Origin unknown, likely UK teen magazine – mid 1970’s.

Where were you born Lee, and what was your early family life?
I was born in Wyandotte. I shouldn’t think that any of your readers have ever heard of it. It’s a small town in Michigan, in North America. My parents died when I was very young.

That must have been very hard for you
I took it very badly at the time but it did make me determined to make a success of my life. I was adopted by relatives In Kentucky ‘d grew up down there. Kentucky’s where they rnake bourbon, you know.

Did you go to school in Kentucky?
Yea. But I spent most of my time playing football – not English soccer-type football, but American football.

What’s the difference?
There’s very little in common between the two games apart from the fact that both games have two teams. American football is like a cross between, eh, soccer, rugby and suicide.

Well it’s a very rough, tough game. Every-one wears alot of padding to protect them from injury. If they didn’t there would hardly be any players left on the field at the end of the game.

You must have been good. at it if you spend all your time playing it
Well I made the top team in school, and got a scholarship to go to Indiana University. I played for them and for Easter Kentucky State College. At oen time I thought of becoming a full time coach. But I got a degree in Education so I decided to become a teacher and coach as well.

How did you become an actor then?
Well, I Injured my back, and anyway, James Dean had always been a hero of mine so I decided to give it a try. So I headed for California and took acting lessons at MGM.

What was your first break?
I was chosen to play Barbara Stanwick’s kid in aTV series called the Big Valley. I don’t suppose your readers will have heard of her, but their parents will know her well. She’s a actress and was a film star of the 1940s and 1950s. I then made a film with Stewart Granger called The Men from Shiloh. Interestingly enough James Drury and Doug McClure were in the movie and they went on to play in the TV series. James had the title role, the Virginian, Doug was Trampas – remember?

Yes, I remember the Virginian. What happened to you after the film was made?
I made a couple more movies and then was picked to be the Six Million Dollar Man.

And you haven’t looked back?
No. I never look back. Only forward.

Looking forward to what?
Oh. Catching bigger fish. Hunting. Improving my golf. Being happy with Farrah.

My wife, Farrah Fawcett-Majors. You probably saw her in Charlie’s Angels.

That’s some combination? The Six Million Dollar Man and one of Charlie’s Angels. Lee Majors, thanks very much.
My pleasure.

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