Gosling gets booed at ‘The Fall Guy’ premiere.

Yeah, it’s click-bait! I saw that headline on one of the other sites and it;s totally mis-leading. yeah, Gosling got booed, but for the right and funny reasons: Before the film, Gosling got some boos from the audience after saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not going to sing. I promise.” The crowd was seemingly disappointed and wanted more after Gosling was fresh from his performance of “I’m Just Ken” from the Barbie film at the Oscars.

Anyway, the good news it the positive reviews keep on coming, Steven Spielberg loves it!  Kelly McCormack says in an interview with Collider: He beelined over to him to tell him how much he loves the film. So we heard at like 10 PM on a phone call that was like, “You won’t believe it! The most amazing thing happened! It’s better than winning the Golden Globe!” [Laughs] “Steven Spielberg came over and said how much he loved The Fall Guy!” That’s the first we heard of it, and then we heard subsequently from Steven.

David Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick discuss practical stunts and more here, in The Collider interview.

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