Aired January 18th 2000

Mark Steines: It has been 22 years since his last extensive television interview, but now Lee Majors has a lot to talk about including his failed marriage to Farrah Fawcett. The Six Million Dollar Man speaks out in The ET Interview with Jann Carl

Jann Carl: Do you and Farrah have any contact anymore?

Lee: Not in, I would say the last 10 years or so. Before that we were friends, and we are still friends, its just I’m on the one coast, she’s on the other. And she has her problems and I wish her well.

They were one of the great power couples of the 70’s. He was the star of the Six Million Dollar Man; she was flying high on Charlies Angels. 18 years after their divorce, Lee Majors speaks in depth, about his relationship with Farrah Fawcett, for the first time.

JC: The media scrutiny that you and Farrah had was really unbelievable, did that lead up to your breakup?

LM: Oh yes, I would say it had a tremendous effect on it. We were together actually for 12 years. And after being in the business for awhile and so long, in 1 year, I think we saw each other 2 weeks. 2 weeks in 1 year, that’s very tough. When you’re separated, you hear… things are printed in the press, this, this and this. So you think, can that be true? No, that’s not true… yes it is, this and this. But just the fact of not being together. Absence does not make the heart grow fonder….it makes you forget.

In 1982 the couple divorced and soon after their break up, Farrah began a long term relationship with Lees old friend, Ryan O’Neil.

JC: You and Ryan were very good friends

LM: That’s correct

JC: Was if tough for you having Farrah wind up with your good buddy?

LM: Well, whatever happens, happens. It wasn’t for that reason, there had to be other reasons naturally, so… It didn’t work out for him either (laughs with Jann) you know, what the heck. God Bless Him

These days, Lee who has spent the last 10 years living in Florida works when he wants to. He just finished an episode of VIP playing of all things, Pamela Anderson’s father. (Shows a clip with Pamela) Lee thinks he very believable in the role.

LM: First off, if Farrah Fawcett and I had had a child, it would probably turn out looking something like Pamela Anderson

JC: One thing I always heard too, was that you wanted Farrah home, you wanted dinner… and…

LM: That’s true

JC: Is that true?

LM: Sure, and I’ve got one now that’s home and cooks dinner… and that’s why we’ve been together for 5 years

JC: You seem very happy

LM: I am. Her name is Faith Noelle, and she has been taking very good care of me. I think there may be another… another future there too

JC: You mean you would walk down the aisle for the fourth time?

LM: I might be pushed

JC: Would you get married again?

LM: Ah, yeah, sure… (uncomfortable silence)

JC: Get down on one knee and do the whole thing?

LM: I have a bad knee, I don’t think…

JC: You do have a bad knee, don’t you. I’m sorry, we aren’t going to let you out of it… for I don’t know, 60 seconds… (both laughing)

LM: Yes, oh ok. If I put a soft pillow down there, I think I could handle it.

Before we wrapped things up, we took a little trip down memory lane on the Universal Studio lot where Lee starred in several series, including the Six Million Dollar Man. (Riding the tram approaching the famous collapsing bridge)

JC: What do you remember about this bridge?

LM: I remember being the six million dollar man and picking it back up and putting it back together again, with no problem

JC: When you come back, fond memories?

LM: Yeah…….but I remember a lot of hard work. I’m just… I get exhausted just thinking about all the hours I’ve put in at this studio. I guess it was worth it… I’m still kicking.


JC: Lee told me that out of all of today’s celebrity couples, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston most remind him of the good times he shared with Farrah Fawcett. Look for Lee on VIP’s season finale. Mary, Mark

Mary: It was fun seeing you reminisce with him

Mark: Yeah

JC: He was grea

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