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Lee has been married four times, first to Kathy Robinson in the early 60’s, then most famous of all to Farrah Fawcett, in the early 70’s, to Playboy model Karen Velez in the late 80’s and for the past 20 years to Faith Noelle. 

Kathy Robinson

Kathy was the first wife of actor Lee Majors. Kathy and Lee Majors meet in 1959 while at Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond. They married on June 17, 1961, after two years of dating. The pair had a son, Lee Majors II (born 1962). Lee Majors II has acted with his father on several projects, including The Fall Guy, Raven, several episodes of Tour of Duty and in the 3 Bionic Reunion movie, as Jim Castillian.

Kathy and Lee Majors divorced on July 20, 1965, after 4 years of marriage. Kathy Robinson is an actress, known for The Restless Gun (1957).

Farrah Fawcett

Born in Texas, Farrah Fawcett was an accomplished Hollywood star who featured in several top-tier films. Although she stamped her prints in the sands of time, she didn’t start out as an actress.

The couple first met each other on a blind date set up by their publicists. The athlete left a short message for Fawcett, which revealed that he wanted to see her and would be picking her up for dinner in the evening hours of the day.

According to Fawcett, she was not very pleased with the message as she felt Majors’ words were filled with pride. The actor corrected his former wife’s notion about him by calling and apologizing for his recklessness.

Fawcett eventually honored Majors’ request, and she recalled how she felt upon seeing her ex-husband for the first time. The actress said she melted into a thousand pieces when Majors arrived. Although Fawcett described the experience as awkward, she said it was love at first sight. The pair went on their lovely date, which ended with the actress being under the weather.

The next day, Major said he sent the Hollywood star thirteen roses, a gesture that saw the start of their romantic journey.

Lee and farrah were married on July 28, 1973 in a garden ceremony in the Bel-Air hotel. Lee’s step-father Harvey Yeary, was Lee’s best man and Farrah’s sister, Dianne Walls was her matron of honour. The wedding party connsisted of 150 guests, and Lee jr. was in attendance to see his father get married.

3 years after getting married, the ‘Golden Couple’ continued to be front and center of the paprrazzi and in 1976 Pro Art Inc approached farrah agent with the idea of doing a poster. A photo shoot with photographer Bruce McBroom was organsied and the rest is history as Farrah’s red bathing suit poster adorned the walls of teenage boys across Amercias – and the world – and became the best selling poster in history. The swin suit itself is now part of the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History collection, in Washington.

Although Fawcett was still getting some TV and modeling work, she always made sure to be home in time to cook dinner for Majors, whom she referred to as “Big Grump head.” Then in 1976, she acted with her ex-spouse in the series “Charlie’s Angels.” But good things never last forever — the pair were under so much pressure to keep their marriage alive while taking care of their individual soaring careers.

Ryan O’Neal was Majors’ longtime friend, and the pair bumped into each other when the latter was preparing to shoot a movie. The friends caught up for old times, and Majors promised to look after O’Neal’s daughter when he was busy. In return, the actor asked O’Neal to check up on Fawcett when he got to Los Angeles. Shortly after the duo made the promises, O’Neal and Fawcett began having an affair.

Although Majors never discussed the affair with his wife, it put a strain on their marriage, and in 1979, they finally separated. The pair’s divorce was finalized three years later, in February 1982.

Superior Court Judge Harry Shafer — who described the couple’s weeklong court battle over possession of Hollywood Hills mansion as ‘a splitting headache’ — confirmed the issue has now been settled out of court. Lee dined out with Farrah just hours after facing her in court and gave her possession of their $2.5 million estate Wednesday because, ‘I love her very much.’

In 2019, Majors, 82, told People that when they were together, “it was hard to get around. It was not quite as hard as it is today with everyone has a cellphone and the social media is so quick. Back then we only had to deal with the paparazzi at large. A lot of time you could evade them, but not all the time.”

“I ended up seeing her two weeks in one year,” he recalled about their marriage. “She was off doing films and stuff, and doing her series, and I was doing mine. That’s mainly the reason we got divorced; we never saw each other. We stayed great friends, but we just had our own careers going and didn’t have time for each other.”

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Karen Velez

Karen  was born on January 27, 1961, in the town of Rockville Centre. She grew up in the embrace of a devout Catholic upbringing, which instilled in her a sense of discipline and reverence from a tender age. In 1984 she was crowned Playmate of the Month, in the men’s adult magazine Playboy. This catapulted her into the international spotlight and she appeared on the covers of esteemed magazines.

Lee met Karen in 1984. In February 1988, the pair welcomed their first and Lee’s second child, Nikki Majors. The couple finally exchanged vows in September 1988. The couple became proud parents again in 1992. Karen gave birth to twins Dane Luke Majors and Trey Kulley Majors. It is reported that Lee was earnest about his responsibilities as a father, so he reduced his work and focused on his family.

Karen and Lee had three children, Nikki Majors, Dane Luke Majors, and Trey Kulley Majors, but divorced in 1994.

Faith Noelle

Faith was born in Miami, Florida on 6 September in 1974, and is a citizen of the United States of America. She was christened Faith Noelle Cross.

She met Lee in December of 1994. They had their first official date at a Super Bowl game in Miami that following year. It became a recurring theme in their relationship, as Lee proposed to Faith at a Super Bowl party with a seven and a half-carat diamond ring that was shaped like a football.

Faith and Lee met at a friend’s dinner party in Florida. Although he was known as a strong man because of his tough guy roles, he admitted that when he saw Faith, he reverted to teenage hood and had to ask his friend to get her number for him.

Faith agreed to let Lee have her number, and Lee asked Faith to go with him to the 1995 Superbowl. She suggested they have lunch first and get to know one another, but ultimately they went to the Superbowl together. Faith said: “[Lee] has a heart of gold. And that was it, the rest is history.”

They finally married at a private ceremony in Italy, in November 2002. Lee wore a black Valentino tuxedo with a white bow tie. Faith was dressed in a $5,000 platinum-coloured gown by Badgley Mischka. The mayor of Positano officiated. Lee’s friend Terry Kiser – who played Bernie in the “Weekend at Bernies” movies – was best man, and his wife Sylvie was bridesmaid and also took the wedding photos.

The couple renewed their wedding vows in Honolulu, in April 2008.

Faith has appeared in several movies with Lee, including ‘Me & Lee?; ‘TV: The movie’ and ‘Corruption.Gov’

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