Die Hard meets Crossroads…

(TX: Sunday Feb 18, 9pm, 90mins)

Airforce One, carrying the President of the United States (Lee Majors), is forced to land not far from “The Nearby Hotel and Country Club” in the heart of middle England. Was it an accident or the work of Serbian Terrorist Warlord Radocheck Zeigler (Art Malik) and his stunningly beautiful sidekick Amanda Brown (Lysette Anthony)…?

Meanwhile, at the Nearby Hotel, love is in the air. Assistant Manager Ben Carter (Paul McGann) is smitten with Tricia, the danger-seeking receptionist (Keeley Hawes). Hilton Gilfoyle (Peter Capaldi), the hotel manager, has also fallen for her. Who will she choose? Ben is an ex UN Commando who fought in Bosnia but Hilton is taking her on a hot date – a candlelit tour of a firework factory.

The President, taking no chances, disguises himself and books into the Nearby Hotel. His CIA agents take no chances either and arrest any guest that admits to being a Communist. But it doesn’t work. Amanda knows too much (having read ‘Terrorist Weekly’) and she helps Zeigler and his cohorts to kidnap the President.

This is a time for heroes. Who will outwit the terrorists? Rescue the staff and guests single-handedly? Save the President and prevent Zeigler from obtaining a password that would enable him to nuke the world?

Will it be local cops Inspector Cochrane (Brian Conley) and Constable Watkins (Henry Naylor)? Or will it be Ben? Zeigler ruined Ben’s military career. Ben wants revenge. He wants that date with destiny that will offer redemption, atone for the failures of the past. He also wants Tricia…

But saving the President from Zeigler might not be enough. There may be a traitor within, waiting for the moment to strike…

Hotel also stars Bradley Walsh as Henry, the Hotel Porter, who tips the guests and Sarah Wateridge as Polly (“Off the Record”) Doyle, reporter and White House confidant.

HOTEL is a 90min comedy spoof drama. It is a Tiger Aspect Production, in association with January Productions, It is produced by Mark Chapman, directed by Alan Nixon and written by Laurie Rowley. Executive Producer is Charles Brand.

Synopsis courtesy of C5 publicity dept

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