SERIES: Six Million Dollar Man

Episode Synopsis and Guest Cast

Regular Cast:
Col. Steve Austin – Lee Majors
Oscar Goldman – Richard Anderson
Dr.Rudy Wells – Alan Oppenheimer (years 1-2), Martin B. Brooks (years 3-6)

Production credits:
Executive Producer Harve Bennet
Producer Lionel E. Siegel
Creator Kenneth Johnson
Based on the novel by Martin Caldin
Theme Oliver Nelson

Number of episodes: 104 episodes*

*The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman are extremely difficult to document because of the way they originally aired, and how they are shown now. The Six Million Dollar Man started off as a series of ninety minute movies (which have all been filled out to two hours and cut into two part episodes in syndication). Most of the rest of the episodes were one hour, with occasional two hours shows that are now syndicated in two parts. If all of this isn’t tough enough to keep track of, several stories alternated between The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. For instance, Kill Oscar had parts one and three shown on The Six Million Dolla rMan, while two appeared on The Bionic Woman. To make matters even more confusing, these cross-over shows that continued from one to another have all been lumped together in syndication, with two and three part episodes being shown entirely in one series or another, but not both.

Premise: When astronaut/test pilot Steve Austin is critically injured in airplane crash, the Office of Scientific Investigations fits him with bionic legs, an arm, and an eye, then sends him out on missions of national concern which require his special skills and strengths.

Editor’s comments: An extremely popular show with both children and adults, creating a huge following and a spin-off series, The Bionic Woman. The reasons behind this popularity are abit hard to explain, although the leading actors (Lee Majors and Lindsay Wagner) certainly inspired much appeal, even though the actors didn’t always get along too well off camera. Probably the greatest strength of both series was the broad spectrum of audience that it appealed to, with espionage action for the adults, and lots of bionic special effects that thrilled youngsters. Ironically enough, it is The Bionic Woman that seems to have remained the most popular with dedicated fans, possibly because the stories – up until the third season – tended to be more serious. The Bionic Woman eventually fell victim to the “Irwin Allen Syndrome”, in which a new monster or alien was brought in each week (instead of interesting stories) to keep up the ratings – a ploy that never works. The Six Million Dollar Man seemed to gradually fade out, and after nine years of bionic action both series were cancelled in 1978. But you can’t keep a good cyborg down, and Major and Wagner returned – along with Anderson and Brooks – to do two excellent reunion movies, both that co-starred Lee Majors II. After several decades both series remain strong in syndication around the world.

(review by Nina Johnson/Epi-Log Magazine)

Season One

The Moon and the Desert, parts one and two (airdate: Mar. 7, 1973)
[The original 90 minute movie aired as “The Six Million Dollar Man”, is shown as two one-hour episodes in syndication with 30 extra minutes of footage, under the title “The Moon and the Desert”.] Dr. Wells relates how he met Steve Austin prior to his first moon walk and how their relationship has developed over the years. Dr. Wells was responsible for Steve’s well-being while Steve was in outer-space aeronautical assignments. He is also responsible for keeping him alive after he crashes a delta wing plane due to a mechanical rnalfunction on a test flight. Mr. Spencer, who is the head of a top secret U.S. special intelligence organization, arrives at the hospital and gives the go ahead for Dr. Wells to do anything to keep Steve alive. Mr. Spencer knows Steve is in critical condition and things will be touch and go, but he hopes that after Steve has recovered they can fit him with bionic parts. Dr. Wells also relates Steve’s psychological struggles after the operation. After four months, Steve regains consciousness and tries to attempt suicide when he learns of his condition. Nurse Manners’ timely arrival saves Steve. His emotional stability returns with Nurse Manners helping him to adjust Ater all the bionic parts are placed, Steve has to undergo physical and mental therapy in order to completely recover. While on a picnic, Steve uses his bionics to save a trapped boy ina car. His arm is ripped in the process and the mother reacts with a start to Steve’s bionic parts. He once again becomes depressed but is drawn out of it when Mr. Spencer offers him an assignment in the Mid East. The mission will help him work out his depression and his feelings for Nurse Manners. Dr. Wells feels that challenges are the only thing that will keep Steve able to cope with his situation. Accepting the assignment, Steve travels to free a captured Arab-Israeli leader. He is captured after parachuting into the Saadi Arabian Desert, held prisoner by revolutionaries, but escapes and successfully completes his assignment.
Guest cast: Darren McGavin (“Kolchak: The Night Stalker”) as Oliver Spencer, Barbara Anderson as Jean Manners, Martin Balsam as Dr. Rudy Wells, Ivor Barry as Geraldton, Robert Comthwaite as Dr. Ashburn,.Olan Soule as Saltillo, Charles Robinson as the prisoner, George Wallace as the general, Dorothy Green as Mrs. McKay, Maurice Sherbanee as Nudaylah, Anne Whitfield as the young woman, Norma Storch as the woman, Richard Webb. Writer: Henri Simoun. Director: Richard Irving.

Wine, Women and War, parts one and two (airdate: Oct 20, 1973)
[Originally aired as a 90 minute movie, this episode is shown in syndication in two separate episodes with 30 extra minutes of material.] Steve boards an anchored yacht to get papers out of a safe, but the safe is empty. As he is leaving, guards spot him and shoot at him. They miss Steve and ignite the fuel tank instead. He is injured when a Spanish patrol drops a depth charge, but luckily a nuclear sub is sent to pick him up.After his injuries are repaired, he travels to the Bahamas in search of a black market ring. He rneets two members of the ring, Alexi and Katrina, and also finds Cynthia who proves to be of great assistance. Katrina invites Steve on a fishing trip where he is captured and fired on by the guards as he breaks through a cabin wall. Once in the water, he is no longer seen. Steve, unharmed, swims to the beach. Later, he hides in the trunk of the ring leaders’ limo, which takes him to the storage complex that holds stolen missiles. While trying to help Steve and Cynthia, Alexi is killed. Steve traps two of the thugs in the complex and releases a missile. Steve has to carry Cynthia out of the way of the missile’s atomic blast. Once again the nuclear sub picks up Steve and Cynthia, who are safe.
Guest cast: Britt Eklund as Katrina Yolana, Eric Braeden as Arlen Findletter, Earl Holliman as Harry Donner, Michele Crey as Cynthia Hollan, David McCallum (‘The Man from Uncle”) as Alexi Kaslov, Lee Bergere as Masaha, Simon Scott as Capt. Dawson, Robert F. Simon as Capt. Walker, Dennis Rucker as Officer Meade, George Keymas as the patrol boat commander, Don Hamner as the plane passenger. Writer: Glen A. Larson. Director: Russ Mayberry.

Solid Gold Kidnapping (airdate: Nov. 17,1973)
[Originally aired as a 90 minute movie, this episode is shown in syndication in two separate episodes with 30 extra minutes of material.] Ambassador Scott of the U.S. has been kidnapped and is being held for ransom by an international gang of kidnappers. The kidnappers’. base is a freighter where they plot the kidnapping of important officials from around the world. Steve is called in to rescue Scott who is being held in a remote ancient Mexican temple. Steve rescues the ambassador and returns back to Washington, where he is assigned another kidnapping case. This time, it is international statesman William Henry Cameron. Cameron had been faking an illness in a Paris hospital. He was to have sneaked out the hospital and made his way to China for a high level negotiations with their government, But before he could, he was kidnapped. Cameron’s ransom is to be a billion dollars in gold. The President agrees and Fort Knox prepares the shipment, But the gold is stolen on its secret route before it reaches the kidnappers. Steve’s only lead is the member of the gang who was killed during the kidnapping. Dr. Erica Bergner, who has developed a method of transferring brain cells from one human to another, is asked for help. They obtain the dead kidnappers brain cells and Dr. Bergner gives Steve enough information from the cells for him to find the gold and free Cameron.
Guest cast: Leif Erickson as William Henry Cameron, E1isabeth Ashley as Dr. Erica Bergner, John Vernon as Julian Peck, Luciana Paluzzi as the contessa, Maurice Evans as the chairman, Terry Carter (“Battlestar Galactica”) as Mel Bristo, Craig Huebing as Roger Ventriss, David White as Ambassador Scott, Polly Middleton as the chairman’s secretary. Writers: Alan Callon, Larry Alexander. Director: Russ Mayberry.

Population: Zero(airdate: Jan. 18,1974)
[This was the first episode of the regular series run]. As two motorcycle police officers ride through the small town of Loomis (population 23) they discover that something is missing: the town people. Upon further investigation, they find that they all died instantaneous deaths. Steve, Goldman and a few soldiers are sent out to investigate the cause of death. They are soon contacted by an embittered scientist, Dr. Stanley Bacon, who had once been employed by the goverment. He demands $lOmillion or the destruction of another town.
Guest cast: Don Porter as Dr. Stanley Bacon, Penny Fuller as Chris Forbes, Colby Chester as Joe Hollister, Walter Brooks as Gen. Harland Tate, Paul Fix as Joe Taylor, Paul Carr as Paul Cordt, Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Nelson, John Erlerick as Col. Ed Presby, Morgan Jones as Major Phillips, Mike Santiago as Frank, Stuart Nisbet as Harry Johnson, Bob Delegall as the first technician, David Valentine as the teletype operator, Bob Delegall as the first technician. Writer: Efroy Schwartz. Director: Jeannot Szwarc.

Survival of the Fittest (airdate: Jan.25, 1974)
Before attending several important meetings with Russian officials, Oscar is almost run down by a car. It seems that many nations would like for the meetings to fall through and will do anything to stop them, including killing Oscar. After the negotiations’ meetings are over, Steve and Oscar’s military plane crashes near a Pacific island. Survivors of the plane crash besides Steve and Oscar are: Navy Commander Ted Maxwell, Air Force Lt, Ralph Cromwell, Nurse Lt. Colby and Pfc. Harris. Before Steve, can stop Cromwell and Maxwell, who are behind the plot to kill Oscar, they attempt to lure Oscar into the marshes to finish him off. Steve must use his super-human powers to save Oscar and in the process must reveal their guilt to Barris.
Guest cast: James McEachin as Lt. Ralph Cromwell, William Smith as Comm. Ted Maxwell, Christine Befford (“Outlaws”) as Nurse Lt. Colby, Randy Carver as Pfc. Barris, Bill Zacha as Sgt. Roberts, Laurette Spang (Battlestar: Galactica”) as Helen, JoAnne Worley as Mona, Reed Smith at the Navy lieutenant, Dale Johnson as the captain. Writers: Mann Rubin, Lionel B. Siegel, Harve Bennett, Director: Hal Mooney.

Operation Firefly (airdete: Feb. 1, 1974)
When the inventor, Dr. Samuel Abbott, of a portable laser projector (much like the chemical light energy used by fireflies) is kidnapped by a syndicate, Steve is assigned to the case with only the help of the scientist’s daughter, Susan, and her ESP. The syndicate heads, Charles LeDuc and John Belson, who is an associate of Abbott’s, take the inventor to the Florida Everglades. Steve locates Susan Abbott in Spain and her ESP senses that her father is in the Everglades. During the search, Steve and Susan are tracked by four henchmen who blow up their boat along with their guide. Steve uses his bionic arm to create a canoe out of a log, but that task is easy for him compared to leading the Abbotts through the swamps and quicksand beds.
Guest cast: Pamela Franklin (“The Legend of Hell House”) as Susan Abbott, Simon Scott as Dr, Samuel Abbott, Jack Hogan as John Belson, Joseph Ruskin as Charles LeDuc, Vic Mohica as Eddie, Erik Holland as Rawlins, Joe Kapp as Franklin Bill Conklin as Hobbs. Writer: Sy Salkowitz.Director: Reza Badiyi

Day of the Robot (airdate: Feb. 8, 1974)
On a tip from an inside source, a group of men have learned of top-secret plans for testing an and-missile missile device. In an attempt to steal the device and sell it to the highest foreign bidder, they intercept Steve Austin’s associate, Major Sloan, and replace him with a robot, The tests of the system are successful and the robot steals the mechanism as Steve must fight for his life and the missile against the robot who has been programmed to kill/
Guest cast: John Saxon (“Battle Beyond the Stars”) as Maj. Frederick Sloan/robot, Henry Jones as Jeffiey Dolenz, Lloyd Bochner as Gavern Wilson, Charles,W. Master Sgt, Parnell, Noah Keen as Gen.Tarhill, RobertRothwell as Al, Louie Elias as Roy, Michael Alaimo as the truck driver Writers: Harold Livington, Del Reisman, Lionel E. Siegel. Director Hal Mooney.

Little Orphan Airplane (airdate: Feb. 22,1974)
Steve’s mission is to travel to Africa, find pilot Josh Perkins and return with film containing evidence of UN treaty violations. He finds the pilot along with the film at a mission that is being run by two nuns. There he discovers that Perkins had been injured in a crash-.landing of this plane. Major Chooka and his henchmen are closing in on. the mission to retrieve the film that shows weapons and soldiers are being supplied to the nation of Kataras. They only way Steve can get the film out of the country is to repair the damaged landing gear of the plane or do anything to lift the plane off before Chooka and the henchmen do Steve in.
Guest cast: Greg Morris (“Mission Irnpossible”) as Josh Perkins, Scoey Mitchill as Major Chooka, Marge Redmond as SisterAnneti, Lincoln Kilpatrick as Capt.Braco, Susan Powell as SisterTerese, Arnold Turner as the sergeant, PierreTurner as Jajamin, Dave Turner as the farmer, Ji-Tu Cumbuka (“A, Man Called Sloane”) as Datara, Paul Biyar as Gen. Magoffm, Stack Pierce as Bajad. Writer: Eloy Schwartz. Director: Reza, Badlyi.

Doomsday, and Counting (airdate: Mar. 1, 1974
Col. Vasily Zhukov is in the U.S. to extend an invitation for participation in a space venture with his country. News of an earthquake that activates a self-destruct weapon at an island spacecraft installation forces Steve to take Zhukov to the Arctic island where Zhukov’s fiancee’ Irina Leonova, has been buried beneath the debris. Steve must try to save her and the rest of the island before it is destroyed by a nuclear blast.
Guest cast: Gary Collins (“The Sixth Sense”) as Col. Vasily. Zhukov, William Smithers as Gen.Koskenko, Jane Merrow as Irini, Leonova, Bruce Glover as Capt. Voda, Walker Edmiston as the Russian operator, William Boyett as the Air Force general, James Gavin as the helicopter pilot, Rico Cattani as the first technician, Anne Newman as the second technician. Writer: Larry Brody. Director: Jerry Jameson.

Eyewitness to Murder (airdate: Mar. 8,1974)
Lorin Sandusky has an attempt made on his life as he is presenting evidence to the grand jury of racketeer Victor Ritchie. Steve gets a good look at the sniper’s face and from police photos identifies him as John Hopper. Unfortunately Hopper has an air-tight alibi – he was on a live TV show at the same that the sniper fired. Unswayed, Steve hangs close with Hopper, knowing another attempt will be made on Sandusky’s life. Hopper remains in his hotel room as Steve realizes something about Hoper’s face that just could let all the air out of his alibi.
Guest cast: Gary Lockwood (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) as John Hopper, William Schallert as Lorin Sandusky, Ivor Barry as Mr. Hanley, Leonard Stoneas Lt. Tanner, Regis Cordic as the TV host, Law Patter as the cab driver, Al Dunlap as the doorman, Donna Mantoan as the hotel clerk, Allen Joseph as Dorsey, Sal Pond as Tom Windom, Richard Webb as Sebastian, Nicky Blair as Guido. Writer: William Driskill Director: Alf Kjellin.

The Rescue of Athena One (airdate: Mar. 15,1974)
America’s first. woman astronaut, Major Kelly Wood, is in space when an explosion occurs aboard her space capsule that injures her fellow astronaut and handicaps the capsule. She is able to maneuver a landing with an orbiting Skylab space station and await the arrival of a rescue team and a doctor. But the explosion has jammed the hatch, trapping her and the other astronaut inside. Steve is launched into space to unjam the hatch, but the effects of space travel and his efforts to pry open the door drain most of his energy. There is no time for Steve to regain his strength because more perils have to be overcome before he and the others can return safely to Earth. 
Guest cast: Farrah Fawcett-Majors (“Logan’s Run”, “Saturn 3′) as Major Kelly Wood, Paul Kent as Flight Surgeon Woff, Dean Smith as Astronaut Osterman, Jules Bergman as himself, Quinn Redeker as Capcom, John S. Ragin as the flight director, Doug Collins as Retro. Writer: D.C. Fontana. Director: Larry Doheny.

Dr. Wells Is Missing (airdate: Mar.29, 1974)
The doctor who created Steve’s bionic limbs has been kidnapped by a network of international criminals. Alfredo and Julio Tucelli want Dr. Rudy Wells to build a bionic man for them. Steve’s search for Dr. Wells leads him to Inesbruck, Austria, where he was to receive an honorary doctorate from his alma mater. At Dr. Well’s hotel, Steve learns that Rudy lef tto stay with some friends but these ‘friends’ are holding prisoner in an isolated castle. 
Guest cast: John van Dreelen as AlfredoTucelli, Than Wyenn as the desk clerk, Jim Shane as Yamo, Michael Dante as Julio Tucelli, Cynthia Lynn as Fraulein Krueger, Norbut Schillrr as the porter, Curt Lowens as Anton Brandt, Inez van Holt as the operator, Terry Leonard as Vincent, Dave Cass as Kurt. Writers: Bill Keanan, Krishna Shah, Elroy Schwartz, Lionel E. Siegel. Director: Virgil Vogel.

The Last of the Fourth of July’s (airdate: Apr. 5,1974)
Quail, has been hired by a political organization to destroy a group of prime ministers attending an intenational meeting in Paris. They are to be killed by a laser beam which will bounce off a satellite. Quail is an enterprising criminal who has a fortress in the Norwegian mountains as his base which is protected by every available modern device. After special agent, who has learned of the laser beam and its purpose, passes along the information to Oscar, Steve is placed in a submarine to be shot in a special torpedo onto the beach. He escapes the radar defense system but his radioactive bionic limbs trip alarms. Violette, an Interpol agent, helps Steve escape and reach the control room as the satellite comes into position with the laser.
Guest cast: Steve Forrest as Quail, Arlene Martell as Violette, Tom Reese as Joe Alabam,Hank Stohl as Balsam,H.Alan Degin as Hurst, Kevin Tighe as Root, Ben Wright as Ives, Tom Hayden as the sonar man, Barry Cahill as the submarine captain. Writer: Richard Landau. Director: RezaBadiyi.

Burning Bright (airdate: Apr.12, 1974)
Astronaut Josh Lang was affected by an electrical field while in space. The field gave him power to communicate with dolphins and to control people’s minds. Lang’s mental state is questioned when he proposes that dolphins be involved in the space program and quotes equations on the origin of the universe. Steve recalls a similar experience while he was in space which wore off quickly. Josh becomes violent when he detects a computer programming error and is quickly placed under guard in a hospital for tests. Lang uses his new powers to escape while his condition deteriorates and he becomes obsessed with the memory of a childhood friend’s death at an electric power station, so obsessed that he goes back to his hometown and kills a deputy. In a state of delirium he climbs the towers of the power station and attempts to relive his friend’s death On a hunch, Steve has travelled to the astronaut’s hometown and discovers Lang’s predicament.
Guest cast: William Shatner (“Star Trek”, “T.J. Hooker”) as Josh Lang, Warren Kemsnerling as Dr.Ted Haidane, Quinn Redeker as Calvin Billings, Rodolfo Hoyos as Ernesto Arruza, Ann Schedeen as Tina Larsem, Mary Rings as Mime, Ron Stokes as an mp. Writer: Del Reisman, Director: Jerry London.

The Coward (airdate: Apr. 19,1974)
An earthquake in the Himalayas uncovers a DC-3 carrying secret papers which was downed during World War II. Steve travels to the Orient in search of the papers and hoping to redeem the pilot, his father, from being accused as a coward. It seems that Capt. Austin had bailed out and left the rest of the crew to die. Steve is helped in his quest by Garth, an American living in the orient.
Guest cast: George Montgomery as Garth, Ron Soble as Queng-Dri, France Nuyen as Marnu, Fuji as Kai-Sing, George Takei (“Star’ Trek”) as Chin-Ling, Martha Scott as Helen, Ken Endosa as Johara, Kim Kahana as Prokar. Writer: Elroy Schwartz, Director: Reza Badiyi.

Run, Steve, Run (airdate: Apr. 26,1974)
Crime syndicate head Mr. Rossie and famed robot creator Dr. Jeffrey Dolenz are determined to build a team of bionic robots in order to rob the gold out of Fort Knox. In order to carry out their plan they must either subdue or kill Steve in order to learn how his artificial limbs were create~ Steve is on vacation at a ranch in Utah and soon realizes that he is being pursued. He confronts his pursuers but is brought down by tranqualizerdarts. Rossie wants to kill Steve, but Dr. Doler:: feels that he must study Steve’s bionic capabilities in action. Steve is chained to a wall and encased in cement while waiting for an operation that wil lreveal just how his limbs were created. 

Guest cast: Noah Berry as Tom Molson, Henry Jones as Dr. Jeffrey Dolenz, George Murdock as Mr. Rossi, Mike Henry as Cliff Platt, Melissa Greene as Suzie Lund, Bill Conklin as Smitty, Fred Lerner as Bil lWooters, Victor Millen as Art Ramirez. Writer: Lionel E. Siegel. Director: Jerry Johnson.

Season Two

Nuclear Alert (airdate: Sept.13, 1974)
A group of government conspirators develop an atomic bomb from stolen parts and sell it to a small foreign country. Steve and scientist Dr. Clea Broder are kidnapped and taken aboard the bomb-carrying plane after they learn of the plot. Gen. Wiley of the Air Force gives orders to interceptor planes to destroy the plane in a remote area. The head conspirator, Tex Swenson, threatens to drop the bomb if the general doesn’t call back the planes. Meanwhile, Steve is working on his own plan to stop both the planes and the delivery.
Guest cast: Carol Lawrence as Dr. Clea Broder, Fred Beir as Ted Swenson, George Gaynes as Gen. Wiley, Felice Orlandi as Cal, Gabriel Walsh as Zeb, Thornas Bellin as Carson, Stewart Moss as theAir Force major, Charles Wagerheim as the farmer, Irene Tedrow as the farmer’s wife, John Stephenson as the two star general, Phillip Adams as Menger, Savannah Bentley as Elaine, Stuart Nisbet as Tome, Michael Kane as the first passenger, Ben Fronuner as the second passenger, Sid Haig as the third passenger, Noel DeSouza as the fourth passenger. Writer; William Driskill. Director: Jerry London.

The Pioneers (airdate: Sept 20, 1974)
Scientists David Tate and Nicole Simmons have developed a cell regeneration serum that is to be used in elirninating the problems of returning from a cryogenic state back to normal. When the space capsule where they are conducting their experiments crashes, David is accidantally given, too much of the serum. Instead of smoothing over the problems, it gives him a incredible boost of power along with some violent seizures. Steve must hunt David down after he begins terrorising the countryside.
Guest cast: Mike Farrell (“The Questor Tapes”) as David Tate, Joan Darling as Nicole Simmons, Milt Kogan as the first man, Bill Sorrells as the second man, Robert F. Simon as the sheriff, Angelo De Meo as the first camper, Justin Wilde as the second camper, Vince Howard as the walker. Writer Katey Barrett, Bill Svanoe. Director: Christian I. Nyby, II.

Pilot Error (airdate: Sept.27, 1974)
After Steve is temporarily blinded in an oil line rupture, Senator Hill is forced to crash land his plane in the desert. Steve uses his bionic abilities and the other passengers’ eyes to help him clear a path for a runway after the necessary repairs are made. Things seem to be getting better until the Senator blacks out while in the air and Steve is the only one who can take over the controls to land them all safely on the ground.
Guest cast: Pat Hingle as Senator Hill, Alfred Ryder as Joe Lannon, Stephen Nathan as Greg Hill, Suzanne Zenor as Corp. Jill Denby, Chet Douglas as the reporter, Hank Brandtas Master Sergeant Cole, Hank Stohi as Major Phillips, Dennis McCarthy as the air force doctor. Writer: Edward J. Lakso. Director: Jerry Jameson.

The Pal-Mir Escort (airdate: Oct 4,1974)
The Prime Minister of the small country of Eretz, Madame Salka Pal-Mir, collapses while she is setting up peace talks at the U.N. with the bordering countries’ guerilla leaders. With a heart that is damaged beyond repair, she is selected to receive the first bionic heart implant It only seems right that the bionic man escort her to the secret hospital where the operation is to take place. But there are certain people who don’t want to continue the peace talks who hire assassins to destroy her and anyone else who gets in the way of their mission.
Guest cast: Anne Revere as Madame Salka Pal-Mir, Lao Fuchs as Dr. Av Ni, Denny Miller as Stellen, John Landis as Michael, Jamie Donnelly as Linda, Don Pulford as Kern, Virginia Gregg as Sarah, Robert Rothwell as Johnson, Nate Esformes as chief of security, Everett Creach as Phil. Writers: Margaret and Paul Schneider. Director: Larry Dobkin.

The Seven Million Dollar Man (airdate: Nov. 1, 1974)
A back-up bionic man is to be created in case Steve ever becomes incapable of doing his job. When Oscar tells Steve that the new man will cost seven million dollars and will be superior in strength, Steve is dumbfounded. A former auto racing champion, Barney Miller, is chosen for the job after he is badly injured in a crash. Barney is unable to handle his new identity and wants to be unique. The only way for that to happen is for Barney to get rid of Steve, another idea that Steve isn’t very fond of.
Guest cast: Monte Markham(originally considered for the role of Col.Steve Austin)as Barney Miller, Maggie Sullivan as Carla Peterson, Fred Lerner as the OSI man, Marshall Reed as the gate guard, Joan Van Ark. Writer: Peter Alan Field Director: Richard Moder.

Straight on ‘Til Morning’ (airdate: Nov. 8, 1974)
An exploring family of aliens are marooned on Earth when their spacecraft malfunctions. They are unaware that they are composed of radioactive matter and their touch can cause great harm to humans even though they are not hostile. The sheriff and his men are trying to hunt them down, while Steve attempts to help Minonee. All of her family has died after the landing and Steve attempts to send her back to the mother ship in a U.S. lunar probe spaceship with the sheriff close at their heels.
Guest cast: Meg Foster as Minonee, Cliff Osmond as Sheriff Bob Kemp, Donald Billett as Deputy Jeff Lohman, Kurt Grayson as Deputy Cockrell, Lucas White as Deputy Frank Packer, Jimmy Lydon as Dr. Matt Waters, Robert Bruce Lang as the first technician, John Calvin as the project director, Al Dunlap as Ed Hermort, Christopher Mears as Eymon, Frances Osbome as Ilea, Vincent Chase asKeron. Writer: D.C. Fontana. Director: Lawrence Doheny.

The Midas Touch (airdate: Nov.15, 1974)
Oscar disappears after last being seen in Las Vegas. Word has it that Oscar is involved in a plot to steal the gold from a government operated mine. Steve is determined to uncover the real truth and he heads for the government mine. In the meantime, Mining and Research Bureau official Bert Carrington, an old friend of Oscar’s, has plans to smuggle the gold out of the country and he makes an irresistible offer to Oscar in exchange for the use of a government plane.
Guest cast: Farley Granger as Bert Carrington, Noam Pitlik as MacGregor, Dave Morick as Major Conlan, Gary Cashdollar as Lt. Evers, Jim Connors as George, Richard D. Hurst as Coiors, Woodrow Chambliss as Pop, Catherine McKeown as Julie Farrell, Louie Elias as Eric, Marcus Smith as the sentry. Writers: Donald L. Gould, Lester William Berke, Peter Allan Fields. Director: Bruce Bilson.

The Deadly Replay (airdate: Nov.22, 1974)
The experimental HL 10 aircraft that Steve was testing in his near-fatal crash has been rebuilt and is he preparing to test it again. Oscar reveals information leads them to believe that the first crash was not an accident. Suspicious events are happening again with this project but Steve is to re-test the plane in order to prove its rightful place in NASA’s program and to lure the saboteurs into the open.
Guest cast: Clifton James as Walter “Shadetree” Burns, Robert Symonds as Jay Rogers, Jack Ging asTed Collins, Lara Parker (“Dark Shadows”) as Andrea Collins, Jack Manning as Carl Asnison, William Scherer as Simcon, Regis J. Cordic as the man Writer: Wilton Denmark. Director: Christian Nyby, II.

Act of Piracy (airdate: Nov. 29,1974)
Dr. Louis Craig and Sharon Ellis are placing earthquake sensors on the ocean floor with Steve’s help, when they are notified that neighboring Santa Ventura has broken off all diplomatic relations with the U.S. The scientists are warned to leave the area and are in the process of retrieving Steve’s diving bell when a patrol boat captures the ship and the air hose to the bell is severed.
Guest cast: Stephen McNally as Dr. Louis Craig, Lenore Kasdorf as Sharon Ellis, Carlos Romero as Fernando Ferrago, Frank Ramirez as Julio, Joe LaDue as the officer, Jorge Cervera, Jr. as the lieutenant, HaganBeggs as Jed Hall, David Dominiquez as the dockguard. Writer: Peter Allan Fields.Director: ChristianLNyby.

Stranger in Broken Fork (airdate: Dec.13, 1974)
Steve has amnesia after a plane crash in the mountains. He is found by psychologist Angie Walker walking on a mountain road. Angie is the head of an experimental convalescence home for mental patients and receives a lot of harassment from the local residents. The leader, grocer Horace Milsner, brings trumped up charges against her. After the arrest attempts fail, other sympathizers join his cause and bring axe handles to confront her with an ultimatum to leave. Steve feels compelled to defend this woman who has befriended him.
Guest cast: Sharon Farrell as Angie Walker, Robert Dormer as Horace Milsner, Anhur Franz as Dr. Wayne Carlton, Kristine Ritzke as Jody, Sally Yarnell as the mother, Bill Henry as Tlirumond, Paul La Clair as the trooper, Troy Melton as Corley Weems, Eric Mason as the air force major. Writers: Bill Svanoe, Wilson Denmark. Director: Chris Nyby, Sr.

The Peeping Blonde (airdate: Dec.20, 1974)
News woman Victoria Webster accidentally films Steve as he jumps a 12-foot fence to fix a malfunctioning space capsule. Sensing a hot story about this extraordinary man, she makes plans to film more of Steve while he is vacationing in the Baja California desert. But her unscrupulous boss has different plans after seeing the footage for Steve than an appearance on the evening news: he wants to send Steve to a foreign country and hires to henchman to carry out the plan by kidnapping Steve.
Guest cast: Farrah Fawcett Majors (“Logan’s Run”, “Saturn 3”) as Victoria Webster, Roger Perry as Charles Colby, Hari Rhodes as Karl, W.T.Zacha as Victor, Chris Nelson as Billy Jackson, Mamn Speer as Flight com. Writers: William T. Zacha, Sr., Wilton Denmark. Director: Herschel Daugherty.

Cross Country Kidnap (airdate: Jan. 10,1975)
The creator of the cryptography code that links computers and secret communications world-wide, Liza Loitman, is also an ambitious equestrienne with her eyes on making the Olympic team. Ross Borden, an government infiltrator, along with henchmen Arnold Blake and DirkShusterplan to kidnap Liza so she can reprogram the computer in order for them to control a network of international secret agents. Steve is assigned to protect her but she makes that quite difficult for him with her resentment and determination to ride out in the country.
Guest cast: Donna Mills (“Knots Landing”)as Liza Leitman, Tab Hunter as Arnold Blake, Frank Aletter as Ross Borden, Robert Forward as Major Davis, John Gabriel as Dirk Shuster, Ben Wright as Berino, Jerome Guardino as Veneman. Writer: Ray Brenner, Stephen Kandel. Director: Unknown.

Lost Love (airdate: Jan.17, 1975)
Steve once again becomes involved with Barbara Thatcher, an old flame, after he learns that her husband was killed in a plane crash while flying to Lisbon. The flames are fanned and Steve foils a kidnapping attempt on her life. But things quickly cool down when she receives a phone call from her “dead” husband who is in Lisbon. Steve flies with her to Europe for her to confront her husband at the consulate of a foreign power.
Guest cast: Linda Marsh as Barbara Thatcher, Jeff Corey (“Beneath the Planet of the Apes”) as Orin Thatcher, Than Wyenn as Professor Kosoyin, Joseph Ruskin as Markos, Wesley Lan as Emil, Harry Pugh as the waiter. Writer: Richard Carr. Director: Arnold Laven.

The Last Kamikaze (airdate: Jan.19, 1975)
A plane carrying an atomic warhead has crashed on a South Pacific island and Steve is sent to retrieve it. But the warhead has fallen into the hands of a reclusive Japanese Zero pilot who has taken it to his booby-trapped domain. Steve must overcome the traps and reclaim the warhead before an island gnerilla group gets control first.
Guest cast: John Fujioka as Kuroda, Rober Alto as Tomas Gabella, Edmund Gilbert as Haywoith, Jimmy Joyce as Dr. Richmond, Paul Vaughn as the radio operator, Jane Goodnow Gillett as Lorraine. Writer: Judy Burns. Director: Richard Moder.

Return of the Robot Maker (airdate: Jan 26, 1975)
Dr. Chester Dolenz has created a top of the line robot in the image of Oscar. Dolenz kidnaps Oscar then puts into effect his plan for the robot to double as Goldman and to persuade Steve into testing a security system. After Steve defeats a series of traps and gun nests, the robot will then be able to steal the formula for a new energy source. But all does not go as planned.
Guest cast: Henry Jones as Dr. Dolenz, Ben Hammer as Gen. Stacey, Troy Melton as Barney Barnes, Judd Laurance as the aide, Iris Edwards as Amy, Sarah Simmons as Miss Wilson, Jean Lee Brcoks as Denise. Writer: Mark Frost(Twin Peaks’)Director: Phil Bondelil.

Taneha (airdate: Feb. 2, 1975)
Steve’s ranger friend has asked him to help save the last remaining golden cougar from extinction even though the ranger has been mauled by the cougar. Local ranchers have formed a posse to track down the cougar because it preys on their livestock and has killed a rancher. With the help of a local guide, El. Haskell, Steve is to be led to the lair. But upon reaching the area, she must decide whether to lead Steve to the cougar’s hiding place or watch it be killed by the posse.
Guest cast: James Griffith as Will Long, Jess Walton as E.L Haskell, Bill Fletcher as Bleeker, Paul Brinegar as Fafe Morris, Jim B. Smith as Bob Elliott, Trent Dolan as the station attendent Writer: Margaret Armen. Director: Earl Bellarmy.

Look Alike: (airdate: Feb. 23,1975)
Marcus Garvy works for Oscar Goldman although Steve doesn’t know it. Garvy has to infiltrate an organization which is planning to steal the goverment’s secret laser technology. One of the gang member’s faces is reconstructed with plastic surgery to look like Steve, so that he can photograph Oscar’s files. Steve discovers a lead to their activities and follows Garvy to their headquarters, a boxing arena. Steve mistakes Garvy for one of them and ends up in the ring unaware that he is fighting a member of his own team.
Guest cast: George Foreman as Marcus Garvy, Robert Do Qui as Breezy, Robert Salvio as LaSalle, Eddie Fontaine as Freddie, Mary Rings as Molly, Jack Colvin(‘The Incredible Hulk’) as Ed Jasper, Arthur Space as Carruthers, Susan Keller as the secretary. Writer: Richard Carr. Director: Jerry London.

The E.S.P. Spy (airdate: Mar. 2,1975)
Laser expert Harry Green is overseeing the construction of a secret underground laser weapon installation. Oscar suspects that Green may be a traitor when it is leamed that another installation is being built in another country at the same time. But Steve believes that Green’s thoughts are being monitored with advanced E.S.P. techniques.To track down the spies, Steve engages the help of Audry Moss, an E.S.P. student with exceptional abilities. The pair risk their lives to expose the security leak and protect the laser weapon’s secret.
Guest cast: Philip Bruns as Michael Randolph. Dick Van Patten as Harry Green, Alan Bergrnann as Charles Lund, Paul Cavonis as Pierce, Robbie Lee as Audry Moss, George Patton as Jarecki, Bert Kramer as George Vant Writer: Lionel E. Siegel. Director: Jerry London.

The Bionic Woman, part one (airdate: Mar.16, 1975)
When Steve returns to his hometown, he meets his former girlfriend, Jaime, and their romance begins anew. They become engaged and set a wedding date. But the plans are changed drastically after Jaime is hurt in a skydiving accident. Dr.Wells, Steve’s bionic doctor, is called in and makes Jaime the first bionic woman. He gives her bionic legs, a right arm and super-sensitive hearing. Oscar wants to use her hearing abilities to help open the vault of a counterfeiting ring but Steve doesn’t want her to risk her life again.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Malachi Throne as Joseph Wrona, Martha Scott as Helen Elgin, Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin, Harry Hickox as Jon Elletoon, Paul Carr as Timberlake, Sidney Clute as Schwartz. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Richard Moder.

The Bionic Woman, part two (airdate: Mar.23, 1975)
Jaime insists on using her powers to breakup the counterfeiting ring. With Oscar’s help, she convinces Steve that her advanced hearing is the only way to open the vault and get the counterfeit plates. Steve gives in and the two of them enter the counterfeiter’s headquarters. But she only has five minutes to discover the combination.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Elisabeth Brooks as the first nurse, Margaret Impert as the second nurse, Richard Jannone as the attendant, Sidney Clute as Mr. Schwartz, Walt Conley as Dr.Lomax. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Richard Moder.

Outrage in Balinderry (airdate: Apr.19, 1975)
The U.S. Ambassador to Balinderry’s wife is kidnapped and she only has so long to live if the revolutionaries demands are not met by their deadline. In exchange for her life, they want fellow-revolutionaries released from prison. Steve flies there and engages the help of stewardess Julia Flood as his liaison with the kidnappers. Steve and Julia are captured on their way to the hide-out during a raid on a secret meeting. In order to free himself and find the hideout, Steve must use his bionic powers to stop the group from carrying out their threat of execution.
Guest cast: Mattine Beswick as Julia Flood, Richard Erdman as Slayton, David Frankham as Capt. Abbott, Alan Caillou as Gen. Carmichael, William Sylvester as Frederick Collins, Margaret Fairchild as Mrs.Collins, RichardO’Brien asBreen, DianaChesney as Jessica, Gavin O’Herlihy as Dan, Michael Regan as the crewman. Writer: Paul Schneider. Director: Earl Bellamy.

Steve Austin, Fugitive (airdate: Apr.27, 1975)
A phone call lures Steve to an apartment where he finds a dead man. Steve is shot with a tranquilizer gun by a masked man who tells him that he will be charged with the murder since his fingerprints are on the murder weapon. Steve comes to realize that the man is seeking revenge because Steve had captured and sent the assassin to prison. Before Steve can leave, the police arrive and arrest him for the murder. On the way to be locked up, Steve escapes and must now race against the police to find the murderer before the police catch up with him again.
Guest cast: Gary Lockwood (“2001: A Space Odyssey”) as Hopper, Andy Romano as Charlie Taylor, Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan, Bernie Hamilton as Lt. Dobbs, Jesse Nichols as theOSI guard, Reb Brown (“Captain America”) as Officer Atkins, Marco Lopez as Portez, Arnzie Strickland as the old lady. Writers: Mark Frost(“Twin Peaks”), Richard Carr. Director: Russ Mayberry.

Season Three

Return of the Bionic Woman, part one (airdate: Sept.14, 1975)
Steve’s fiancee, Jaime Sommers, returns but this time the story is a little different. Steve was led to believe that Jaime died on the operating table while she was being fitted with bionic parts after a devastating accident. But Dr. Well’s assistant, Michael Marchetti, kept her alive with cryogenics. She has been in a coma for quite a while but regains consciousness and Steve catches a glimpse of her as a hospital patient Dr. Wells tells him the truth about her and that she had very little chance of surviving had it not been for Marchetti’s experiment.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Richard Lentz as Michael Marchetti, Tony Giorgio as Abe Collins, Al Ruscio as Chester, Dennis Patrick as Carlton Harris, Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin, George Keymas as Arkoff, Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Raymond. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Richard Moder.

The Return of the Bionic Woman, part two (airdate: Sept.21, 1975)
Steve takes his former fiancee, Jaime Sommers to their hometown in an attempt to restore her memory. The visit only triggers flashbacks which in turn trigger violent headaches and frustration. Oscar suggests that activity may give Jaime some relief, so Steve and Jaime travel to a Caribbean island where a terrorist group is being supplied weapons by an American, who is no match for their bionic powers.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime, Richard Lenz as Michael Marchetti, Ford Rainey as Jim Elgin, Tony Giorgio as Abe Collins, Al Ruscio as Chester, Dennis Patrick as Carlton Harris, George Keymas as Arkoff, Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Raymond. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Richard Moder.

The Price of Liberty (airdate: Sept.28, 1975)
Robert Meyer, scientist and explosives expert, has been unernployed since the cutbacks in the space program. He feels the country owes him something, about five million dollars.To collect the money, he rigs the Liberty Bell, while it is on tour around the nation in celebration of the Bicentennial, to blow up unless he is given the money and a safe passage out .Steve and Oscar have to rely upon Neils Lindstrom, an explosives expert who is in prison, to defuse the highly sophisticated device attached to the bell.
Guest cast: Chuck Connors (“Werewolf”) as Neils Lindstrom, Henry Beckman as Robert Meyer, Sandy Ward as Doug Witherspoon, Bill Quinn as Tom, George Jordan as Bill, Joe Brooks as the doorman, Scott B. Wells as the man. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Richard Moder.

Song and Dance Spy (airdate: Oct 5, 1975)
John Perry, a famous entertainer friend of Steve’s, is suspected by Oscar to be carrying stolen government secrets for an international spy ring.
Guest cast: Sonny Bono as John Perry, Victor Mohica as Lee Michaels, Bruce Glover as Mr. Buckner, Robin Clarke as Damon, Fred Holliday as Crawford, Jayne Kennedy as Louise, Susan Mclver as Laura, Susie McIver as Linda. Writer: Jerry Devine. Director: Richard Moder.

The Wolf Boy (airdate: Oct 12,1975)
World War II kamikaze pilot, Kuros, whom Steve had rescued from the wilderness, asks Steve to help him investigate reports about a boy said to be living with wolves. Despite Oscar’s objections, Steve decides to travel to Japan and search for the youth who is thought to be the missing son of a U.S. ambassador who had mysteriously died along with his wife in the wilderness.
Guest cast: John Fujioka asKuroda, Buddy Foster as the wolf boy, Quinn Redeker as Bob Masters, Teru Shimada as Shige Ishikawa, Bill Saito asToshio. Writer: Judy Burns. Director: Jerry London.

The Deadly Test (airdate: Oct.19, 1975)
Student pilot Prince Sakari’s plane is missed by a subversive electronics system in an attempt to kill the youth and a student from the hostile neighboring country takes the hit. Steve must find out where the system is located before another attempt is madeon the prince’s life, which could lead to war between the two Eastern countries. Steve disguises himself as the prince to locate the system and Lt. Jan Simmons, who was the first woman test school graduate, demands on going with Steve.
Guest cast: Tim O’Connor(“Buck Rogers”)as Col. Joe Gordon, Frank Marth as Winston, Martin Speer as Levy, Erik Estrada(“CHIPS”) as Prince Sakari, Leigh Christian as Lt.Jan Simmons, Harry Pughas Pratt, Bill Scherer as Jim Barrows. Writer: James D. Parriott. Director: Chris Nyby.

Target in the Sky (airdate: Oct. 26,1975)
When a government agent who had reported on a missile system installation near the Wixted Lumber Camp disspaears, Steve joins on as a lumberjack. Foreman Jeremy Burke is involved and Steve discovers that the only reason behind the missile location would be to destroy a passing plane containing important men from the Presidential cabinet, that is due to fly over. Dr. Morton Craig, the missile systems center head, arrives just before the plane is to fly overhead.
Guest cast: Rafer Johnson as Thaddeus Jones, Skeeter Vaughan as Charlie Two Feathers, Barbara Rhoades as Kelly Wixted, Denny Miller as Jeremy Burke, Ivor Francis as Dr. MortonCraig, Hank Stohl as BenCrosgrove. Writers: Larry Alexander, Kenneth Johnson. Director: Jerry London.

One of Our Running Backs is Missing (airdate: Nov. 2,1975)
Star running back Larry Bronco is drugged and kidnapped right before the big game by an disgruntled older player, Bob Laport. The idea is to keep Bronco from playing which will put the final score in their favor. The kidnappers stand to make a fortune betting on the pre-game point spread. Steve discovers where Bronco is being held and the two of them take on the rest of the kidnappers.
Guest cast: Larry Csonka as Larry Bronco, Pamela Csonka as Pam Bronco, Lee Josephson as Rick Laport, Dick Butkus (“BlueThunder”) as Bob Laport, Mike Henry asTatashore, AlChecco as GeorgeYokum, Earl Faison as thecoach, Carl Weathers (“Predator”) as Stolar, Tom Mack as Kibbee, George Clifionas the quarterback. Writer: Kenneth Johnson.Director: Lee Majors.

The Bionic Criminal (airdate: Nov. 9, 1975)
The Seven Million Dollar Man makes a return in this episode. Barney is reactivated against Steve’s protests even though Steve believes that Barney is still mentally unstable. Shatley, a car owner, takes Barney out of a big race, and Barney uses his bionic strength against Shatley. Barney believes that he has killed Shatley and turns to a life of crime. Steve must onceagain track him down and stop him before he can hurt more people.
Guest cast: Monte Markham as Barney, Maggie Sullivan as Carla Peterson, John Mifford as Shadey, Donald Moffat (“Logan’s Run”, ‘TheThing”) as Lester Burstyn Writers: Peter Allan Fields, Ron Bishop, Richard Carr. Director: Leslie Martinson.

The Blue Flash (airdate: Nov.16, 1975)
An agent disappears right before he is about to expose the group smuggling super sensitive detecting devices and Steve must pose as a long shoreman to recover the agent. Steve lodges at the boarding house where the agent was last seen. Steve fixes the owner’s son’s bike when it is smashed which leads to the boy trusting him with a horde of broken toys for Steve to fix. Ernest has only Steve to turn to when his mother, Mrs. Cook, dissapears.
Guest cast: Rodney Allen Rippy as Ernest Cook, Janet MacLachlan as Mrs. Cook, Michael Conrad(“Hill Street Blues”)as Jimbo, Eddie Fontaine as Tony Astierson, Jason Wingreen as Logan. Barry Cahill as Det. Olmstead, Benny Nickelberry as Charlie, Virgil Charles Frye as Fred, Garrison True as Harold. Writers: Sheridan Gibney, Sidney FieldDirector: Cliff Bole.

The White Lightning War (airdate: Nov.23, 1975)
Steve is in a small Georgia town with only Middy, a young wornan, as his ally. Her husband,a Federal agent, and his partner had been killed by a “snake bite” and her store has been confiscated by Bo Willis. Willis runs a distillery and has the sheriff on the game.The chain of payoffs reaches all the way to the high-powered Washington lawyer Charles Quinten, who represents lots of higher ups. Steve must put a stop to the mysterious killings while avoiding getting “snake bit” himself.
Guest cast: Austin Stoker as Charles Quinten, Ben Hammer as Bo Willis, Hugh Gillin as Sheriff Weems, Robert Donner as Kermit, Red West as the owner, Randy Kirby as Johnny, Katherine Helmond (“Soap”) as Middy. Writer: Wilton Denmark. Director: Kenneth Johnson.

Divided Loyalty (airdate: Nov.30, 1975)
Steve is asked to bring scientist Leon Jackson back to the United States along with his young son. Jackson had defected to the Soviet Union for the woman he loved, but now wants to return home. His son, Alex, wants to be with his friends, the soldiers where his father works. Alex finally agrees to leave as Steve arrives but that may be difficult because the soldiers learn of the plan and block the secret tunnell. The trio take an alternate route which appears to be a dead end.
Guest cast: Radames Pera (“Kung Fu”) as Alex Jackson, Michael McGuire as Leon Jackson, Curt Lowens as the captain, Larry Levine as Gottke, Rod Haase as the lieutenant, Ralph Taeger as the sergeant, Ned Romero as Boris, Johana deWinter as Edna Jackson. Writers: Jim Carlson, Terry McDonnell. Director: Alan Crosland.

Clark Templeton O’Flaherty (airdate: Dec.14, 1975)
A secret chemical, that can be seen by Steve’s bionic eye, is placed on all government docurnents headed for the shredder. But they seem to miss their destination and Steve follows the chemical trail to O’Flaherty, his janitor friend, at his high-priced apartment. O’Flaherty tells Steve that he is really working for a top secret government agency and his job is to sell the documents to an underground organization. He hopes the papers will bring the head of the group out into the open, and Steve becomes O’Flaherty’s partner for the sale in order to determine his old friend’s innocence, or guilt.
Guest cast: Lou Gossest as Clark Templeton O’Flaherty, Ryan MacDonald as George van Rensseleer, H. M. Wynant as McAdarns, Louise Latam asMs. Hallaway, Lillian Randolph as the landlady, Susan Quick as the technician, Linda Nesbit as the woman. Writer: Frank Dandridge. Director: Ernest Pintoff.

The Winning Smile (airdate: Dec.21, 1975)
Peggy Callahan, Oscar’s trusted secretary, is accused of leaking sensitive government secrets about hydrogen fusion to an underground organization. She insists on taking a lie detector test and Steve must prove her either guilty or innocent. In his task he learns that her dentist boy friend, Dr. Gene Finney, is the only one who knows of her classified work.
Guest cast: Jennifer Darling as Peggy Callahan, Stewart Moss asDr. Gene Finney, Robert Delegall as Tom Dempster, Milton Selzer as Dr. Emil Losey, Harry Lewis as Hector, Ben Andrews as Agee, James Ingersoll as Ted Harter, Rick Podell as the agent. Writers: Gustave Field, Richard Carr. Director: Arnold Laven.

Welcome Home, Jaime, part one (Jan 11,1976)
[This episode is concluded as the opening episode of the series The Bionic Woman on Jan21, 1976.] Bionic woman Jaime Sommers has regained part of her memory and has moved beck to her home town of Ojai, California, where she lives in an apartment on the farm of Steve Austin’s mother and stepfather. While looking through the Austin family album she sees several pictures of herself and Steve, and realizes how close they were; unfortunately, she has no memory of that time. Oscar Goldenan gets her a teaching job on a nearby army base, where she quickly controls her “army brats” by subtly using her bionic skills to awe them. In the meantime, she agrees to do certain jobs for Oscar and the OSI.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Richard Lenz as Michael Marchetti, Dennis Patrick as Carlton Harris, Roger Davis as Tom Hollaway, Dee Timberlake as Karen Stone, Alexa Kanin as Lydia, Kraig Metzirtger as Joey, Alicia Gardner as Gwen. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Alan Crosland.

Hocus-Pocus (airdate: Jan.18, 1976)
Nightclub owner Mark Wharton’s organization steals $100,000 out of an armored car and in thedeal also gets the Navy’s top-secret code book. Wharton keeps the book knowing that he can make a bundle selling it on the international level. Steve acquares the help of Audrey Moss and her ESP to perform a magic act that will impress the gangster enough to be drawn into his confidences. If the act works, Steve stands a chance of getting a lead on the code book.
Guest cast: Robbie Lee as Audrey Moss, Chis Nelson as Jack, Jack Colvin(“The Incredible Hulk”) as Will Collins, Pernell Roberts as Mark Wharton, W. T. Zacha as George, Mark Wilson as David, Richard Geard as Dinallo. Writer: Richard Carr. Director: Barry Crane.

The Secret of Bigfoot, part one (airdate: Feb. 1, 1976)
Steve is in Northern California searching for two missing scientists, Ivan and Marlene Becky, who have mysteriously disappeared while placing earthquake sensors near a fault line. During his search he discovers footprints which he follows until he is approached by the giant hairy beast. A small battle is fought and the creature runs into a cave. Steve follows, but passes out due to a lack of oxygen. When he awakens, he is on an operating table and a beautiful being, Shalon, and her alien assistants are studying him.
Guest cast: Andre the Giant as Bigfoot, Donn White as Tom Raintree, Stefanie Powers (‘The Girl from U.N.C.L.E” and “Hart to Hart”) as Shalon, Ford Lile as the captain, Charles Cyphers as Faler, Penelope Windust as Marlene Becky, Hank Brandt as Ivan Beckey. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Alan Crosland.

Secret of Bigfoot, part two (airdate: Feb. 4, 1976)
Steve becomes friendly with the aliens who are conducting tests in the underground cave laboratory. Bigfoot turns out to be an experiment that the visitors created. Sensors indicate that amajor quake is about to happen and Oscar must decide whether to set off a nuclear device that will relieve the Earth’s pressure and divert the quake even though Steve may be killed in the blast, or let the quake happen on its own.
Guest cast: Andre the Giant as Bigfoot, Donn White as Tom Raintree, Stefanie Powers (“The Girl from U.N.C.L.E”) and “Hart to Hart”) as Shalon, Ford Lile as the captain, Charles Cyphers as Faler, Penelope Windust as Marlene Becky, Hank Brandt as Ivan Beckey, Chuck Bowman as the guard, Alan Mandefl as the technician Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: AlanCrossland.

The Golden Pharaoh (airdate: Feb. 8,1976)
A priceless statue from a small country is on exhibit in the U.S. Later it is discovered that the statue has been replaced with a fake and the real one is missing. Steve must recover the statue before an international incident happens. Steve believes that Tokar, the Vice Consul of another small country, has taken the statue for his own use. Steve bribes Tokar’s fiancee, Trish Hollander who is a die-hard gambler, to helping gain entry into Tokar’s residence by offering to pay off her gambling debts. She agrees to the plan but has other ideas in mind.
Guest cast: Farrah Fawcett Majors (“Logan’s Run”, “Saturn 3”) as Trish Hollander, Gordon Connell as Wheel Jackson, Michael Lane as Skorvic, Joe Maross as Vice Consul Tokar, Rudy Challenger as Dave Martino, Gary Vinson as Joe, Lyndel Stuart as the secretary, Joseph LaCava as the croupier, Peter Ashton as the chauffeur. Writers: Margaret and Paul Schneider.Director: Lee Majors.

Love Song for Tanya (airdate: Feb.15, 1976)
Steve is assigned to escort the Soviet gymnastic star, Tanya Breski, while on tour of the U.S. Steve has to sidestep the schoolgirl crush of Tanya and talk her out of defecting, while keeping her from a subversive group plotting to murder her. If the group is successful, the blame will be one the U.S. and the relations between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R. will be severed.
Guest cast: Cathy Rigby as Tanya, Terry Kiser as Alexsi, Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Kurt Grayson as Uri Gargon, Alan Manson as Andre, Elizabeth Treadwell as the waitress, Walker Edmiston as Ivan, Curtis Credel as the director, Sheila Wills as the saleslady, Michael Cartel as the guard. Writers: David H. Balkan, Alan Folsom. Director: Phil Bondelli.

The Bionic Badge (airdate: Feb. 22,1976)
When Officer Banner is suspected of letting a series of thefts occur on his beat without any attept to stop them, Steve joins the force as his partner. The robberies are of small atomic components and if not stopped soon, a small foreign power will have enough parts to create its own atomic bomb. Steve begins to believe that there is something wrong with the officer after the strange actions that he exhibits, but he doesn’t have time to question them.
Guest cast: Noah Beery(“The Rockford Files”) as Officer Banner, Alan Bergmann as Mr. Burman, Thomas Bellin as Gerry Martin, Susan Gay Powell as Cindy Walker, Mike Santiago as Officer Clint, Stack Pierce as Officer Randolph. Writer: Wilton Denmakr, Director: Cliff Bole.

Big Brother (airdate: Mar. 7,1976)
Steve decides to help out the Big Brothers organization in a promotional campaign. While there, he takes Carlos Delgado as his little brother. Carlos thinks that breaking the law is just a big game and Steve is determined to help the boy out. Steve impresses Carlos by taking him up in a jet and even lends Carlos the money to pay off a gambling debt that a gang leader has called up. Steve and Carlos then challenge the gang to play basket- ball with the winner taking all.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Michael Salcido as Carlos Delgado, Carl Crudup as Smiley, Ralph Wilcox as Larry Hamlin, John Hesley as Phil the social worker, David Yanez as Chico, Jorge Cervera III as the boy, Renie Radich as the secretary, Maria Elena Cordero as Margarita Delgado. Writers: Kenneth Johnson, Richard Carr. Director: Lee Siegel.

Season Four

The Return of Bigfoot, part one (airdate: Sept. 19,1976)
[Part two aired as the season opener of The Bionic Woman on Sept 22,1976.] Bigfoot has returned to Steve’s life, but this time the aliens have programmed Bigfoot to steal gold and jewels. The loot will be used to make instruments to plunder the Earth. Evidence surrounding the thefts shows that only a bionic man could have committed them. Steve relays his previous alien encounter but is not believed and is placed under house arrest. Steve escapes bionically and begins a struggle to save Shalon who is the only space alien opposed to the world overtaking.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, Ted Cassidy (‘The Addams Family”) as Bigfoot, John Saxon (“Battle Beyond the Stars”) as Nedlik, Sandy Duncan as Gillian, Stefanie Powers (“Girl from U.N.C.LE.’.) as Shalon, Stephen Young as Dallett, Severn Darden as Apploy, Charles Cyphers as Faler. Writer: Kenneth Johnson. Director: Barry Crane.

Nightmare in the Sky (airdate: Sept.26, 1976)
Kelly Wood is test flying a new $15 millionjet when she gets shot down by a World War II Japanese Zero. She radios the tower, where Steve and Oscar are, but the plane can only be seen on the radar screen. She crashes and is found with her unopened parachute, but her jet is nowhere in sight. No one except Steve andOscar believe her and most think she is part of an espionage plot. Steve and Oscar are determined to uncover this phenomenon and they discover an outrageous plot that is to resemble the Bermuda Triangle, except only top secret aircraft disappear there.
Guest cast: Farrah Fawcett Majors (“Logan’s Run”, “Saturn 3”) as Kelly Wood, Hank Stohl as Mike, Donald Moffat (“Logan’s Run”) as Dr. Martin Davis, Dana Elcar (“McGyver”) as Larry Stover. Writers: Jim Carlson, Terrence McDonnell. Director: Alan Crosland.

Double Trouble (airdate: Oct. 3, 1976)
Second-rate comic Billy Parker is unaware that he has an electronic instrument that can control his behavior implanted in his head. The device works by remote control and is owned by a foreign power. Steve is assigned as the comic’s bodyguard to discover why it was implanted and where it came from, after OSI discovers the situation.
Guest cast: Flip Wilson as Billy Parker/the prime minister, Simon Scott as Dr. Barto, Rick Podell as Niko, Mira L. Waters as Susan, Jerome Guardino as the cab driver, Borali Silver as the doorman. Writer: Jerry Devine Director: Phil Bondelli.

The Most Dangerous Enemy (airdate: Oct.17, 1976)
Beautiful scientist Cheryl Osborne has been working for two years in total isolation with chimpannees on a highly dangerous experimental rnind-and-strength expanding drug. This serum could turn the average Joe into a genius. Steve and Dr. Wells fly to the desolate island where Cheryl is. When they arrive, the lab has been totally destroyed and Cheryl is nowhere to be found. While the men search for clues in the rubble, Rudy is attacked and bitten by a powerful and crazed chimp. Before Steve can catch the chimp, he flees into the the jungle. Hours later, Rudy is turning into a psychotic superman, leaving Steve to try saving both their lives, without killing Rudy in the process.
Guest cast: Ina Balm as Cheryl Osborne. Writer: Judy Burns. Director: Richard Moder.

H+2+O=Death (airdate: OcL 24, 1976)
A method of separating oxygen and hydrogen in water has been developed by beautiful scientist, Ilsa Martin. This discovery could turn out to be the ultimate energy source. A by-product of the discovery that is yet to be perfected may very well an underwater breathing device that could supply its own oxygen and power. The spy ring, Omega, doesn’t know that it is not yet perfected and steals the $8 billion device. Steve infiltrates the ring as the man with all the answers that he is willing to sell, but he has to demonstrate the device in an underwater test to prove who he is.
Guest cast: Elke Sommer as Ilsa, John van Decelen as Matheson, Linden Chiles as Omega, Robert J. Hogan as Walker, Todd Martin as Kirov, Lawrence Bame as the guard, Frank Parker as Ed, Frank Farmer as the officer. Writer: John Meredyth Lucas. Director: John Meredyth Lucas.

Kill Oscar, part two (airdate: Oct. 31,1976
[“Kill Oscar, part one” and “Kill Oscar, part three” aired as episodes of “The Bionic Woman”.] A plan to overtake the government agency that Oscar oversees is put into action by former scientist for 0SI, Dr. Franklin. He has robots that resemble Oscar and two secretaries that he puts into place, but Steve Austin discovers the switch when he sees the heavy impressions the robot Oscar leaves in the carpet. Jaime Sommers has been brutally beaten and hovers near death after an encounter with the “fembots”. Steve is the next target on the list as Franklin lures him to his compound by letting Steve think that’s where the real Oscar is. Instead, he walks into a trap where the beautiful nuclear-powered robots who are out to destroy Steve are.
Guest cast: Lindsay Wagner as Jaime Sommers, John Houseman (“Tales of the Unexpected”) as Dr. Franklin, Jennifer Darling as Callahan, Jack Ging as Hanson, Corinne Michaels as Linda, Janice Witby as Katy, James McMullan asComm. Gordon, Sam Jaffe as Admiral Ricter, Eugene Peterson as Gen. Williams, Byron Morrow as Admiral Wilkins, Howard K. Smith as the newscaster, John Dewey-Carter as Rawlins. Writers: William T. Zacha, Arthur Rowe, Wilton Schiller. Director: Alan Crosland.

Bionic Boy (airdate: Nov. 7, 1976)
[Originally aired as a two hour episode, it is shown in two parts in syndication.] Athletic Andy Sheffield has been injured in a land slide thst also killed his controversial father. 0SI chooses the Utah youth to receive an atomic/bionic implant developed by Dr. Wells that will restore his paralyzed legs., Due to the implant, Andy now has a tremendous amount of physical power. He begins a mission to clear his dad’s name and Steve is sent to help Andy. But Andy gets into a little more than he can handle during the investigation and it is up to Steve to get them out of jeopardy.
Guest cast: Vincent Van Patten as Andy Sheffield, Joan Van Ark as Valerie Sheffield, Carol Jones as Judy Grant, Kerry Sherman as Coline Lightfoot, Richard Erdenan as Vernon, Greg Evigan(“B.J. & The Bear” and “TekWar”)as JoeHamilton, George Martin as Dr. Penny, Jack Banon as Dr. Melville, Nick David as Charlie, Frank Gifford as himself, Dick Van Pattern as Palmer, Woodrow Chambliss as Savannah. Writers: Tom Greene, Lionel Siegel, WiltonSchiller. Director: Phil Bondelli.

Vulture of the Andes (airdate: Nov. 21,1976)
San Lorerizian Leslie Morales, a glider pilot, is in the U.S. for an international sailplane meet She has come with wealthy sports man Byron Falco who plans to seize San Lorenzo. But his plans can only go through with America’s help, which she must give unwillingly. Leslie drops homing devices on vital targets out of her glider during practice flights. Steve is called in to investigate and stop the plot to attack the U.S. with guided missiles when Falco threatens to blow up the American power plants unless he gets military jets to overtake Lorenzo.
Guest cast: Henry Darrow (.”The Invisible Man”) as Falco, Barbara Luna as Leslie Morales, Bernie Kopell as Pete, Zitto Kazann as Raul, Dallas Mitchell as Major Reynolds, Joe Haworth as the air policeman Writer: Ben Masselink. Director: Cliff Bole.

Thunderbird Connection (airdate: Nov.28, 1976)
[Originally aired as a two hour episode, it is shown in two parts in syndication.] Air Marshal Mahmud Majid rules the Burdabi nation in the name of 14-year old Prince Hassad. Hassad’s father was killed six months earlier by Majid’s forces and now he is planning the prince’s early denise. The U.S. Intelligence learns of the plans and must somehow stop Majid from following through with his military takeover. In an effort to stop the murder, the U.S. offers to send the U.S. Air Force demonstrator squadron the Thunderbirds, to celebrate a national holiday. Steve joins the team to save the heir to the throne and maintain peace in the country.
Guest cast: Robert Loggia (“T.H.E. Cat”, “Mancuso: F.B.I.”) as Mahmud Majid, Ned Romero as Akhmed Khadduri, Susanne Reed as Jan Lawrence, Jim McMullan as Col. Paul Miller, Barry Miller as Prince Hassad, Jeff David as Col. Raman, Martine Beswick as Shall Giba, Joe Lo Presti as Arafa Writers: Jim Carlson, Terrence Mcconnell Director: Chris Nyby, Jr.

A Bionic Christmas Carol (airdate: Dec. 12th 1976)
Oscar makes Steve give up his Christmas holiday to investigate a major systems supplier for the space projects. Oscar fears that sabotage in the life support systems may affect a Mars landing. Horton Budge is a cynical industrialist and is so tight that his nephew, Bob Crandall. who is employed at Budge’s plant, isn’t paid enough to support his family. The sabotage that Oscar fears is the result of the low morale at the plant caused by Budge’s miserly ways. Steve utilises his bionics to bring some cheer and a change of heart to Budge and his family.
Guest cast: Ray Walston (“My Favorite Martian”)as Horton Budge, Dick Sargent (“Bewitched”) as Bob Crandall, Antoinette Bower as Nora Crandall, Sheldon AlIman as Charlie, Howard McGillin as the worker, Quinn Cummings as Elsie Crandall, Natasha Rye as Cissy Crandall, Adam Rich as Bob, Jr., Noah Keen as Dr. Hendrick, Barry Cahill as Joe, Kin Shriner as Mickey, Ann Dusenberyy as the girl clerk, June Drayson as the secretary. Writer:Wilton Schiller. Director: Gerald Mayer.

Task Force (airldate:Dec. 19, 1976)
After meeting all physical requirements, Steve trains with a gang who are planning to steal a thirty million dollar missile. The misiile is being transported from San Diego to Nevada, where it is to end up at a testing site. Steve is being watched closely and is unable to warn Oscar what the mercinaries are plotting or that an impersonator is in charge of security. Steve’s only hope of warning Oscar is the 0SI secretary Callahan, who is hanging around the gang.
Guest cast: Jennifer Darling as Callhan, Alex Cord (“Airwolf”) as Harraway, Taylor Lacher as Nicolini, Edmund Gilbert as Major Sid Pell, Robert Forward as the Air Force general, Gary Cashdollar as the M.P., Scott B. Wells as the sheriff. Writers: Robert C. Dennis, Wilton Schiller. Director: Barry Crane.

The Ultimate Impostor (airdate: Jan 2, 1977)
0SI scientists have developed a method of feeding information from computers directly into the human brain.The first recipient isSteve’s friend, Joe Patton. Because he can speak any language, adapt to any enviroment or situation, and perform any trivial or technical task, Patton becomes a super agent for the 0SI.
Guest cast: Stephen Macht as Joe Patton, Pamela Hensley (“Buck Rogers”)as Jenny Nicholas, David Sheiner as Stenger,KimBasinger(“Batman”) as Lorraine Stenger, Margaret Fairchild as Lily Stenger, Harry Pugh as Wilkins, Mark Thomas as Mark, George Ball as Mal. Writers: Lionel B. Siegel, William Sacha. Director: Paul Stanley.

Death Probe, part one (airdate: Jar, 9, 1977)
The Soviets have a new alloy and use it tocreate a Venus probe. The life-like probe crash lands in Wyoming, where it thinks it is on Venus and has survived the atmosphere. Steve is called in to stop the probe when it’s destination becomes a small town. Both Russian and American forces are desperate to stop the probe before it wipes out the small town.
Guest cast: Nehemiah Persoff as Major Popov, Jane Marrow as Irena Leonova, Beverly Garland as the secretary, Walter Brooke as Gen. Wiley, Don Dubbins as Zach Meesham, Ryan MacDonald as the photographer, Ross Elliott as the sheriff, Bill Fletcher as the mechanic, Austin Stoker as the captain, Philip Pine as the Russian general. Writer: Steven B. de Souza. Director:Richard Moder.

Death Probe, part two (airdate: Jan.16, 1977)
The probe is programmed to destroy any and everything in its sight. But it can’t be demolished by any of the conventional weapons and the nuclear ones are too risky because of the surrounding population. Steve’s mission is to divert the probe from its present course and get it to destroy itself without killing Steve.
Guest cast: Nehemiah Persoff as Major Popov, Jane Merrow as Irena Leonova, Austin Stoker as the captain, John de Lancie (“Star Trek: The Next Generation”) as the medic, Phillip Pine as the Russian general, Judd Lawrence as the technician. Writer: Steven B. de Souza. Director: Richard Moder.

Danny’s Inferno (airdate: Jan.23, 1977)
Danny Lasswell is a 11 year old hoping to find a new fuel for his toy rocket. He mixes small amounts of two chemicals at school and ends up blowing a six foot-deep crater in the playground. Unfortunately, he didn’t write down the exact measurements, but nevetheless, 0SI scientists want to duplicate the formula, then learn how to harness and control the new power source. At the same time he is being pursued by a land developer who has visions of becoming the new energy czar of the world, if he can get to the boy and his formula. Steve must protect the boy and the formula from ending up in the hands of the kidnappers.
Guest cast: Lanny Horn as Danny Lasswell, Frank Marth as Bill Bruner, Mills Watson as Lazarus, David Opatoshu as Dr. Monica, E.J. Peaker as Gierrais, John Hoyt as Dr. Spruger. Writer: Tom Greene. Director: Cliff Bole.

The Fires of Hell (airdate: Jan.30, 1977)
An OSI experimental oil drilling site has a lode of uranium underneath it, unbeknownst to then, but not to Congressman Lomax, Sheriff Burgess, and geologist Roy Palmer. The trio set fire to the well to prevent OSI from discovering it. To cover their tracks, they blame a local conservation group who are opposed to oil drilling in Stoney Creek Reserve. Steve is brought in and disguised as an oil-field roughneck, whom the trio also tries to get out of the way.
Guest cast: Ken Swofford as Roy Palmer, Melinda Naud as Susie, Heather Menzies (“Logan’s Run”) as AllisonHarker, Charles Aidman as Bertram Lomax, Bruce Glover as Sheriff Burgess, LarryWatson as the firefighter, Don(Red)Barry as Howie, Bob Neill as the driver, Natt Christian as the worker. Writer: Orville Hampton. Director: Ed Abroms.

The Infiltrators (airdate: Feb. 6,1977)
Steve goes undercover as an amateur American boxing champ in order to get himself into an assassination team composed of alien “expatriates” whose target may be any of the foreign amateur athletes who have defected. Training in the ring, Steve sees four foreign boxers lift and move over a thousand pounds. He reports this toOscar and together, using theOSI computers, they discover the foreigners’ target, Steve must get to the target before the assassins do; in the process, he is drugged and almost gets killed.
Guest cast: Jerry Quarry as Wally, Michael Conrad(“Hill Street Blues”) as Boris Retsky, Harold Sylvester as Tollombe, Yvonne Craig (“Batman”) as Lena Bannister, Cliff Carnell as Duclaire, Pervis Atkins as George Mason, Joe Kapp as Cooper. Writers: Sam Ross, Wilton Schiller. Director: Phil Bondelli.

Carnival of Spies (airdate: Feb. 13,1977)
Steve becomes suspicious enough to follow Prof. Ulrich Rau, after the East German scientist, who created a ground-to-air weapon system, fakes a heart attack. The professor slips away from the scientific conference just before the new B-1 bomber is to be test flown and heads for a traveling carnival. The carnival is just a few miles away from the test site and it appears that it is really a ground-to-air missile site in disguise. Steve has a hard time cutting through the high level of security that the carnival people present in order to learn of Rau’s plans and to stop the B-l from being sabotaged,
Guest cast: Lloyd Bochner as Rau, Gloria Manon as Shira, Cheryl Miller as Kim, Bob Minor as Hercules, Wes Parker as Walden, Michael Strong as Herman Lower, Peter Weiss as Schmidt, H.M. Wynant as the general. Writer: Robert C. Dennis. Director: Richard Moder.

U-509 (airdate: Feb.20, 1977)
Retired submariner Henry Bulman, of Her Majesty’s Royal Navy, finds an abandoned Nazi U-boat and reactivates it. lnside is a forgotten horde of deadly nerve gas.Bulman decides to make $20 million by extorting the U.S. and threatens to kill 30,000 Americans with the submarine. Steve must dive to the submarine, resist the water pressure, board the sub and stop Bulman. While he is attempting to call the bluff, Steve is taken prisoner and is faced with making a difficult and horrifying decision.
Guest cast: Guy Doleman as Bulman, Ian Abercrombie as Shoemacher, Ted Hamilton as Jaffe, William Sylvester as Prescott, Steve Sandor as Covell, Peter Canon as Lewis, Morgan Jones as the captain. Writer: Michael Wagner. Director: Phil Bondelli.

Privacy of the Mind (airdate: Feb.27, 1977)
The Russians have offered Dr. Berman a million dollars if he will work for them for a few days. Steve impersonates the often absent-minded professor to discover what kind of work the Russians want. He is knocked out cold and taken to a secret lab. At the lab, Russian scientist Dr. Tamara Batalova and Dr. Berman work in isolation on a computer project that will be able to read minds. The experiment on the computer should only last a week, but Steve may not have that long when is becomes quite obvious to the Russians that he knows nothing at all about bio-cybernetic communications.
Guest cast: Suzanne Charny as Dr. Batalova, Curt Lowens as Kulikov, Roger Perry as Dr. Berman, Bob Neill as Carlson, Leslie Moonves as Kemps, Paul Mantee as Terry.Writers: Vanessa Boos, WiltonSchiller. Director: Jimmy Lydon.

To Catch the Eagle (airdate: Mar. 6,1977)
Two 0SI scientists are searching for radioactive ore in sacred Apache territory when they are trapped in a cave by medicine man Iron Fist. Iron Fist is afraid that the scientists will reveal to the rest of the tribe how valuable the ore is before he can sell it for his own profit. Steve travels to the area and learns that the men will die if not freed soon. To enter the sacred land, Steve must overcome Iron Fist’s power and complete an ancient “life or death” ritual by capturing an eagle.
Guest cast: Gerald McRaney(“Simon & Simon”)as Bob Marsh, Jim Stathis as Ian Swanson, Peter Breck (“The Big Valley”) as Silver Cloud, DehlBerti as Iron Fist, George Loros as Lone Bear, Kathleen Beller as Little Bear. Writers: Judy Burns, Peter R. Brooke. Director: Phil Bondelli.

Ghostly Teletype (airdate: May 15, 1977)
Steve is accused of stealing and could be arrested for espionage. While he was doing research, the formula that could extend the human life span suddenly vanished off of the page as he was reading it. In an investigation to prove himself innocent, Steve find twins which have telepathically stolen the formula in the hopes of extending their lives. They have a condition that causes them to age twice as rapidly as normal people do and this formula is their only hope of survival.
Guest cast: Robert H. Harris as Brenner, Les Lannom as Davey, Christina Hart as Margaret, Larry Anderson as Murdock, Jodean Russo as Madam Marka, Elizabeth Kerr as Mrs. Wagner, Linda Dano as Angela. Writer: Wilton Schiller. Director: Tom Connors.

Season Five

Sharks!, part one (airdate: Sept. 11, 1977)
Steve is underwater to investigate a nuclear submarine that had an unusual power failure. As he descends, he is surrounded by sharks. He manages to elude the sharks and reach the sub only to be captured by former U.S. Navysub captain, Morgan Grayland.In the underwater cave, Steve is told that Grayland and his marine-biologist daughter, Cynthia, are hijacking the sub to use for piracy and extortion purposes. Trained sharks will prevent Navy frogmen from reaching the sub while repairs are being made on it, and one of the sharks will make sure that Steve doesn’t escape either.
Guest cast: William Sylvester as Admiral Prescott, Stephen Elliott as Morgan Grayland, Greg Walcott as Alex Parker, Marc Alaimo as Williams(“Deep Space Nine”), Buster Jones as the second seamon, Pamela Hensley (“Buck Rogers”) as Cynthia Grayland, William Whitton as the man, Larry Delaney as Ed. Writer: Arthur Weingarten. Director: Alan Levi

Sharks!, part two (airdate: Sept, 18, 1977)
Grayland’s control of the hijackers is seized by Alex Parker. Grayland quickly contacts Adm. Prescott who has ordered the sub be destroyed. Steve backs up Grayland when he tells the admiral that the sub is armed with nuclear missiles.If the bombing isn’t called off, they will “nuke” Charleston, S.C. Reluctantly, the Navy force draws away. Steve is under close guard but somehow he must prevent the beginning of worldwide piracy and extortion.
Guest cast: William Sylvester as Admiral Prescott, Stephen Elliott as Morgan Grayland, Greg Walcott as Alex Parker, Marc Alaimo as Williams(“Deep Space Nine”), Buster Jones as the second seaman, Pamela Hensley as Cynthia Grayland, William Whitton as the man, Larry Delaney as Ed. Writer: Arthur Weingarten.Director: Alan Levi.

Deadly Countdown, part one (airdate: Sept.25, 1977)
Steve is to link-up two space satellites on his next mission. But Gordon Shanks has other plans for the satellite. Shanks’ group has created its very own missile control center. They plan to “kidnap” the rocket that carries a new electronic brain of the U.S. missile defense systems. After receiving the missile, it will be sold to a foreign power. To prevent the rocket from being launched, Shanks hires Julian Richman to kill Steve. Richman has access to Kennedy Space Center where he devises a plan to kill Steve who is in a high altitude test chamber.
Guest cast: Jenny Agutter as Dr. Leah Rusell, Philip Abbott as Dave McGrath, Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks, Sherry Hursey as Melissa McGrath, Crofton Haldester as Julian Richman, Bill Schere as Ed Pierce, Martin Caidin as G.H. Beck, Mills Watson as Edgar Webster. Writer: Gregory S. Dinallo. Director: Cliff Bole.

Countdown, part two (airdate: Oct 2, 1977)
The plan to kill Steve in the test chamber falls through. Shanks’ group then kidnaps Melissa McGrath, the daughter of Dave McGrath, who is Steve’s friend and mission director of Kennedy Space Center. Dave sets up a pre-launch rocket explosion that injures Steve. Dave confesses to Steve about Melissa and says that her kidnappers will kill her if he doesn’t get the mission aborted. Steve knows that the kidnappers won’t keep their end of the bargain even though McGrath kept his and he sets out to rescue Melissa.
Guest cast: Jenny Agutter as Dr. Leah Rusell, Philip Abbott as Dave McGrath, Lloyd Bochner as Gordon Shanks, Sherry Hurseyas Melissa McGrath, Martin Caidin as G.H. Beck, MillsWatson as Edgar Webster. Writer: Gregory S. Dinallo. Director: Cliff Bole.

Bigfoot V (airdate: Oct 9,1977)
Steve believed that Bigfoot had gone back to space with his alien owners until anthropologist Hope Langston sees and photographs him. Steve travels to her camp to try and convince her not to capture Bigfoot She refuses and Steve leaves on his own to find his old friend. When he confronts Bigfoot, he is attacked and then suddenly left alone as the beast runs away. Before Steve can catch up with him again, the beast goes on a rampage. Mean while, Hope’s assistants want to capture Bigfoot in order to exploit him and make the big bucks for themselves.
Guest cast: Ted Cassidy (“‘The Addams Family”) as Bigfoot, Geoffrey Lewis (.”Salem’s Lot”) as Charlie Wynn, Katherine De Hetre as Hop Langston, Tony Young as Jason O’Neal, Regis Cordic as the space explorer, S. Newton Anderson as Higbee. Writers: Gregory S. Dinailo, Richard Landau. Director: Richard Landau.

Killer Wind (airdate: Oct. 16,1977)
Steve is driving with Rhonda Allen, mother of a student who is trapped in a stalled mountain tramway, and Nash, a telephone repiarman. Steve is racing against time to rescue the children before a tornado hits. Nash is actually a running bank robber who knocks Steve out when his accomplices catch up with them.They deposit Steve in a ditch and kidnap Rhonda, taking her as their hostage. Steve must regain consciousness in time to save the children and rescue Rhonda.
Guest cast: Sylvia Walden as Dr. Jenny, Adam Roarke as Nash, Sheila DeWindt as Rhonda, James McEachin asGarth, Fred J. Gordon as Falco. Writers: Gregory S. Dinallo, Richard Landau. Director: Richard Landau.

Rollback (airdate: Oct 30,1977)
Steve joins the Rockets roller derby team in order to find out where a international syndicate’s next burglary will take place. The Rocket’s manager, Rand Hendricks is to receive $10 million on Halloween in exchange for top seret information. OSI knows about the plan but they don’t know that Hendricks ison to Steve and is leaving him false clues.The real goal is the OSI files which will be unprotocted if Steve does not realize he is on a wild goose chase.
Guest cast: Robert Loggia (“T.H.E. Cat”, “Mancuso F.B.I.) as Rand Hendricks, Suzanne Charny as Maureen Wright, Paul D’Amato as Brady, Rick Springfield (“Forever Knight”). Writer: Steve E. de Souza. Director: Don McDougal.

Dark Side of the Moon, part one (airdate: Nov. 6,1977)
Scientist Charles Leith’s governrnent sponsored space expedition is supposed to be on an asteroid.Instead he has placed an antenna on the asteroid that will relay communications back to Houston MissionControl. He leaves the asteroid and travels to the moon for his own purposes. There, he change the moon’s orbit which results in cataclysmic storms all over Earth. Steve takes off to the moon to discover the cause for the changes.
Guest cast: Jack Colvin (“The Incredible Hulk”) as Charles Leith, Skip Homer as Ted Harmon, Simone Griffeth as Bess Fowler, Walter Brooke as Dr. Jellman. Writers: John Meredyth Lucas, Richard Landau. Director: Cliff Bole.

Dark Side of the Moon, part two (airdate: Nov. 13,1977)
Dr. Leith and his accomplice Eric Muller capture Steve and force him to help them in mining. They claim that they are mining for dilanthium which would provide the Earth with a new energy source. If Steve doesn’t use his bionic powers to help him mine, he will have to use nuclear explosives that will result in even more destruction on Earth.
Guest cast: Jack Colvin (“The Incredible Hulk”) as Dr. Charlet Leith, Skip Homer as Ted Harmon, Simone Griffeth as Bess Fowler, Bob Neill as Eric, James Ingersoll as Hal, Quinn Redeker as Frank Tracey. Writer: John Meredyth Lucas. Director: Cliff Bole.

Target: Steve Austin (airdate: Nov. 27, 1977)
OSI agents Steve and Joan pose as honeymooners to trap a group who have penetrated OSI security while looking for an A-bomb. The loving couple, on their way through the Southwest, are vacationing in an RV, which actually contains a top-secret nuclear power unit. But the groupl knows about the disguises and will stop at nothing to get the unit. Little do they know that Steve and Joan are ordered to protect the unit, no matter what the cost.
Guest cast: Quinn Redeker as FrankTracey, Lynnette Mettey as Joan 1/Joan 2, Curt Lowens as Hellerman, Larry Levine as the van driver, Ian Abercrombie as the second man in van, Tony Epper as Rabbitt, Walter P. Robles as Cristo, Boris Aplon as Alfred, Paula Victor as Jessica. Writers: Donald L. Gold, LesterW. Berke, Richard Landau. Director: Ed Abroms.

The Cheshire Project (airdate: Dec. 18,1977)
Steve’s girlfriend, Jenny Fraser, has disappeared while piloting a top secret aircraft. Investigating her disappearance, he learns that engineer Hal Martin. who knows about the craft’s new radar-avoiding device, has been talking to Wilfred Damien. Damien is a known thief of military secrets and may have something to do with Jenny and the aircraft’s disappearance. Steve leaves on a search mission for Jenny, hoping that he will find some clue of her whereabouts that the previous search has missed. 
Guest cast: Suzanne Sommers as Jenny Fraser, John Larch as Vail, Robert Hogan as Hal, Jim Begg as Arthur, Stanley Waxman as Wilfied Damien, Barry Cahill as Gen. Meyers, Fred Lerner as Blake, Terry Leonard as Stoner. Writer: John Meredyth Lucas. Director: Richard Moder.

Walk a Deadly Wing (airdate: Jan. 1,1978)
Viktor Cheraskin has come up with a device that will capture footsoldiers without injuring them, But he will not allow the U.S.or the U.S.S.R. to own the device for fear that it may be used as an anti-aircraft weapon. Steve poses as a wing walker to win Viktor’s confidence. Just asViktor is beginning to trust Steve, Viktor is contacted by Soviet agent Edmund Dimitri. All of Steve’s hard-won confidences are pulled when Viktor is told that Dimitri has Vitctor’s wife in custody. If he doesn’t surrender the device, she will die.
Guest cast: Eric Braeden (“Escape from the Planet of the Apes”) as Viktor Cheraslnn, John Devlin as Edmund Dimitri,Lanna Saunders as Vera Cheraskin, Steve Eastin as Ritter, Eddie Fontane as Frank Sullivan Writers: Jim Carlson, Terrence McDonnell,Richard Landau. Director: Herb Wallerstein.

Just a Matter of Time (airdate: Jan 8,1978)
Steve is caught in a time warp after he enters space on an orbital test flight. When he lands, it is six years later and he is under arrest for treason. The authorities are convinced that he defected to Russia where he was brainwashed into believing the time warp happened. Steve must prove that the time warp really occurred if the charges are to be dropped and he is to be cleared.
Guest cast: Leigh Christian as Donna Hoffman, Charles Cioffi as Edward Barris, Jn Milford as Gen. Winston Hayden, Paul Carr as Rev. Michael Essex. Writers: Neal J. Sperling, Gregory S. Dinallo. Director: Don McDougall.

Return of Deathprobe, part one (airdate: Jan.22, 1978)
The deathprobe has returned to a rural area to demonstrate to Steve and Oscar its’ awesome destructive powers. The probe is rocket controlled and Steve’s bionic powers are no match for the giant claws, whirling blades or laser beam. As a demand for nuclear warheads is demanded from them or else the deathprobe will be turned loose, the men realize that were tricked.
Guest cast: Than Wyenn as Ambassador Mahmoud, Ken Swofford as Dan Kelly, David Sheiner as Arnold Blake, Robert Lussier as Bates, Jimmy Joyce as the foreman, John DeRose as the kidnapper. Writer: Howard Dimsdale. Director: Tom Connors.

Return of Deathprobe, part two (airdate: Jan. 29,1978)
Steve tries to overtake the juggernaut with a battering ram of the new alloy attached to a bulldozer. The probe wins but is then tricked by Steve into a deep pit. Before the acid to flood the pit can arrive, the machine begins to tunnel toward they city just as quickly as before, leaving Steve without enough time to evacuate the city.
Guest cast: Than Wyenn as Ambassador Malunoud, Ken Swofford as Dan Kelly, David Sheiner as Arnold Blake, Marlena Giovi as Sgt. Warren, Robert Lussier as Bates. Writer: Howard Dimsdale. Director: Tom Connors.

Lost Island (airdate: Jan.30, 1978)
[Originally aired as a two hour episode, it is shown in two parts in syndication.] While searching for a downed satellite in the Pacific, Steve rescues a young woman from drowning and from two pursuers, named Da-nay. In return for saving her life, she tells him that the satellite has landed on her island, which is protected by an impenetrable force field. She promises to lead him, to the satellite if he does something for her. It seems that Da-Nay’s island is inhabited by, descendants of aliens, and is protected by an force field which makes it invisible from a distance. She will lead Steve to the satellite if he brings an immunity serum that is being developed in Hawaii to her. The serum is desperately needed because the island is being threated by a man named Torg who is leading a revolt on the island. The people cannot flee to another island since they have no immunity against disease.
Guest cast: Jared Martin (“Fantastic Joumey”) as Torg, Robin Mattson as Da-nay, Anthony Geary as Arta, Terence Burk asZandor, Alf Kjellin as Gerro, Robert Symonds as Jensen, Don Pulford as Riga, Paul Deadrick as Ed, Kwan Hi Lima as Dr. Vrettas. Writer: Mel Goldberg.Director: CliffBole.

The Madonna Caper (airdate: Feb. 6, 1978)
Countess Lysandra Kosischeva needs to pickup a microdot, which has vital information, that has been hidden on a painting in a museum. Steve is assigned to overcome the museum’s security system so the countess can get the microdot. In the process, she switches a fake for $5 million masterpiece, then sells it to crimelord Chilton Kane. When Oscar learns of the switch, he orders Steve to retrieve the real painting and put it in its rightful place before a Russian art expert visits and discovers the theft.
Guest cast: Bibi Besch (“StarTrek II: The Wrath of Khan”) as Countess Lysandra Korischeva, the TV reporter, Len Berman as Chilton Kane, Mike McManus as Guard Sims, Frank Parker as Guard Russell, Diana Webster as the undersecretary, Robert Hoy as Talbott, Dominic Barto as Boyle, Bruce Glover as Viktor Bellushyn, Rudy Challenger as Tynan. Writer: Gregory S. Dinallo. Director: Herb Wallerstein,

Deadly Ringer (airdate: Feb. 13,1978)
Dr. Wells believe that Steve is having hallucinations after he reports that he has seen a black garbed spirit that looks just like him, staring at him. The figure watches for just a moment, then disappears. Steve is then referred to a respected parapsychologist, Dr. Margaret Winslow. She learns that Steve was technically dead for 32 seconds after his airplane accident,, She then proceeds to tell him that he could be in serious danger. Many cases are on record where the spirit leaves the body as it dies and is unable to find peace if the body returns life.The spirit seeks peace and the only way it can achieve that is for the body to be dead. It seems that the spirit will do anything to find rest. As Steve is leaving the. doctor’s office, the door is blown off its hinges by an explosion and fire rushes into the room.
Guest cast: Linda Dano as Margaret Winslow, Robert Karnes as the fire captain,Mel Allen as the delivery man. Writers: Robert I. Holt, Charles Mitchell. Director: Arnold. Levan.

Date With Danger, part one (airdate: Feb.- 20,1978)
Steve tries to prove the innocence of communications chief for the OSI, Joe Canton. His friend is accused of embezzlement and espionage. As Steve tries to read the computer’s memory core, it self-destructs. Steve believes that an outside source may have changed the memory. The outside source is a computer who has gained control of the nation’s money and all its secrets. But all Steve finds is a partial phone number which leads him to the Datamate dating service.The business is owned by a computer progrmming whiz, Emily Patterson.
Guest cast: Robert Walker, Jr. as Cloch/Bell, Elaine Giftos as Emily, Luke Askew as Banner, Hank Brandt as Fowler, Paul Tully as Ralph, Robert Hackman as the forman, Raymond (Bud) Davis as Pete, Eric Lawrence as the OSI guard. Writers: John Meredyth Lucas, Wilton Schiller. Director: Rod Holcomb.

Date with Danger, part two (airdate: Feb. 27,1978)
Emily agrees to help Steve battle the computer which is determined to kill Steve The computer hires a hit man but Steve escapes without any harm. He is then confined in a hospital as a dangerous psychotic, all because of a computer “error”. The computer is out to kill any one who knows of its existence, that includes its builder and Emily Patterson. Steve must stop the computer before it destroys more lives and the world.
Guest cast: Robert Walker, Jr. as Cloche/Bell, Elaine Giftos as Emily, Luke Askew as Banner, Hank Brandt as Fowler, Peter Mark Richman as Dr. Ellis, Noah Keen as Joe Canton, Writers: John Meredyth Lucas, Wilton Schiller. Director: Rod Holcomb.

The Moving Mountain (airdate: Mar. 6,1978)
A U.S.S.R. mobile rocket launcher and U.S. self-guided missiles are stolen by-terorist leader Santos. Santos will use their threat to extort money to back his terrorist activities. Gen, Norbukov sends his best KGB agent, Andrea Mestrova, to retrieve their rocket launcher and in the process, the U.S. missiles. Oscar gets Steve assigned to help Andrea retrieve the goods. But Norbukov’s idea will necessitate Steve’s accidental elimination.
Guest cast: John Colicos (“Battlestar Galactica”) as Gen. Norbukov, Lisa Farringer as Andrea Mestrova, Michael Ebert as Erhardt, Paul Coufos as Walter, Beverly Kushida as Ishihara, George Clifton as Santos, Keith Langsdale as Mishkin, Susan Fleming as Lorie. Writer: Stephen Kandel. Director: Don McDougall.

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