Gosling meets Majors

Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt in THE FALL GUY

Ryan Gosling recently spoke to People magazine about meeting Lee Majors whilst filming The Fall Guy movie, due out in, March.

Gosling said “[Majors] came out to Australia and I had an opportunity to talk to him and spend the day with him,” Gosling tells PEOPLE, adding that the experience “was pretty great.” The Barbie star also says that he and Majors, who played Colt Seavers for five years on the original series, are “text buddies” and still keep in touch — which he finds “pretty cool.”

“He’s so funny and he’s very lovely and gracious,” he added.

The big question is will the original theme tune feature in the movie. The good news is YES and Country Music star Blake Shelton is going to put his own stamp on it, so that should be great. Blake is a huge star in Country music and to TV audiences for his time on ‘The Voice’ so the movie should get some extra publicity from that alone.

Blake Shelton on THE VOICE

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