Transcript of Lee Majors’ 6 minute interview which took place on the celebrity competition ‘call in’ to win Hannah Montana show tickets on the Mark and Mercedes Las Vegas Morning show, 14th December 2007

Mark: We have been having fun this week. This is where we get a celebrity to call into the show. And we have celebrity number one for today.

Mercedes: (In an excited voice) Now this is a pretty big deal. This is pretty major, dare I say

Mark: Aha, I like where you’re going (picking up the hint given)

Station plays The Unknown Stuntman song from The Fall Guy

Mark: Lee Majors! Welcome to Mark and Mercedes in the morning. How are you?

Lee: Hullo Mark. Hullo Mercedes. How are you guys?

Mercedes: We’re doing great! Thank you so much for calling in this morning. Where are you us calling from?

Lee: I am from… I am calling from Los Angeles.

Mercedes: Wow! Lee Majors.

Lee: You know I lived in Las Vegas for about a year a couple of years ago, and I listened to your show most of the time and it was wonderful. I miss you guys.

Mark: Well thank you very much. Wow! What a nice…nice compliment. Thank you. What part of town…when you were living here what part of town?

Lee: I was one of the first in one of the Turnburry Towers.

Mercedes: Oh, no kidding!

Lee: …and on the strip there. And I was on my way back from Florida, on my way to L.A. but I stopped in Vegas for a year just to hang out. (Lee laughs)

Mercedes: What places did you frequent here in town? What were some of your favourite restaurants?

Lee: You know. I was not really a … We would see some of the shows and have some wonderful dinners at some of the most wonderful restaurants in the world but other than that we didn’t… You know I am not a gambler and err… And I am not a smoker, so if you’re not a gambler or smoker you don’t really need to be in Vegas.

All: Laughing

Mercedes: Our non-gambling and non-smoking listeners thank you for that

Lee: Hey! You know, I love Vegas

Mark: Hey!

Lee: You know what I come up for?

Mark: What?

Lee: I come up for the USC.

Mark: Oh do you? Is that right?

Lee: The ultimate fighting. I come up for every show and err… But then it costs me. I have to take my wife to two Circus Soleils.

Mark: Cirque de Soleils? You know what…. (He goes on to discuss the show and its nationwide popularity.)

Lee: We have…We have them here frequently and we go down to the tent and see their wonderful shows. But anyway, I’m, I am calling for these tickets, man. I love Hannah Montana. I know who she is. I know her father. We are both from Kentucky. And we have met. Wonderful family. But I am calling for a little girl up in Las Vegas who happens to really, really love Hannah and she is the daughter of Rick Thomas. Now you… you know…

Mercedes: The magician Rick Thomas?

Lee: Yes. (Drawing out the word) And Rick Thomas…err… thought I was probably the better celebrity that he had ever known. I thought that was pretty cool.

Mercedes: Wow! That’s quite a compliment. I mean he’s a celebrity in his own right. And he was able to get you on…

Lee: Well, ya know. I would think there are so many celebrities in Vegas it would be easy

Mercedes: Yeah. But you’re the Fall Guy!

Lee: (Self-deprecating) I’m The Fall Guy. Well, yeah. I’m The Fall Guy, I’m The Six Million Dollar Man and if you’re old enough, you watch The Big Valley.

Mark: Oh, listen here, we’re going into the TV theme CD.

Lee: I heard that. Thank you. That was very kind of you.

Station plays the opening of The Six Million Dollar Man and Richard Anderson’s opening words.

Mercedes: (Laughing) I love that show.

Mark: I love it. I love it.

Mercedes: I had the doll. I had The Six Million Dollar Man doll. Do you still have any of those, Lee?

Lee: (Lee jokingly reprimands) Err listen, now to me they are action figures.

Mercedes: (Laughing) Oh I’m sorry

Mark: (To Mercedes) Come on. Let’s get it right.

Mercedes: Oh, I’m sorry. (Laughing) I was a girl.

Mark: JC. Did you want to say hullo. I know you’re a huge Fall Guy fan. Huge.

JC: Mr Colt Seavers! How are you?

Lee: I am great, how are you?

JC: I gotta tell you I loved The Fall Guy. I had the lunch box. I had the little matchbox Fall Guy truck. I love the truck. I love you in the show. Heather Thomas. Err…She was amazing. And wasn’t it? Markie Post?

Lee: I had the Heather Thomas doll.

All: Laughter

Mark: Why is that not an action figure? (Laughing)

Mercedes: Depends on what you do with the Heather Thomas doll.

Lee: Whatever thing

Mark: What is … if we were to go? Can you bring up way fast, JC?

JC: Yeah.

Mark: Let’s see what kind of Fall Guy merchandise is on eBay right now.

Lee: You know what? They made so much stuff that I’m not even aware of it. People, when I go out to do some films, with the different crews, somebody in the crew will eventually come up with something that I have never seen before for me to sign. You know I have done the lunch boxes and the dolls and stuff. And the colouring books and stuff. But they always come up with something that… that I guess… I got ‘em…they made these… I don’t even have one.

Mercedes: I’ve always wondered though. As a celebrity…?

Lee (interrupts): My wife is always look… kinda of looking on eBay every now and then and bidding on stuff. And I’m saying: “What are you biding on?” She says, “I am bidding on this Steve Austin/Lee Majors thing?” Small laugh. “Well don’t…don’t overpay.”

Mercedes: There’s a lot of Lee Majors things on here. A lot. Magazines, autographs. There’s a Lee Majors/Harvey Lee collage leather band wristwatch.

Lee: I’ve never heard of it

Mercedes: Laughter

Mark: You see it’s like this guy knows all this stuff.

All: Laughing

Mark: Yeah, but what about you? Everyone talks about, “Okay, hey…You know what, Lee, this is my first lunch box…and I was such a huge.. What about you? What was your first…Some of the first things you remember? Whether it be posters, lunch boxes, things you were really into…toys that kind of thing…

Lee: The Farrah Fawcett poster. Farrah Fawcett Poster

Mercedes: But you had the real things too right

Lee: I am only kidding.

All: Laughter

Mark: You’re only kidding (laughing)

Lee: When I was growing up, it was all cowboys.

Mercedes: Oh, yeah.

Lee: I was a total cowboy freak with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry the Lone Ranger, all those guys.

Mercedes: What about when you’re out and about and people recognise you? Has this ever happened where you’re in a men’s bathroom, you’re doing your business and some fan tries to shake your hand while you’re doing your business?

Lee: Yeah. They will turn to me and say: “Aren’t you Lee Majors?” And I say: “Yeah and you’re peeing all over my boots.”

All: Laughter

Mark: (wrapping up the interview) Lee Majors calling in for Rick Thomas.

Mercedes: Oh wow!

Mark: We are so appreciative. And what a pleasure. Thank you so much

Lee: Oh, It’s a pleasure talking to you. You’re great. You rock.

Mark: And next time you’re in town for he USC thing I am going to find the rest room you’re in and…

All: Laughter

Mark: Lee Majors!

End of interview, radio jingle plays them out

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