FALL GUY gets Trailer and first look feature

Ryan Gosling in THE FALL GUY

The Ryan Gosling big screen adaption of THE FALL GUY got a massive update today.

We got not one, but two, online feature articles looking at the movie, plus the first trailer! The first article is a behind-the-scene look from Entertainment Weekly which you can find here and a Vanity Fair piece here. These are high-profile sites and it looks like they are ging all out to promote the movie, which comes out in March 2023.

Thoughts on the trailer…

Whilst it’s great to finally get a trailer for the movie, it looks a pretty generic Summer fair (even if it’s coming out in March) and fairly vanilla stuff. There’s nothing really that got me excited from the trailer, I’m not sure I’m sold on the Gosling/Blunt romantic angle, it all feels a bit cutesy and I hope there are some surprises and twists in there somewhere. We get a couple of truck stunts, one on the ‘film’ set at the start and then just short of the 3 minute mark. I’m a sucker for a cute dog companion, but does this movie really need it, surely there is enough going on?

No sign of Lee’s guest appearance, which we know he very publicly filmed, if they are smart they will sue that in the 2nd trailer I’m sure.

Not sure we will get the buddy-feel we had in the series with Colt and Howie, which added alot of humour each week. This was kind of what made the show and it looks like Gosling will be going solo in his search for the Tom Ryder,

It’s worth checking out the IMDB page for the movie as it has a whole bunch of behind-the-scenes shot during filming.

Nice touch with Colt (Ryan Gosling) driving 'his' GMC truck in the trailer.
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