoy as railroad clerk. Writer:A. I. Bezzerides, Director:Paul Henreid.

Down Shadow Street (2-19 1/23/1967)
Victoria is eyewitness to the murder of a saloon girl — a murder committed by her godson, the only child of a local judge. When the boy admits his crime to his father, the judge turns to desperate measures to protect him.
Guest cast: Robert Middleton as Judge Tyrone, Dan Ferrone as Buddy Tyrone, Vic Perrin as Albert Pruitt, Kam Tong as Wing Lee, Dee J. Thompson as Miss Alice, Jo Ann Pflug(“The Fall Guy”) as Ruthie Murphy, Amzie Strickland as Beanie, Sammy Reese as Ollie Patten. Writer:Ken Trevey, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Stallion (2-20 1/30/1967)
A ranch hand who has gotten too old for regular saddle work is determined to capture a wild stallion, to prove he is as capable as ever.
Guest cast: Paul Fix as Brahma, Brooke Bundy as Andrea, Virginia Gregg as Libby, Harlan Warde as Mr. Carberry, John Lormer as Wilson, Harry Swoger as horse owner. Writer:Gabrielle Upton, Director:Paul Henreid.

The Haunted Gun (2-21 2/6/1967)
Senator and ex-gunman Jud Robson claims he is being stalked by enemies. Unfortunately it seems that almost anyone can arouse his suspicions.
Guest cast: Andrew Duggan as Senator Jud Robson, Robert Ellenstein as Salazar, Vincent Van Lynn as Verne Keller, Joyce Jameson as the Blonde, Roger Davis(“Alias Smith & Jones”) as Walt Tompkins, Arthur Hanson as bartender, Jim Hayward as blind man. Writer:Mel Goldberg, Director:Bernard McEveety.

The Price of Victory (2-22 2/13/1967)
Heath tricks Nick into becoming a sparring partner to a professional boxer. When Nick knocks him down by a fluke, it is discovered that the boxer has a dangerous weakness: a blind side caused by a blood clot. Nick offers him a job on the ranch, and when the boxer insists on re-entering the ring, he becomes his manager for one last fight.
Guest cast: Larry Pennell as Jack Kilbain, Sandra Smith as Mary Kilbain, Lee Krieger as Rafferty, Teddy Eccles as Johnny, Hal Baylor as Sam Driscoll, John Indrisano as referee, ? as Dr. Merar, Mel F. Allen as Jonas. Writer:William Norton, Director:Bernard McEveety.

Brother Love (2-23 2/20/1967)
Itinerant “preacher” Brother Love tries out his charm on Audra; Heath sets out to prove that the preacher is a con-man.
Guest cast: Robert Goulet as Brother Love, Strother Martin as Flood, Gavin MacLeod(“The Love Boat”) as Mace, Carolyn Conwell as Idanell Bowles, Phil Chambers as Dr. Merar, Debi Storm as Adrian Bowles, Eve Plum as Ellen, Mark Levy as Josh. Writer:Jay Simms, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Court Martial (2-24 3/6/1967)
Armed men occupy the Barkley house, bent on punishing Nick’s former general for the destruction of an innocent town during the war. Jarrod convinces them to let the general — and Nick — give their side of the story at a ‘court martial.’
Guest cast: Henry Jones as General Alderson, Alan Bergmann as Macklin, Clay Tanner as Tanner, David Renard as Bereau, Paul Comi- Donnelly, L. Q. Jones as Curtis, Mike de Anda as Ciego. Writer:Steven W. Carabatsos, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Plunder! (2-25 3/13/1967)
Heath is sent to a town endangered by a possible dam break. The town has been abandoned except for a few men who are there to guard against looters. Temptation gets the better of them, and they turn on Heath.
Guest cast: Lonny Chapman as Cody Grell, Dennis Hopper(“Easy Rider”) as Leon Grell, Cloris Leachman as Fay, Frank McGrath as Buster, Rhodes Reason AS Dave Cannon, Patti Chandler as Indian Girl. Writer:William Blinn, Directo: Richard Long.

Turn of a Card (2-26 3/20/1967)
Heath must deliver $5000 to his brothers to buy a much-needed mine pump at a government auction. A professional gambler wants to divest him of this money.. and finds Heath’s Achilles heel: his chivalry towards the gambler’s Tahitian bond-woman.
Guest cast: Joseph Campanella as Martinson, Don Chastain as Crowder, Marayat Andriane as Tiree, Joe Higgins as Piper Morrisey, Mickey Simpson as Matt Beemer, Paul Sorensen as Thurmond, Harlan Warde as Jack Carpenter, Bing Russell as Joe Garrett, Phil Chambers as Dr. Merar, Roberto Contreras as Miguel, John Harmon as conductor, I. Stanford Jolley as Gallivan, Jim Hayward as Mr. Gorman. Writer:Gilbert Ralston, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Showdown in Limbo (2-27 3/27/1967)
Sheriff Frank Sawyer thinks that all it takes is time to toughen up his young son, newly returned from the East. His attitude is likely to endanger them — and Heath as well — as they travel to Stockton to deliver a notorious outlaw.
Guest cast: Arch Johnson as Frank Sawyer, Tom Lowell as Chad Sawyer, L. Q. Jones as Earl Vaughn, John Carter as Floyd Vaughn, Matt Emery as Rake, G. D. Spradlin as George Rhodes. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Bernard McEveety.

The Lady From Mesa (2-28 4/3/1967)
Long-time Barkley cowhand Sam Williams is badly injured on guard-duty. Feeling guilty for allowing Williams on the job, Nick is determined to bring Sam’s daughter to his side. She’s a schoolteacher in Mesa, Nevada…or is she?
Guest cast: Lee Grant as Rosemary Williams, Frank Marth as Walter Meeder, E. J. Andre as Sam Williams, Robert Cornthwaite as Marv Baylis, Douglas Kennedy as marshal, Phil Chambers as Dr. Merar, Nora Marlowe as Martha Tate, Ron Chapman as conductor, Reagan Wilson as Janette, John Dolan as Lou. Writer:Harry Kronman, Director:Joseph A. Mazzuca.

Days of Grace (2-29 4/17/1967)
Heath is accused of attempted rape. An old friend, now a nun, breaks him out of jail, knowing that if she doesn’t, his trial will be immediate and strictly pro forma.
Guest cast: Ellen McRae (Burstyn) as Sarah, Sister Jacob, Bert Freed as Homer Roberts, Karen Black as Carla Roberts, Portia Nelson as Sister Benedict, Walter Coy as Sheriff Fogarty, George Wallace as Deputy Otto McAdoo, Mel F. Allen as Coombs, Morgan Farley as Paco. Writer:William Fay, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Cage of Eagles (2-30 4/24/1967)
Nick hires Patrick Madigan as a dynamiter, despite his likely Fenian background. Tensions rise when a British mining engineer threatens to have him deported.
Guest cast: Pernell Roberts as Patrick Madigan, Harold Gould as Wilson, Bing Russell as Mac, Paul Sorensen as hammerman, John Harmon as telegrapher, John Pickard as sheriff, Ernie Misco as laborer, Charles Wagenheim as storekeeper. Writer:Herb Meadow, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Season 3

Joaquin (3-1 9/11/1967)

A newly-hired ranch hand is suspected of being the famous outlaw Joaquin Murietta, supposedly dead in an ambush ten years before.
Guest cast: Fabrizio Mioni as Juan Molino, Margarita Cordova as Elena Santos, Paul Sorensen as Lafe, ? as Coggins, Mark Tapscott as Hank Mitchell, ? as Benito, Harry Swoger as bartender. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Ambush (3-2 9/18/1967)
Victoria and a reluctant Simon Carter are the only protection three Yaqui Indian women have from bounty-seeking scalp hunters.
Guest cast: James Gregory as Simon Carter, L. Q. Jones as Hutch, Toian Machinga as Siataki, Rex Holman as Mitchler, ? as Father Andre, ? as Ruiz, ? as Sam. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

A Flock of Trouble (3-3 9/25/1967)
Nick is tricked into winning a flock of sheep in a card game. His first instinct is to get rid of them immediately, but his neighbors’ reactions start to rankle, and he finds himself increasingly unable to back down on a matter of principal.
Guest cast: Milton Berle as Josiah Freeman, Robert Fuller as Carl Wheeler, Eileen Baral as Gayle, Robert Palmer as ?,Troy Melton as Franklin, Bing Russell as Dan Kelsey, Harry Swoger as bartender. Writer:Michael Gleason, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Time After Midnight (3-4 10/2/1967)
Jarrod is blinded by an explosion set by a scoundrel who doesn’t want him to face him at trial as Acting District Attorney. The family encourages him to continue with the case, and assists him at the trial.
Guest cast: Lloyd Bochner as Joshua Cunningham, Carol Booth as Sharon Scanlon, Ed Bakey as Corell, Dennis Cross as Mason, Jed Allan as Mark Bromley, Rusty Lane as Chairman Gaines, Harlan Warde as Judge Farnum, Noah Keen as Jim Scanlon, Eve Brent as Aimee Carter, Shep Menken as Sanders, Cole O’Toole as Simon Templeton, Jon Lormer as Dr. Russell. Writer:Steven W. Carabatsos. Director:Charles S. Dubin.

Night in a Small Town (3-5 10/9/1967)
Tom Wills is Marshall in a small town which he cleaned up and keeps on a very tight leash. Heath is disturbed to find just how much power his old friend has.
Guest cast: James Whitmore as Tom Wills, Susan Strasberg as Sally, Doug Lambert as Lou Farrell, Kevin Hagen as Amos Farrell, Lee Krieger as doctor. Writer:Don Ingalls, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Ladykiller (3-6 10/16/1967)
Nick may become the latest victim of a family who preys upon male customers at their hotel. His pursuit of the young woman of the family gives them pause: should they kill him now, or hope that, wonder of wonders, a Stockton Barkley would marry her?
Guest cast: Marlyn Mason as Belle, Royal Dano as Jesse Bleeck, Anthony James as Bart, Roy Jenson as Dace Edwards, Jim Boles as Red, Chris Alcaide as Glen, Clyde Howdy as Charlie, Jason Johnson as Connally. Writer:Jay Simms, Director:Norman S. Powell.

Guilty (3-7 10/30/1967)
Jarrod’s client Jeff Bowden was convicted of the murder of a priest; he is convinced of the man’s innocence, and sure he can win on appeal. When Bowden escapes during his transfer to prison, Jarrod tries to intervene before he or anyone else gets killed.
Guest cast: Norman Alden as Jeff Bowden, Robert Nichols as Sam Becker, Joyce Ebert?as Mrs. Bowden, Frankie Kabott as Stevie Becker, Harlan Warde as shopkeeper, ? as Olly Jamieson, John Harmon as Walt Tanner, Rhoda Williams? as Mrs. Haley. Writer:Harry Kronman, Director:Paul Henreid.

The Disappearance (3-8 11/6/1967)
Audra disappears while she and her mother break their stagecoach journey in a small town. No one will admit to Victoria that her daughter was even traveling with her.
Guest cast: Lew Ayres as Sheriff Roy Kincaid, Richard Anderson(“SMDM” -‘natch!) as Mel Trevor, John Milford as Hearn, Owen Bush as Dr. Riley, Walter Burke as George Gates, J. P. Burns as porter, Gail Bonney as housekeeper, Chuck Roberson as stagecoach driver. Writer:Michael Gleason, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

A Noose is Waiting (3-9 11/13/1967)
Two men are found hung, and a note left by each of them claims that a third person will die for past crimes: Victoria Barkley.
Guest cast: Bradford Dillman as James Beldon, Martin Ashe as Martin Erskine, Ellen Corby as Emmie, I. Stanford Jolley as Everett Gibbons, Lillian Adams as Mrs. DeKoyen. Writer:Arthur Browne, jr., Director:Joseph A. Mazzuca.

Explosion!: Part 1 (3-10 11/20/1967)
The only way to stop a forest fire is to make a firebreak, and the only way to make a firebreak on the scale required is to use nitroglycerin. The first attempt to deliver the nitro kills the men involved. The Barkley boys decide that they are the only ones willing and able to do the deed — and they hope the famous “Barkley luck” will hold out.As they plan their expedition, each brother finds himself involved in one way or otherwith three very different women.
Guest cast: Judy Carne as Bridget Wells, Leticia Román as Michelle de LaCaise, Arlene Golonka as Gail Miller, Stuart Erwin as Clem Carter, Carl Esmond as Marquis De LaCaise, John Pickard as Wilson, Eddie Firestone as Toby, William Zucker as Rogers, Steve Pendleton as Macleod, Jonathan Hole as Beckett, Paul Sorensen as blacksmith, Harry Swoger as Sprague, bartender, Maurice St. Clair as Henri (butler). Writers:John O’Dea and Arthur Rowe, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Explosion!: Part 2 (3-11 11/27/1967)
The brothers start the tricky journey to deliver nitro to the scene of a forest fire.
Guest cast: Judy Carne as Bridget Wells, Arlene Golonka as Gail Miller, Elaine Baral as Mary, Eddie Firestone as Toby, Harry Swoger as Sprague, bartender, Eve Plumb as Laure, Edward Colmans as padre. Writers:John O’Dea and Arthur Rowe, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Four Days to Furnace Hill (3-12 12/4/1967)
A woman prisoner is killed whiles he is being delivered to a desert prison. To keep from losing $100 bounty, the guards substitute Victoria, whose buggy has broken down on the route to a mine stockholders’ meeting.
Guest cast: Fritz Weaver as Burke Jordan, Bruce Dern(“Silent Running”) as Abe Skeels, John Harmon as Harvey, ? as Mack, ? as Ogden. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Night of the Executioner (3-13 12/11/1967)
A prominent politician is assassinated and the town drunk is accused. Heath sees a known outlaw in the vicinity, riding the drunk’s pinto horse. The problem is, the sheriff swears the outlaw was in jail at that very time.
Guest cast: David Sheiner as Gabe Simmons, Peter Whitney as Sheriff Dan Kincaid, Dabbs Greer as Matt Carson, Dennis Hopper(“Easy Rider”) as Jimmy Sweetwater, Harlan Warde as Will Oakley, ?as Miss Carson. Writer:Mel Goldberg, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Journey Into Violence (3-14 12/18/1967)
Heath is taken captive by a band of “religious” who accuse him of killing one of the number, and condemn him to serve as slave to the dead man’s widow.
Guest cast: Quentin Dean as Bettina, Richard Peabody as Cyrus, Charles Tyner as Emmett, Timothy Scott as Benjamin, Tom Pittman as David, Amanda Harley as seamstress. Writer:Arthur Browne, jr., Directo:Arnold Laven.

The Buffalo Man (3-15 12/25/1967)
Victoria hires three convicts to help with the peach harvest. The violence of the convict overseer, especially with a black ex-soldier, horrifies her.
Guest cast: Albert Salmi as Birch, Yaphet Kotto(“Alien”, “Homicide”) as Damian, Lonny Chapman as Dobbs, Andreas Teuber as Jamie. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Joseph A. Mazzuca.

The Good Thieves (3-16 1/1/1968)
Nick and Heath cross the state line to bring back two outlaw brothers who shot Jarrod in the course of a robbery. They find a town that thinks of the outlaws as benefactors and will have nothing to do with the Barkleys’ search for justice.
Guest cast: Russell Johnson as Davey Dunigan, Charles Grodin as Mark Dunigan, Flip Mark as Jerry, ? as Marshall Moore, ? as doctor (Sunflower), Arthur Space as Dr. Merar, ? as Sam (station manager). Writer:Dan Ullman, Director:Joseph A. Mazzuca.

Days of Wrath (3-17 1/8/1968)
Jarrod seeks to avenge the death of his new wife at the hands of a man he once sent to prison.
Guest cast: Michael Strong as Cass Hyatt, Sandra Smith as Beth, Kevin Hagen as Zack Fane, Peter Hobbs as Cliff Hyatt, John Lormer as Dr. Saxton. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Miranda (3-18 1/15/1968)
Miranda, a Mexican revolutionary, tries to trick the Barkleys into giving her a necklace that has been given to them for safe-keeping.
Guest cast: Barbara Luna as Miranda, Sherwood Price as Hollis, Don Randolph as Monteja, Victor Millan as Lazaro, Don Diamond as Diego, Michael Hill as Marshal, Antony Carbone as 1st Mexican, Joe Dominguez as Julio, Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Paul Henreid.

Shadow of a Giant (3-19 1/29/1968)
Nick and Heath join a posse led by famous lawman Seth Campbell. Heath is uneasy, as he feels Campbell is too cavalier with peoples’ lives.
Guest cast: James Whitmore as Seth Campbell, Richard Evans as Seth Campbell, jr., Walter Brooke as Stengler (DA), Ed Bakey as Floyd Stryder, Rayford Barnes as Jete Stryder, John McMurtry as Luke Stryder, Fletcher Fist as Curry, Stuart Randall as Owens, Lee Krieger as Lee Hanes, Troy Melton as Wilson. Writers:Sasha Gilien and Mel Goldberg, Director:Norman S. Powell.

Fall of a Hero (3-20 2/5/1968)
Heath is sure to be acquitted of a crime he can’t remember committing, if he trusts the unscrupulous methods of Jarrod’s co-counsel. However, Heath would rather honestly work for the truth to come out, even if it means he learns he did commit the crime.
Guest cast: Richard Anderson(Oscar Goldman – SMDM) as Nathan Springer, L. Q. Jones as Gus Vandiver, Walter Burke as T. J. Dyce, Dub Taylor as Doc Tully, Dennis Patrick as Daniel Mannis, Rafael Campos as Charley White Horse, Warren Vanders as Parker Atlas, Harlan Warde as Judge Lansbury, Lee Krieger as Peter McGinn, Claudia Bryar as Florence Bacon. William Benedict as Perkins, John Cliff as Mr. Eldger. Writer:David Moessinger, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Emperor of Rice (3-21 2/12/1968)
Walter Masters is out to corner the rice market, but his old friend Victoria refuses to sell him the family rice, choosing instead to sell it to a consortium of Chinese-American businessmen. The weak-willed Masters allows his wife to take drastic measures in response.
Guest cast: Julie Adams as Janet Masters, Harry Townes as Walter Masters, Kam Tong as Key, Keye Luke as Mike Chang, Philip Ahn as Chen Yu, Jack Catron as Bob Adams. Writer:Mel Goldberg, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Rimfire (3-22 2/16/1968)
Jarrod is in Rimfire to negotiate the merger of the Barkley and Glover silver mines. Unfortunately, land between the two mines is occupied by Chinese “squatters” who have taken over abandoned real estate. They insist they will not be bought out, and tensions rise.
Guest cast: Van Williams as Sheriff Dave Barrett, Mako as Wong Lo, Robert Middleton as Sidney Glover, John Daniels as Daniel, Lisa Lu as Ling Han. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Charles S. Dubin.

A Bounty on a Barkley (3-23 2/26/1968)
Nick courts a young woman, unaware of the fact that she has a bounty hunter husband. At first, she doesn’t have a chance to tell Nick this; later, she doesn’t want to.
Guest cast: Leslie Parrish as Lale Johnson, Peter Haskell as Wheeler, ? as Cassidy, ? as Franklin, ? as Gene. Writers:John O’Dea and Jay Simms, Director:Arnold Laven.

Devil’s Masquerade (3-24 3/4/1968)
When Jim North’s bride-to-be arrives from the East, Heath suspects that something is not quite right about her.
Guest cast: Anne Helm as Nancy, John Doucette as Jim North, Ray Danton as Reed Clayton, ? as Marie. Writers:Sasha Gilien and Mel Goldberg, Director:Paul Henreid.

Run of the Savage (3-25 3/11/1968)
Young Danny Wiggins seems bound for trouble; Nick sets out to try to help him, whether he wants help or not.
Guest cast: Michael Burns as Danny, Willard Sage – Dr. Wiggins, Carolyn Conwell as Mrs. Wiggins, Harry Swoger as bartender (Harry), Grace Lee Whitney(“Star Trek”) as Maggie, Sidney Clute as Bill Briles. Writer:Don Ingalls, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Challenge (3-26 3/18/1968)
Victoria and her long-time friend Senator Bannard are set up for a “compromising” photograph, by Bannard’s political rival.
Guest cast: James Gregory as Senator Bannard, Harold Gould as Judge William Daggett, Regis Philbin as reporter, Lincoln Demyun as drunk, Eddie Firestone as Jack Gill. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Season 4

In Silent Battle (4-1 9/23/1968)

War hero Jonathan Eliot intrigues Audra, but her brothers feel there is something more than slightly off-center about his obsession with “purity.”
Guest cast: Adam West(“Batman”) as Major Jonathan Eliot, Don Knight as Sgt. Sean McQuade, Conlan Carter as Jud Crowley, Karen Arthur as Cora, Olan Soule as telegrapher, Harry Swoger as bartender, Sidney Clute as man. Writer:Lee Erwin, Director:Charles S. Dubin.

They Called Her Delilah (4-2 9/30/1968)
One-time Confederate spy Julia Saxon visits Stockton to much vilification. She is accused of murder, and Jarrod agrees to defend her despite his own mixed feelings: he was once in love with her.
Guest cast: Julie London as Julia Saxon, Paul Lambert as Ross Parker, Don Chastain as Worth Parker, Robert Nichols as Chet Staley, ? as McGregor, John Lormer as Dr. Merar, Bobby Troup as piano player (uncredited). Writer:Ken Pettus, Story:Lou Morheim, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Presumed Dead (4-3 10/7/1968)
Victoria loses her memory when injured in a stage accident. She is nursed to health by a rustler, who can’t resist telling her that she is his (late) wife whom he misses so much.
Guest cast: Lew Ayres as Jason Fleet, Gavin MacLeod(“The Love Boat”) as O’Leary, Richard O’Brien as Mobley, Warren Vanders as Charlie. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Run of the Cat (4-4 10/21/1968)
Nick is attacked by a mountain lion. His physical injuries are bound to heal, but he suffers from terrible nightmares. Despite his condition, he is determined to track down the cat himself, to face his demons.
Guest cast: Pernell Roberts as Ed Tanner, John Milford as Giles, Janis Hansen as Beth, Lisa Lu as Chinese girl, John Lormer as Dr. Merar. Writer:Edward J. Lakso, Director:Bernard McEveety.

Deathtown (4-5 10/28/1968)
Jarrod arrives at a town to handle a land transaction, only to find that the men he was to meet have disappeared.
Guest cast: Jason Evers as George Akers, Antoinette Bower as Alicia Akers, Kathie Browne as Sally, Michael Dante as Francisco, Frank Marth as Sheriff Tom Hayes, Jorge Moreno as Paulo, Alex Tinne as Juan, Pitt Herbert as hotel clerk, Alice Backes as housekeeper, Mike Mikler as Dirt, William Fawcett as Coon, Joel Redlin as Giles. Writer:Edward J. Lasko, Director:Don Taylor.

The Jonah (4-6 11/11/1968)
Things start going wrong with the fruit harvest when Waldo comes on the scene. The ranch hands firmly believe he’s “jonah” and pressure Nick to fire him.
Guest cast: Marty Allen as Waldo Deifendorfer, Wayne Rogers as Don Jarvis, Eddie Firestone as Sid, Ken Lynch as Hank Demers, Hal Lynch as Eli, S. John Launer as Frank McGarrett. Writer:Ed Adamson, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Hell Hath No Fury (4-7 11/18/1968)
Gang-leader Dillie falls in love with Heath and wants to settle down with him. Her brothers don’t approve, and Heath has no wish to marry her.
Guest cast: Carol Lynley as Dillie, Don Dubbins as Grady, Conlan Carter as Wilt, Steve Franken as bank teller, Rayford Barnes as Carl, Chris Alcaide as Ryan, Mark Tapscott as Phil, John Epper as stage driver. Writers:Sasha Gilien and Mel Goldberg, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Long Ride (4-8 11/25/1968)
Audra witnesses a brutal killing, and goes into a catatonic state. The killers trail the stagecoach on which Victoria is accompanying Audra home. They destroy shelters and salt wells to force the passengers to surrender Audra.
Guest cast: Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman – SMDM) as Hen Matson, Paul Petersen as Roy Sanders, Kevin Hagen as Barney, James Westerfield as Lassiter, George Keymas as First Outlaw, Robert Faulk as ?, John Harmon as Wilmer ?Hemett. Writer:Fred Freiberger, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Profit and the Lost (4-9 122/1968)
Heath saves the life of a hired killer, who is on the way to Stockton to kill …Heath.
Guest cast: Robert Loggia(“Mancuso:F.B.I.”) as Vern Hickson, Bert Freed as Rance Kendell, Gordon de Vol as Ned, Jim Henaghan as Paul, Bing Russell as sheriff, Mark Tapscott as Bates. Writer:Richard Wendley, Director:Bernard McEveety.

A Stranger Everywhere (4-10 12/9/1968)
Nick inadvertently causes problems for the town dressmaker when, as a joke, he tells a gullible ranch hand that the woman is a missing member of an outlaw gang. When Nick realizes what he has done, he tries undo the damage.
Guest cast: Julie Harris as Jennie Hall, Richard Devon as Link, Dennis Patrick as Ted Halyard, William Jordan as Carr, Timothy Scott as Jody, Gene Rutherford as Lafe, Rex Holman as Croft, Antony Carbone as Vega, John Lormer as Senator Robbins, Byron Morrow as Patten, Bill Quinn as Mr. Simmons. Writer:Lee Erwin, Director:Paul Henreid.

The Prize (4-11 12/16/1968)
The Barkleys take in the infant son of a wanted man. The baby’s father is searching for him, and a bounty hunter lies in wait.
Guest cast: Peter Haskell as Ben Rawlins, Bruce Dern(“Silent Running) as John Weaver, Ondine Vaughn as Amanda, Noah Keen as Stanley, Ed Bakey as Link, Peggy Ann Garner as Mrs. Whittaker, Walter Coy as Jamison, Bill Quinn as doctor, ? as Mrs. Stanley. Writer:D. C. Fontana, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Hunter’s Moon (4-12 12/30/1968)
On his way to buy stock in a county he has never been in before, Nick is arrested and accused of having an affair with the wife of a local landowner.
Guest cast: Lawrence Dobkin as Ben Dawes, Susan O’Connell as Juliet, Don Chastain as Tony Semper, John Crawford as Gandy, Bruce Glover as Bodkin, Shepard Menken as Doc Willis, A. Ferna as Apache. Writer:Don Ingalls, Director:Bernard McEveety.

Top of the Stairs (4-13 1/6/1969)
Victoria wonders if she is being lied to: she is told her brother-in-law has gone insane, but is refused admittance to his sickroom, even when he is sedated.
Guest cast: Ron Harper(“Planet Of The Apes”) as Eric Abbott, Paul Fix as Ben Abbott, Jean Inness as Grace Newcomb, Walter Sande as Mike Newcomb, Robert Ellenstein as Dr. Amos Pearce, Paul Kent as Dr. Morley. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Joshua Watson (4-14 1/20/1969)
Nick is relieved when — after betting $5000 on a rodeo against a rival ranch — he hires a brilliant all-’round cowboy, ex-slave Joshua Watson. When the rival Mortons learn how good Joshua is with a gun, they claim he is an outlaw and say that if he doesn’t turn himself in, they’ll take him or kill him.
Guest cast: Lou Rawls as Joshua Watson, Royal Dano as Rufus Morton, Greg Mullavey as J. R. Morton, Robert Sampson as Zack Morton, Michael Bell as Charlie, Mark Tapscott as Bert, Marvin J. Downey as Tom. Writer:Robert L. Goodwin, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Secret (4-15 1/27/1969)
Adam Howard believes that his wife has been having an affair with Jarrod. He buys a neighboring ranch and sets out to harm the Barkleys in every possible way.
Guest star: Simon Oakland as Adam Howard, Nancy Malone as Marcy Howard, Kelly Corcoran as Davey, Bing Russell as Slade, Peter Brocco as judge, Paul Sorensen as Olson, Vince Deadrick as Folie, Pete Kellett as ?. Writers:Sasha Gilien and Mel Goldberg, Director:Joseph A. Mazzuca.

The 25 Graves of Midas (4-16 2/3/1969)
Nick and Heath travel separately to a mining town to investigate a collapsed mine. When Nick arrives, he finds a hostile populace, and no Heath.
Guest cast: Anne Baxter as Hannah, Linda Marsh as Nora, Arch Johnson as Web Dutton, Kevin Hagen as Zack Case, Eldon Quick as Jess, Robert Sampson as Page, Walker Edmiston as Hess, Gary Beban as Hubbard, Tom Monroe as sheriff, James Bacon as hotel clerk. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Richard Long.

Lightfoot (4-17 2/17/1969)
Modoc Indian Tom Lightfoot returns from Harvard to find that not everyone is willing to treat him with respect. His bitterness leads him to turn against even his long-time friends the Barkleys.
Guest cast: Joe Don Baker as Tom Lightfoot, Amy Thomson as Lil Bailey, Harry Lauter as Ben Watson, Walter Coy as District Attorney, Dan Kemp as Clem Watson, Bill Catching as Calvin, Bill Quinn as Walter, Peter Brocco as Judge, Harry Swoger as Murphy (bartender), Pete Kellett as Benton. Story:Ken Pettus, Writers:John O’Dea and Jay Simms, Director:Lawrence Dobkin.

Alias Nellie Handley (4-18 2/24/1969)
Victoria impersonates a sneak thief, so she’ll be sent to prison and can gather evidence on the terrible conditions there.
Guest cast: Richard Anderson (Oscar Goldman – SMDM) as Warden Garrick, Susan Oliver as Kate Wilson, Gavin MacLeod(“The Love Boat”) as Clute, Richard O’Brien as Sheriff Bannock, Edith Leslie as Big Mary, Dee Carroll as Meely?. Writer:Margaret Armen, Director as Virgil W. Vogel.

The Royal Road (4-19 3/3/1969)
Jarrod’s headstrong ward Laura Haydon falls in love with a Punjabi “prince,” unaware that he’s a confidence artist.
Guest cast: Sajid Khan as Ranjit Singh, Harold Gould as Captain Crawford, Kathy Garver as Laura Haydon, Paula Stewart as Nita Yates, ? as Rev. Hamilton, ? as Mrs. Owens. Writer:Ken Pettus, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

A Passage of Saints (4-20 3/10/1969)
Jarrod rents a farm to a Mormon man and his two wives, who have wandered the West since being expelled from Utah when polygamy was outlawed.
Guest cast: Fritz Weaver as Hebron Grant, Donna Baccala as Emmelina Grant, Paul Lambert as Arthur W. Denby, Olive Dunbar as Eliza Grant, Mauritz Hugo as Mr. Clay. Writer:John Dunkel, Director:Nicholas Webster.

The Battle of Mineral Springs (4-21 3/24/1969)
After learning how the town of Mineral Springs has been ruined by the “boss” of a neighboring town, the Barkleys open a freight business connecting Mineral Springs with Stockton and the rest of the valley.
Guest cast: Jack Albertson as Judge Ben Moor, Dennis Patrick as Crawford, Conlan Carter as Elmer, Janis Hansen as Janie, Ed Bakey as Bert Simpson, Paul Barselou as Joe, Lincoln Demyun as Pete, Mark Tapscott as wagon driver, Jonathan Hole as clerk. Writer:Douglas Moore, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

The Other Face of Justice (4-22 3/31/1969)
Legendary Stockton sheriff Harry Bodine picks up his guns again when a brutal gang terrorizes the countryside. His motives, however, are not as they seem.
Guest cast: James Gregory as Harry Bodine, Johnny Crawford as Billy Norris, Don Knight as Sam Jester, Margarita Cordova as Rosa. Writer:Don Ingalls, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Town of No Exit (4-23 4/7/1969)
Heath stumbles upon a ghost town apparently ruled by the mad.
Guest cast: Leslie Nielsen(“Airplane”) as Conway, John Carradine as Elias Brown, ? as Quita, ? as Maggie. Writer:William Norton, Director:Norman S. Powell.

Danger Road (4-24 4/21/1969)
An English “tenderfoot” is tricked into driving a wagonload of whisky to an Indian reservation. He joins forces with Victoria, who is delivering medicine, when they find the road filled with more peril than could be expected.
Guest cast: Maurice Evans as Edward Hewitt, Anthony James as Samuels, Logan Ramsey as The Lawyer, Gilbert Green as Jace Timmons, S. John Launer as Ted Jessup, Rex Holman as ?, ? as John Clay. Writer:D. C. Fontana, Director:Virgil W. Vogel.

Flight From San Miguel (4-25 4/28/1969)
An old girlfriend of Heath’s asks his help to rescue her husband, a Mexican revolutionary leader. The family agrees that he should, though if he is caught the Barkley mines will be confiscated..and Heath may lose his life.
Guest cast: Gerald Mohr as Raoul Mendez, Pat Delany as Sarah Mendez, H. M. Wynant as Captain Chavez, Nate Esformes as Ramon, Victor Millan as Juan, Don Diamond as 1st Federale, Blaizdel Makee as 2nd Federale, Ruben Moreno as Garcia, Ernest Sarracino as Francisco, Beatriz Monteil as Rose Valdez, Davey Rogers as bucking horse rider. Writer:Edward J. Lakso, Director:Lawrence Dobkin.

Point and Counterpoint (4-26 3/19/1969)
Jarrod jeopardizes his possible candidacy for Attorney General by defending an accused murderer. Little does he know that he was approached to be counsel as part of a complex plot for revenge on Victoria.
Guest cast: Clifford David as Rich Stokely, Walter Burke as Ned Stokely, Russell Thorson as Otis Clark, Virginia Gregg as Sarah Clark, Michael Fox as Jonathan Williams, Walker Edmiston as Harry Banner, Harlan Warde as Mr. Vickers, John J. Fox as Jury Foreman, Bing Russell as Jim Dolan, Modesto sheriff, David Fresco as Charlie, Modesto bartender, Milton Frome as Dr. Covey, Jacqueline Hewit as bar girl, Steve Peyton as poker player, William Keene as Jud, Gene Korban as telegrapher. Writer:Arthur Browne, jr., Director:James F. Lichtman.

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