Source unknown – Jan 11th 1982

Farrah Fawcett and Lee Majors are healing the torn emotions from the bitter battle that errupted when their marriage broke up.

Not only are Lee and Farrah talking again – several times a week – but they’ve teamed up for a premiere of Lee’s new TV series, The Fall Guy.

Although Farrah is still dating macho actor Ryan O’Neal, her friendship with Lee has blossomed so beautifully that Hollywood friends are even predicting they might eventually patch up their marital problems.

In fact, Farrah insists she is still very much Mrs. Majors because only their legal separation – and not their divorce – has gone through. And Lee believes that his estranged wife’s fling with O’Neal will soon be over.

“It will end in a row one day because of his short temper.” Lee says. “She’s beginning to see through him.”

Farrah’s romance with O’Neal has been on shaky grounds in recent weeks after she snapped at him for screaming at photographers who wanted to take their picture.

When Lee and Farrah first broke up after 11 years, she admitted: “Neither one of us wants to see all those years go down the drain. There’s a part of me that can’t imagine myself without Lee.”

And Lee confided: “There was no greater love in my life than Farrah – there will always be love for her.”

The new warmth in their relationship reached a boiling point when Lee learned that Farrah’s daily visits to the set of O’Neal’s new movie, Partners, frequently ended in stormy feuds.

It was also reported that she was dating pre-O’Neal flame, Vincent Van Patten.

That’s when Lee played his ace-card and invited Farrah to guest-star in a cameo role in the first episode of his new ABC series.

Farrah accepted instantly… triggering yet another disagreement with Ryan.

One person who saw Lee and Farrah filming scenes for the show told GLOBE: “It was as if they’d never been apart. Maybe they both realize they should have tried harder to work out their differences.

“They looked beautiful together – it went so smoothly and successfully, it wouldn’t surprise any of us at the show if it didn’t turn out to be the vital point that will eventually bring them back together again as man and wife.”

A reconciliation would help Farrah’s number one dream come true – she hasn’t made any secret of the fact that she wants to be a mother.

“I really hope I have a baby,” she confided. “It’s the first thing that comes into my mind – with or without a husband. I often wonder why I didn’t have a baby when I was 18. When I told my mother that I was sure if I had a baby everything would be OK in my life, she actually suggested I go to a sperm bank – then I wouldn’t even know who the father was. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing from my own mother. Now I tease her about it. In the past, my life has been very controlled and I never had much choice about having a baby. But when I want something, I’ll go do it without reporting to anybody.”

Meanwhile Lee has been dating Fall Guy actress, Heather Thomas and the two have vacationed together in Hawaii. But his friends say that if he could win Farrah back, he’d devote himself to her as the only girl in the world.

He still calls Farrah, “my wife”, and has just recorded three love songs with Paul Williams on an album dedicated to her. He says: “I don’t think I will ever find anyone to compare with her. She’s one of a kind. I love her. I honestly believe we’ll get back together and I hope we will.”

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