Lee films FLORIDA WILD with Mira Sorvino

Lee Majors and Mira Sorvino
Mira posted this on her Instagram feed during filming saying: Feeling Like 6 million 💵 getting to work w/ my childhood idol-again!🙏 @therealleemajors for asking me to play your daughter in #TheFloridaWild-what a moving experience!!

Lee and Mira are back together filming a new Western, THE FLORIDA WILD.

The Nilsen report says:
Florida Wild, the upcoming western drama to arrive from director Michael O. Sajbel is the new star studded project you would get to see. As starring in the arriving drama we have actors like Lee Majors, Mira Sorvino and more to come. 

A little about the upcoming drama Florida Wild

Florida Wild, the directed drama by Michael O. Sajbel is making everyone curious to know more about it already. As this western drama is going to have a unique storyline to watch while you definitely won’t be able to take your eyes off of the star cast of it.

The writers of Florida Wild are Randall Eldridge and Roland Eldridge. While the story of it comes from Rick Eldridge and Jimmy Hager. Rick is also the producer of the Florida Wild and the executive producer of the same with Rodney Eldridge as the associate producer. The other executive producer is going to be Mark Pentecost.

If we discuss the poster of the drama available on IMDb then it has a subtitle on it that’s read as “Before The Wild West Was The Florida Wild”. While the graphics on the same shows some animated forest near a water body over that’s covered with a large hat alongwith which an open mouthed alligator can be seen on the shore too.

Though exact plot of the arriving drama isn’t revealed yet. We are likely to see some wildlife area of Florida to be explored in the drama. Meanwhile, the cast of it is surely not to be left behind.

Mira Sorvino, Lee Majors and more to star in Florida Wild

Florida Wild, the upcoming western drama is to show actors like Mira Sorvino and Lee Majors in the same. As playing the role of Skylar Prescott we have Mira Sorvino and playing the character of Landon Prescott IV we have Lee Majors. While many others are to join them in the upcoming drama.

We would see Chandler Riggs to play the character of William Chastain and Bailey Chase expected to play the role of Abner Chastain. Johnathan Schaech is to play Stratton Randall. Nancy Stafford to be Dianne alongwith Pierson Fode to play Landon Prescott.

Justin James Boykin is arriving as Syrus Chastain. While we would see Bill Kelly as Sheriff Dusty. One more star Tommi Rose is expected to play the character of Abby Rose. Some more cast may be announced as well for Florida Wild later.

If Florida Wild is under production currently then we may have it either this year to watch or next year hopefully. However, that hasn’t been announced and remains a mystery as when it will hit the screens. Meanwhile, a trailer of the same would definitely let viewers get to know about what they can expect to see.



Present Day: Landon Prescott IV is a wealthy modern day Central Florida rancher, business man and philanthropist. As the story opens Landon is visited at his hacienda by a news reporter doing a feature story on the Prescott family legacy and their monumental success. As the story begins … Prescot IV begins to reminisce about life … and his family’s 1880’s migration into the new Florida frontier. Reflecting on their journeys and adventures this elder statesmen begins piecing together the good … bad … and the ugly of their families history.

Cut To: The year 1880 … Landon, Caleb and Jude Prescott travel from Georgia to Florida to find a new life after their father’s death. Just as they cross the border a fierce gunfight erupts and their “welcome to the Florida Wild” is set into motion. The Prescotts assess the situation and quickly come to the aid of the Chastian family as they fight to save their herd from the cattle rustling Randall gang. This forges a relationship that will forever change the course of both families.

The Chastain family has a new multi-cultural settlement in the area and offers the Prescotts a place to stay while they get their bearings. The Prescott boys bring a naive but sincere hope and faith along with a ruff and edgy confidence that drives them to good fortune and good will. Together these families will experience life … death … love and loss as they navigate their way in this new frontier together. Cattle wrangling … bank corruption … snakes and alligators … cattle … shootouts and gold … as all sorts of questionable and honorable characters try to find their fortune in the new southern frontier. The stakes are high … new life weighs in the balance. It’s the “FLORIDA WILD”.

Story Note: During long segments of action we will cut back several times to the Hacienda conversation between Landon Prescott IV and the reporter as they review the Prescott legacy and the blessings of their respective histories.

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