Episode Guide

Regular Cast:
Jeffrey Meek – Jonathan Raven
Lee Majors – Herman “Ski” Jablonski
Andy Bumatai – The Big Kahuna

Season One

Return of the Black Dragon (90 mins Pilot) – 1.1. ~ 24/06/92
Jonathon Raven helps a club owner whose daughter has been kidnapped by the Black Dragons
Writer – Frank Lupo
Director – Craig R. Baxley
Guest Stars
Clyde Kutasu – Ken Tanaka
Cary-Hiroyuki – Osato
Tamlyn Tomita – Kim Tanaka

The Unseen Enemy – 1.2 ~ 01/07/92
Another agent from the US special operations team from which Raven quit is sent on an
“expendable” mission to kill Jonathon – or die trying.
Writer – Frank Lupo
Director – James Contner
Guest Stars
Tracy Scoggins – Alexis Page
Judson Scott – Vulcan
Lew Brown – The Warden

Reunion – 1.3 ~ 08/07/92
When Jonathon experiences visions of his son’s late mother, he comes to believe she is still alive.
Writer – Bill Nuss
Director – Vern Gillum
Guest Stars
Patricia Ayame Thomson – Nuki
Larry Manetti – Tony Piero
Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa – Osato
Marty Rackham – J.R.
Dave Lancaster – Photo Bob
Karen Keawehawai’i – Information Lady

…And Everything Nice – 1.4 ~ 22/07/92
Jonathan discovers a string of murders involving former Russian spies at the same time he starts to become involved with a beautiful seductres.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – Kristoffer Tabori
Guest Stars
Felicity Huffman – Sharon Pryor
Malachi Throne – Misha
Jack Hogan – Prof. Canton
Geoffrey Heise – Grey-Haired Guy

Is Someone Crazy In Here or Is It Me – 1.5 ~ 29/07/92
When Ski’s eccentric behavoir causes him to be temporarily remanded to a county hospital for a psychiatric examintaion, he finds that all is not as it seems in Ward C.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – James Darren
Guest Stars
Joyce Hyser – Nora Blake
Paul Collins – Dr. Jenks
Dale Dye – Col. Paul Mackie
Jack Heller – Alex Batiste
Leah Ayres – Ellen
James Darren – Billy Sharp

Prey (aka Face-Off) – 1.6 ~ 26/09/92
Jonathan’s 4-day sojourn on a remote island brings him into contact with a perky young woman and a vengeful Black Dragon warrior.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – James Darren
Guest Stars
Philip Tan – Imiro Kosaka
Rebecca Staab – Dana
James Hong – Hadi

The Death of Sheila – 1.7 ~ 03/10/92
A high-priced call girl, whose sone Raven thinks might be his, gets into trouble with gangsters who threaten to kidnap the boy.
Writer – Bill Nuss
Director – Jim Johnston
Guest Stars
Elizabeth Berkley – Deborah
Claire Yarlett – Sheila Jensen
France Nuyen – Mariko Masahita
Lee Reyes – Tommy
Sab Shimono – Koyosaka
Jeff Imada – Imada

Season Two

Bloody Beach – 2.1 ~ 02/01/93
An old flame who ran out on Jonathon asks his help to find out what hapened to her husband, who disappeared while looking for treasure from a hang glider.
Writer – Steven L. Sears
Director – James Darren
Guest Stars
Terri Garber – Jenn
Leigh J. McCloskey – Randall
Michael Foley – Mick
Rhonda Lee Dorton – Michelle
Jimmy Borges – Det. Robbins

Playback – 2.2 ~ 09/01/93
Raven assists a policewoman from Japan in her search for a connection between recent murders in Honolulu and serial killings several years earlier in her own country.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – David Hemmings
Guest Stars
Susan Byun – Nikki
Aki Aleong – Akiro Makura
Vivian Wu – Kamiko

The Journey – 2.3 ~ 16/01/92
When Ski finds a boy who may be Jonathon’s lost son, Raven and the boy go on a camping trip to a remote island, but trouble soons follows them.
Writer – David H. Balkan
Director – Guy Magar
Guest Stars
Dante Basco – Lucas
Carlos Carrasco – Pali
Ray Bumatai – Aldo
Gregory Scott Cummins – Kenji

Heat – 2.4 ~ 23/01/93
A mysterious woman in red keeps popping up, tipping Raven off to shady deals by a rich
industrialist using the cover of a hospital ship.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – David Hemmings
Guest Stars
Kelly Hu – Woman in Red
Sherman Howard – Stephen Kaine
Mia Cottet – Dori

Rip-Off – 2.5 ~ 30/01/93
Raven and Ski discover a plot to kidnap a professor and steal a priceless middle Eastern statue
on display at the museum.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – Ron Garcia
Guest Stars
Caitlin O’Heaney – Erin
Ari Barak – Amir
Jack Hogan – Prof. Stucky
William C. Skeen – Guard
Kimo Maiwela – Guard

Death Games – 2.6 ~ 06/03/93
A rich woman entranced by daredevil antics lures Jonathon into a death-defying stunt.
Writer – Frank Lupo
Director – James Darren
Guest Stars
Marcia Cross – Carla
Pete Koch – Terry Dexter
Tony Amendola – Luis
Ian Jacklin – Typhoon Thompson
Denis Forest – Jean-Claude

Disciples of Dawn – 2.7 ~ 13/03/93
Raven pretends to be a college psych student to help a woman find her brother, who has joined a murderous cult.
Writer – David H. Balkan
Director – Lee Katzin
Guest Stars
Caitlin Brown – Callie Parker
Tony Mockus – Father Dawn
Khrystyne Haje – Sharon
Richard Lineback – Brother Thomas
Michael Ensign – Dr. Spencer

Something in the Closet – 2.8 ~ 20/03/93
Jonathon’s therapist girlfriend gets and unexpected visit from a recntly released ex-con whom she put behind bars.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – Michael Levine
Guest Stars
June Chadwick – Dr. Susan Stringer
Patrick Kilpatrick – Donald Hollow
Richard Steinmetz – Patrick Killian
Julius Leflore – Louis Kelter
Tim Andres – Ronny Kragen

Checkmate – 2.9 ~ 27/03/93
Raven and three other agents receive instructions to murder a former Special Forces assassin,
unaware that they are being activaed by a rogue agent who was responsible for training Jonathon.
Writer – Steven L. Sears
Director – Vern Gillum
Guest Stars
Carol Huston – Allison
James Handy – Nick Henderson
Gregory Beecroft – Thomas Lansing
Claire Stansfield – Marta Kelsey

Wipe-Out – 2.10 ~ 03/04/93
Jonathon joins a group of surfers in investigate a suspicious death.
Writer – Steven L. Sears
Director – Lee Sheldon
Guest Stars
Lee Majors II – Jake
R. Lee Ermey – Martin
Paula Trickey – Lisa
Gary Kasper – Ted
Eileen Fairbanks – Sabrina

The Guardians of The Night – 2.11 ~ 10/04/93
A counselor asks Jonathon to investigate after one of her orphans disappears from his new foster home, and the other kids refus to talk about it.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – David Hemmings
Guest Stars
Melanie Smith – Janis
Time Winters – Mr. Beatty
Leon Russom – Carl
Brady Bluhm – Henry

Poisoned Harvest – 2.12 ~ 17/04/93
Raven keeps tabs on an anthropologist who’s going into the jungle to learn more about the mysterious Black Dragon assassins.
Writer – David H. Balkan
Director – Guy Magar
Guest Stars
Bonnie Burrough – Jo-Anne
John Fukioka – Annu-Aly
Mark Rolston – Peter Lyons
Rick Hills – Al Striker

Flori and Dori – Originally unaired in the United States
After Dori goes out for charcoal for the BBQ, and looses her memory in a car crash. Jonathan, Ski, and Flori, retrace her steps to try and find out what happened.
Writer – Lawrence Hertzog
Director – David Hemmings
Guest Stars
Sally Kirkland – Flori
Mia Cottet – Dori
Royce D. Applegate – Washboard Willie

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