Rumours are flying again about the marriage of Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors

Article source and author unknown / 1976

Lee has never been too thrilled over Farrah’s super success. When it eclipsed his, when she became the biggest star in America, or at least the most famous face in America, he was furious.

Farrah has remained devoted to Lee throughout it all. But he can be difficult. He’s an old-fashioned sort of guy who believes that the man is number one in any family – even Hollywood families. He was pleased by her testimony in the trial that settled the producers of “Charlie’s Angels” suit against her. Farrah insisted she couldn’t work such long hours because she needed to be with her husband more often, “Marriage,” she said, “is more important to me than being a TV star. I’d rather quit than endanger my marriage.”

Lee’s huge ego burst with pride at that. But he was extremely unhappy when his show “The Six Million Dollar Man” was cancelled. It was a sharp blow to see his show put away for low ratings only a month after the producers of “Charlie’s Angels” fought hard and won Farrah back this season – if only for a few episodes.

The couple saw very little of each other while Farrah was making her first starring movie “Somebody Killed Her Husband.” He was in Hollywood shooting the final episodes of “The Six Million Dollar Man,” stopped off briefly in New York to visit Farrah on the set of her movie, then dashed off to Florida to make the first movie in what he hopes will be a new career for him in feature films.

“I’m through with TV for good,” Lee says. “After 15 years, I figure I paid more than enough dues.”

Lee thinks it’s about time he followed the footsteps of Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood and fulfilled the prophecy Barbara Stanwyck made about him in the early 1960’s: “This young man is going to be as big a star as William Holden.”

Both Lee and Farrah are making lots of movies these days. Farrah will sandwich in two more between her “Charlie’s Angels” segments.

“We were both blackballed from the major studios,” Lee says. “I’m not quite sure why. I know they don’t like the fact that we are both independent people who want to have a say in matters they would rather we stay out of. And there lingers in Hollywood an attitude that TV actors are good on TV but worthless in movies. I think that’s really stupid.”

Lee shakes off the rumours that he and Farrah aren’t getting a long as well as they might.
“This happens all the time,” he says. “The minute we are apart somebody prints a rumour that we will never be together again. Wrong. Why do you think I surprise Farrah every once in awhile by flying into town when she’s accepting some award or being honoured at a party? It throws everybody off balance when I walk on stage. And we both love it. It’s romantic. Our whole married life is like that. We love to surprise each other.”

Lee does have a chip on his shoulder and admits he has an “I’ll show them” attitude towards Hollywood and the Hollywood press.

That’s why he accepted the role as a Viking in “The Norsemen,” an inexpensive picture he expects to make a fortune with the action crowd.

“First I have to prove to the men who rule Hollywood that I’m big box-office,” he says. “I may fall on my backside doing it, but I don’t think my fans will let me down. They haven’t yet.” How about a project that would keep Lee and Farrah together – a two-star movie for their own production company, Fawcett-Majors Productions?

“We haven’t found the right script,” he says. “But don’t worry, it will happen. I think there are a lot of people out there who’d like to see us act together. We’ll take a lot of flack too, but we’re getting use to that. At least if we’re working together nobody will print lies about us separating.”

Lee has already made a second movie in his new career, and he has three lovely leading ladies – Karen Black, Margaux Hemmingway and Marisa Berenson. Naturally rumours of romance between Lee and Marisa were flying like crazy.

He denies them as vigorously as he denies that Farrah fell in love with Jeff Bridges while they were making a movie together.

“I don’t know what it is,” he says. “There are so many people who simply can’t believe that a

Hollywood marriage can be a happy one. The truth is I love my wife very much and I know that she loves me too. That may not make juicy headlines but that’s the way it is.”

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