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Hello, and welcome, to 'Cyborg', Lee Majors' unofficial UK fan site. 'Cyborg' has been around in one form or another for the last 40-plus years! We started out as a 2-page typed and xerox'd fan newsletter back in the 70's and have been bringing fans Bionic and Lee-related news in one form or another ever since.

2023 sees us entering our 25th year of hosting a web site for Lee, and as always we are dedicated to bringing you the latest and best news, images and media on Lee & his career. Please take some time to explore the site.



TV series

With a screen career spanning more than 60 years, Lee includes many of the Hollywood greats amongst his co-stars, including Charlton Heston, Barbara Stanwyck, George Kennedy, Ernest Borgnine and Mira Sorvino to name a few.

Lee over-came many hardships early in life, to become on of the biggest TV stars of the 70’s, but it it all came at a cost to his personal life. Despite career up-and-downs over the years he remains a popular star amongst his peers and the pubic.

Despite wanting to break into big screen movies, Lee found fame on the small screen with numerous TV series from the ’60’s western, ‘The Big Valley’, to guesting on a the hit cable comedy-horror show ‘Ash Vs Evil Dead’ in 2015.

Meet Oscar...

Our site mascot is Oscar, the Bionic cat. 

Oscar was helped by leading UK vet, Noel Fitzpatrick, and was the first cat to have ‘bionic’ implants in his rear legs following an accident.

Watch the video and see Oscar taking his very first steps on his new legs.

Bionics in Comics

Check out Steve Austin and Jaime Sommers' adventures in comics, from Charlton comics in the 1970's and the UK British magazine Look-In to the more recent Dynamite titles such as  Bionic Man Vs Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman 77 meets Bionic Woman.

Explore Lee's TV series

The 70's power couple...

They ruled the air-waves with their hit TV series, ‘The Six Million Dollar man’ and ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and were on the cover of magazines across the world, but fame and fortune doesn’t always bring happiness, as Lee and Farrah Fawcett found out.

Lee has been married 4 times, meet Kathy, Farrah, Karen
and Faith, as well as Lee's 4 children.

Meet Mrs Majors...

Lee Majors - A man of many faces.

'The Big Valley'
'Six Million Dollar Man' publicity shot
'A Smoky Mountain Christmas' with Dolly Parton
'Eat, Play, Love' with Lindsay Wagner
Mike Catton in 'Steel'
UK thriller 'Renegades'

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