Date: 3rd June 2001

When it’s downtime for action movies in theaters and you’ve already seen everything on video, where else can you turn but TV? Unfortunately, TV gives you limited opportunities. The best action show, Martial Law was cancelled and Walker, Texas Ranger is more your parents’ action show.

Besides Buffy and Angel, there’s really no prime time action.

New Line Television is developing a new series, the pilot to which they were selling to potential television markets at NATPE 2001, the National Association of Television Program Executives convention. Stars Thomas (“Melrose Place”) Calabro and Kim-Maree Penn were there to talk about the show. She plays a tough martial artist/private investigator and he is her mis-matched, wussy partner. In the pilot, she leaves her fiance at the alter and rides a skateboard to fight a bad guy, all in her wedding dress. Calabro comes into the picture during a hostage situation and they become partners in an investigative agency.

Action/Adventure: Thomas, is this more of an action role than you’ve played before?

Thomas Calabro: Well, I got a lot of action on Melrose Place.

AA: Cute, but we’re talking about stunt work.

TC: I was involved in a few car crashes, but all in all it hasn’t been that different. Kim-Maree does most of the stunts.

AA: So Kim, is your role as female martial arts detective influenced by Charlie’s Angels?

Kim-Maree Penn: I’ve been doing it for the last 12 years [as a Hong Kong stuntwoman], so it’s been a long time coming as far as I’m concerned.

AA: Had you been trying to get a show produced for a while?

KMP: No, I’ve always been in Hong Kong because I love the Asian action, so I’ve always stayed there to do it.

AA: Is there wirework on the show?

KMP: Not yet, but we will when we go to series.

AA: According to the press notes, you also worked as a bodyguard?

KMP: Pretty much anyone who comes through Hong Kong that needs protection
we get.

AA: Did you ever fall in love with a client?

KMP: Never. Never mix business with pleasure. Me being a bodyguard is the element of surprise because you’d never think that I was.

AA: Finally, Kim, how badly could you beat me?

KMP: [LAUHGS] In stilettos or not?

AA: Either way.

KMP: I don’t know if you’ve trained or not.

AA: Since I haven’t, we can pretty much assume how that fight would end. Look for Hard Knox in the Fall.

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