Lee talks THE FALL GUY with People.com

Lee & Heather Thomas in THE FALL GUY
Lee and Heather Thomas in 'The Fall Guy' series

People.com have published an interview with Lee on his experience of working with Ryan Gosling on the new Fall Guy film, and what he thought of the star. Lee and Heather Thomas appear in a mid-credit sequence at the end of the film.

On getting on with Ryan Gosling, Lee said, “You can’t help but be friends with him, I think we gave off really good vibes between each other. We’re both kind of laid back.”

Lee told PEOPLE that — other than the scene’s mid-credits placement meaning “a lot of people are starting to get up and leave” — he loved everything about their cameo.

“When I was doing The Fall Guy, I liked to put humour in there whenever I could,” he recalls. “And that came through, a lot of humour in this movie. It’s an action movie, but it has a love story that threads all the way through.”

“Having done the series, I know that any time a stuntman does the job — maybe jumping through a window or something — you still got to do a little bit of the landing, so they can cut to you. And those are not easy chores to do, and you can tell [Gosling] of that stuff.”


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